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 Xiu suddenly held her hands and push her a little to stand up. It scared the hell out of Nora as she watched Xiu walking away from her. Was she really going to leave? Nora's heart clenched in her chest. It was more than just painful seeing Xiu turning her back on her. Her silence was killing her. Nora couldn't take this. Her soul felt like leaving her body.

But she didn't even have the courage to hold Xiu back. Or even call her back.

'I guess I really messed this one up...' she thought to herself bitterly with a fresh stream of hot tears rolling down her cheeks.

Despodendantly, hopelessly, and sorrowfully Nora covered her face with her hands.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up.

Her brows creased up. Her vision was blurry because of tears, she rubbed her eyes and looked at Xiu again.

Xiu has now dressed up in a fresh set of clothes. Her messy hair was now tied in a high bun neatly. That pair of skinny jeans and a tank top with a leather jacket looked really good on her figure. Even the pair of combat boots surprised Nora since this was an attire she rarely saw her best friend in.

And after surprise came to the shock as she noticed the thing in Xiu's hand.

The infamous...

Baseball bat!

Why Nora thought called it 'infamous baseball bat'? Because it was customized with Xiu's name written on it in beautiful calligraphy.

"Wh-What are you going to do?" Nora asked feeling uncertain of what Xiu was planning. It wasn't easy to read Xiu's mind when she gave that blank expression.

Xiu cracked her knuckles and smiled slyly at her best friend, "The idea is still the same... Let's beat the crap out of the idiot who made my sister cry!"

Nora gaped at her Xiu with her eyes staring wide at her in disbelief. Her lips were trembling as looked at Xiu with a sparkle in her eyes now. "Xiu... You don't hate me?"

Xiu rubbed her head and smiled gently. "Silly girl, I told you. Xiu can never hate you. No matter what you do, Xiu still loves you very much. You call me a sister. You said it yourself we are like soul sisters. We don't need blood to define our bond. It's stronger than anyone. And sisters don't turn their back on each other. EVER!"


"My dear Nora, how can you even think that I can hate you? Yes, you did a mistake. But so what? Everyone does it. We are only human. Although that's not a very good excuse, still I believe that as long as a person has guilt in his heart, he's still worth saving. I have seen one of the cruelest people who don't even feel remorse for their wrongdoings. As for you, you only thought of doing something bad and you're killing yourself over that. How can I hate you when all you did was what any scared, lonely, depressed and pregnant 21 years old would do?"

"Xiu..." Nora tried to blink her tears away looking at her best friend's sincerest expression.

"Don't you dare drop another tear now. My feisty Latina can't fall this easily. You're my pride. How can you let me down?" She hugged Nora as she added, "Your Xiu'er is standing tall and strong only with you. You held my hand and became my 'memory manual' when I felt lost. And if you act this weak, how am I gonna stand tall again?"

Nora shook her head frantically. "I'd never let you fall. My Xiu'er is still the strongest for me. Because my Xiu'er is my biggest strength. I can only be reckless because I know you're there to hold me. Save me. Stand with me."

Xiu grinned at her through the haze of tears. "That sounds like a love confession but I am so up for it right now."

Nora chuckled at her reaction. "Usually you don't like such heart-to-heart confessions."

"I still don't. So don't try to make me cry now," Xiu blinked her eyes to keep the tears at bay. She really didn't want those tears to fall. She was feeling heartbroken for her best friend but she wasn't gonna accompany her in crying. Neither was she going to lend her shoulder to her. There were far better choices out there.

Xiu rubbed her face and pushed her towards the bathroom. "You clean up. We are not letting this go without a fight."

Nora shook her head, "Xiu, you can't really be thinking about beating him."

"I am."

"No. No way. Xiu, you're not going to."

Xiu put her finger on Nora's lips and shushed her. "Just do as I say or I'm really gonna be mad at you."

Nora pursed her lips and nodded. Xiu waited patiently for her to clean up and when she came out, she directly dragged her out of the apartment.

Getting in the car, she took the steering wheel and took a long and deep breath.

"Are you sure it's a good idea for you to drive?" asked Nora in a hoarse voice. Actually, it sounded more like a hushed voice since Nora had lost her voice after that much crying.

Xiu gave her a look of reassurance. "When I am angry, I can do anything. And this is all for you. I can definitely win over my night driving skills." Nora really didn't have much faith in that sentence but she went along with it.

She gave Xiu the address to Xin Villa after getting some serious threats from her. And Xiu drove as rationally as she could. But all she was seeing was blood right now. Nora's tears were making her numb and she even forgot that she sucked at directions.

That's why even she was surprised when she actually managed to park the car before the right house. Well, just as she said, anger could get her anywhere.

She pulled her baseball bat out of the backseat and opened the car door for Nora.

"Don't you dare back out of this," Xiu warned in a low voice.

"But I never even agreed for this," retorted Nora as loud as she could possibly get her voice.

Xiu didn't listen to her and simply grabbed her hand to haul her out of the car. She looked at the beautiful villa and sneered, "Such a beautiful house keeps such vicious hearts. Hmph!"

"Actually, all of them are very nice..."

Xiu glared at Nora making her seal her lips. "Take his side one more time and my bat is gonna land on your head."

Nora took a step back on instinct. It's not that she really thought Xiu'd hit her but you see, Xiu was a crackhead. Not the kind you have in mind but she was just a person who had a very twisted way of thinking. You could never predict her especially when she was angry. Last time when that bat of hers came out to play, it was Nora's ex's girlfriend who got a broken nose. This time, her target was the man she loved dearly. How could she watch her best friend beating him up?


This was more troublesome than she thought!