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 "You're in a daze again! Are you thinking of what you can't let me see, so you can quickly delete them?" Yin Shaojie's eyes were very sharp. He stared fixedly at her eyes as though he were looking through her.

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly panicked. "N-No! There's nothing I need to hide on my phone. I've done nothing wrong. I'm not scared of you checking my cell phone!"

"Okay, then hand me your cell phone." Yin Shaojie reached for her open palm.

Mu Xiaoxiao swatted his hand away, tilted her chin up and said, "Abide by the rules of the game. Hurry up and start playing. The tong sui is getting cold! "

Thinking that she had nothing else she needed to delete, she stopped worrying.

It wouldn't matter even if she lost.

Yin Shaojie retracted his hand, took out his cell phone, and opened WeChat.

"One round to win?"

"Okay. No, no, no, wait. Two wins out of three rounds!" Mu Xiaoxiao thought for a moment. To allow a single round to decide the winner would be too exciting. What if she had bad luck the first round? She'd better take it slow.

"Okay." Yin Shaojie had no objections.

So they started playing the game and clicked on the dice in WeChat.

Mu Xiaoxiao stared nervously at the screen.

She got a three. It wasn't too big or too small. What a suspense.

Waiting to see what Yin Shaojie had rolled.

He got a four!

Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes brightened as she shook her fist excitedly, "Ahhhh! I won! Haha, I won! Let's forget about winning two out of three rounds and just play one round instead! It's more fun that way!"

She regretted it. Why did she have to bring up winning two out of three!

Otherwise she would have won!

Yin Shaojie curled his lips said, "You were the one who said two wins out of three. Come on, on to the second round."

The game was really about luck. He had no confidence of winning since there no skill or brains were involved.

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted. "Okay, two wins in three games then."

Strange, why was she feeling a little flustered?

Could there be something in her phone that she had forgotten to delete?

There was nothing else...

Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't remember what it might be. She had also forgotten that she hadn't read the message from the unknown cell phone number coming from the capital.

"The second round is starting!" Yin Shaojie stared at her.

This time he rolled a two.

Mu Xiaoxiao instantly grew anxious. She would have to roll a one if she wanted to win.

"One! One! I want one!"

She clicked on the dice. The dice spun and spun until it stopped.

It was a five!

She lost!

Mu Xiaoxiao looked distressed. She grew even more nervous. She suddenly had a feeling that she would lose the third game.

"W-well... let's change the rules a little. For the last game, we'll see who gets the larger number, alright?" She tried to be clever and change the rules.

Yin Shaojie's eyes narrowed. He nodded and said, "Okay."

Mu Xiaoxiao felt that she might have exposed herself and that he might have started to suspect her.


Meanwhile, at the Dazed Bar.

The bar was brightly lit with lights dancing and rock music was playing very loudly.

Feng Shengyang was sitting in a semi-closed booth, looking out through the glass at the men and women entangled in each other, dancing, and indulging in the revelry.

He held up the glass, tilted his head back, and finished the drink.

"Young Master Feng, why do I feel like you look even more handsome and charming today? You're making me so excited." An alluring woman sat beside him, smiling in a charming manner.