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 Luke came back to the living room. "School was easy for me but at the same time, I was not able to stay in a regular school. I did enjoy my home studies. I am sure Tiana you will do well there." Luke walked over and patted Tiana's head.

"Mommy said that big brother would drive Tiana to school. Tiana will be a good girl so that she does not trouble big brother." She waved her hands happily.

Liz came out of the room without Charlette and smiled at the family moment. "This is truly touching. If I was allowed I would take a picture of everyone here."

"I do not mind as long as you do not submit it with the photoshoot photos. I want my family to be protected." Kitty looked at Liz who was itching to take the picture.

"I promise that I will not do that! Also, the baby is with Sylvie. I handed her over when I heard your voice." Liz took a step back and clicked a photo of the group.

"The room is now ready. Please follow me." Luke leads the way to the basement and the workout room door was closed but the door across from it was open. Luke stepped into the room and had pulled out so of the new items that were brought for Tiana out. "Welcome to the schoolroom."

Kitty looked around at the drawings on the wall. "Luke, you did a great job of painting on the walls. When did you get permission to do this?"

"It was two years ago, I told Father that I could not study in a white-walled room and we agreed that on the weekends only that I would be able to paint on the walls. The black wall is a chalkboard wall." Luke looked at the chalk designs.

Tiana looked at the room in wonder. "Big brother it is so pretty. Look at the animals! Tiana loves animals."

Cindy let Tiana down and let her explore the room. "This is really cool. I knew that this place was big but I did not know about this."

"When Leo gave me an outline he must have forgotten about this room but that is okay. As I am happy that I got to see this. Tiana, come and sit at the table you can explore after we are done. I can teach you how to write some letters on the small chalkboard on the table." Kitty held out her hand for Tiana to take.

Luke added a booster seat and helped Kitty get Tiana into the seat. "There you go. I do not want Mother to struggle with her big belly."

Liz was secretly snapping the pictures but what she did not know was that both Luke and Kitty could hear the clicks. "Okay now that the girl is in position, let's take pictures with Kitty teaching. Tiana, please watch Katherine as if you are interested."

"Mommy I want to learn to write big Brother please?" she asked while looking at Luke.

"Okay, we can do that. I will teach you the word big first and then brother, okay and even if we do not finish during the shoot we can continue later okay?" Kitty patted Tiana on the head.

Kitty picked up the chalkboard and started by showing how to draw a B, then an i and lastly a g. "Do you think you can do it or would you like me to draw an outline?"

"Outline please!" Tiana had tried and the letters looked like scribbles. "Tiana tried her best, Mommy."

Kitty giggled, walked over, and she did an outline three times. She held her hand over Tiana's and helped her with the first tracing. Then she let her hand go and waited to see what she would do.

Tiana looked at the first outline she did with Kitty and then tried the second. She messed up a little but the third attempt was better. "Tiana did it?"

"You did well. Now try to write it without the guidelines. I bet you will do well." Kitty encouraged Tiana.

Tiana tried on her own and didn't do too bad. "Tiana did it." She threw her hands up in the air happily.

Luke looked at the printing. "Tiana did really well for her first time trying. Here is a lollipop."

Liz watched as Tiana's eyes went round as saucers. She giggles and snaps the picture.

Before handing the lollipop over he took off the wrapper. "I am sure that the more you practice you will get better." Once Tiana had the lollipop he patted her hair.

"Tiana, is so blessed." She took the lollipop and licked it happily as it was too big to fit in her mouth.

"That's good enough. Thank you guys, Luke you were awesome. Thank you for cooperating with my selfish request. I know that being asked to do something on the spot is not an easy thing." Liz put down the camera.

"No, it is quite alright. I know that there is a lot that you guys can't do. I really do not think that you gave me that hard of a task. I am okay with my picture being shown but I will not become a regular. I have other things that I need to do." Luke glanced at his right hand. He smiled happily.

Leo looked at the group and sighed. "It is at this point that I am glad that I have a lot of hidden things."

"I will take us to the location so that these two can rest in the house. I know that they will help us later on and Stella really loves Charlette." Ketan walked to the newly bonded couple. "Are you sure that you do not need more blood before you go?"

"Thank you for your concern. I am going to be perfectly fine. I have enough blood inside of me and I do not feel thirsty. You are right I love that little girl as if she was my own and now that Peter has returned I can think about having my own later but right now I want to see the baby girl." Stella smiled at the two the came to stand near them.