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 The truth behind the words? The words seemed to be ominous. What truth could there be beyond these words? If only I could see them, maybe I could understand. I asked her to describe the words again, and even have the others describe them, but every time I got the same result.

We spent hours going over the words, Looking at them from every angle. We even tried to reorganize them. However the only result that we got that made any sense was the original answer.

My brain began to work from the constant work, and I could feel the fatigue building up in my body. My eyes began to close on their own. I don't know how long I slept for, or much of anything else for that matter.

I do remember one thing however. It is a dream that came to me in that floor of the instance. A large pair of empty eye sockets filled with blue flames. A spectral tongue flicking out like a snake. But the skull that it is attached to is not the head of a snake, Rather it is a large beastial skull with two horns made of bone.

The flaming blue eyes seemed to stare into the depths of my soul. They called out to me, called out to my soul. I could feel it mingling with me, devouring me, even as I devoured it.

When I woke up I felt a terrible loss, as if I was missing a piece of me. At the same time I could feel a part of me that was far away. A part of me that was calling me, wanting me to go there.

I found myself moving, even if I could not tell where I was going. My body moves on it's own, as if by instinct. A large part of me wanted to stop. I could not see where I was going. But this part of me could only watch on in horror as my body followed it's instincts.

I do not where I went, I could only feel the slight direction my body moved in. There was only silence and darkness, I could not even hear any activity from Hylia.

This went on for a a very long time. Eventually I began to count the steps I had taken. But soon I lost track of even this. It seemed as if I was walking in a void, and nothing was real.

The only company I had was the beating of a heart. Thump. Thump. Thump. The sound was a melody, and was the only thing that kept me sane. As I moved the thumping became louder, It was not a sudden thing, but a gradual event that would not be noticed at first.

Soon the thumping of the heart drowned out everything else. I could not even hear my own thoughts over the beating of the heart.

The Thumping eventually became dull, a sound that could not even be considered background noise. In it's place, or rather, in harmony with it, was a slow whirring sound. The sound of a small object rotating.

The sound became louder as I continued to move, becoming more in sync with the pounding of the heart. As the two sounds became a crescendo they suddenly stopped. Only to be replaced by a sudden silence.

The world around me was completely empty. There was no sight, no sound, no sensation at all. It was as if I was floating in a vast expanse of nothingness.

Before me appeared to very familiar blue eyes. The eyes seemed to pierce through my soul in the most terrifying way. A safe like voice entered my mind, a voice that was filled with wisdom. A voice that was overflowing with arrogance. A voice that sounded much like my own.

"Puny Necromancer, why have you trespassed in my abyss. "

The voice did not wait for a response, instead they eyes opened wide.

"I can feel the presence of HIM on you. The one who used me, and then sacrificed my like a pawn."

I trembled at the voice. I knew who it was. I had seen it before. Not in reality, rather I had seen it in a vision. Before me was the skeletal dragon that belonged to the Necromancer King.

I could see the large eyes retreating, the enormous skull of the dragon appearing before me. Teeth larger than myself gleamed in front of me.

I could feel my core begin to rotate, but not in its usual fashion. It normally rotated in a clockwise fashion, but as it spun I could feel the power inside me begin to unwind. The core that had given me so much power began to spin faster and faster in the wrong direction. As it spun it got smaller and smaller. The power that had always been inside me slowing disappearing.

My mind slowly began to unravel, even as the core inside me did the same. I could feel my memories flashing before me. Everything that was precious to me began to whirl in a counter clockwise fashion.

At the same I could feel the rapid beating of my heart begin to slow. The world around me was growing dimmer. The darkness seemed to grow even darker. I could feel the life fading out of me. A result of the dragon in front of me. A mere thought from such a creature was enough to reduce me to death.

My breath grew ragged, the air around me seemed to choke me. The life in my body slowly began to fade. As I drew my last breath I could feel a power stirring deep inside of me. It flashed for but a moment, but I could feel the power of death around me begin to recede at an accelerated rate.

A bright light enveloped by body and the area around me. The light of life in my body was relit, and I could feel my core regrowing at a speed that was even faster. But the core was not in my body. As it spun I could feel the darkness that it radiated battling with the light that enveloped my body.

A balance could not be reached, the darkness was much too abundant for the small amount of light that was growing inside of me. But the light did not fight fair. Even in a weak state darkness fears the light. The light pushed against the darkness, forcing it away from my body.

The dark magic core fought against the light. It needed a host, and the host could only be me. It was branded deep into my soul.

The dragon watched the battle in a state of shock. It could feel the powerful forces that had ended its life battling again in front of it. Its anger began to rise as memories began to return to it's old and decaying body.

A poisonous flame began to build in its throat as the anger overwhelmed it. It did not think, only reacted as it spewed its venpmous flames over the forces in front of it.

The light in my body was the first to react as it temporarily stopped pushing against the core, letting its power cover my body in a protective barrier.

The core reacted a split second later, as it used its spinning force to drill against the barrier. The spinning created a small vaccum, forcing the venom away from me.

The light moved instinctively, focusing its power into a single point, forcing the core out at an unprecedented speed. At this time the dragon had yet to close its mouth, The core shot directly into the beasts mouth. The rotation force of the core getting stuck in the chest cavity of the beast.

The dragon roared, as the core in its chest desperately tried to escape. It bounced repeatedly against the walls of the cavity, but the strength of the dragon was far to powerful for the poorly developed core.

Inside I could feel as if my soul was in two places. One side was powerful beyond measure, but oozed darkness. That part of my soul was slowly merging with it's new host.

The other part was much smaller, it's power only a fraction of the darkness. Despite this it glowed with a light that much brighter than it's dark counter part. The pain of the separation was intense. I could feel my very soul tearing into pieces, as a power much stronger than myself was fighting against me.

The light and dark sides of my souls began to scream, the power that fought against them slowly tearing them apart. I grit my teeth, forcing the two parts of my soul to come together. Only with the combined power of the light and darkness inside me would I be able to survive.

The dragon before my roared in pain. It's blue eyes glared at me as it could feel its soul slowly merging into my own. It refused to back down, Even if its power was not enough to win. With a final push of its strength it forced its soul to take control of the orb.

I could feel the majority of my power draining from my body as the dragon fought for control. I could only stare on in horror as I lost contact with the orb, with the center of my magical power. In its place I could feel emptiness, and killing intent that was not my own.

Author: Sorry guys work has been insane! I am not dropping this book I swear!