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 "I found out who it was last night and you are not going to like this." Cedric sighed and lifted her up carrying her back to their room. "It is a woman and it is someone that I had a fling with."

"Hmmmmm, well she is jealous of me and wants to steal you from me. She will have a hard time with that. I will not give up on this. I am yours and you are mine. I do not want to be without you. For the rest of my life. You mean the world to me and you just proposed to me but why don't we have some fun with this character?" Yuki rubbed her hands together.

"I belong to you and no one else. I will make sure that nothing happens to you. What exactly do you have in mind my little demon?" Cedric felt his body shiver from the look on her face.

"A lot, we could show her your mark on me. You could sweetly torture me in front of her. Most of the things that I am thinking about involve you and me doing something, ummmmm, dirty." Yuki buries her head in his chest.

"I will go along with whatever you had in mind." Cedric opened their bedroom door and placed her down on the vanity chair.

"Could you wear something that is like a butler suit? I think that will be the most fun." Yuki takes off the apron and undresses from the shirt and pants that she was wearing. "Can you find me something that is tempting and makes me look like an evil person?"

"I see where you are going with this now. I can and will comply with this." Cedric pulls out a butler-like outfit and hangs it to the side. He goes back into the wardrobe and pulls out a fiery red dress. It has sleeves that come to just below the elbow, the left side ties up under the dress and the right side is folded over and pinned in place using a diamond brooch that is designed like a heart. The top of the dress shows off her cleavage and the bottom of the dress will be split up to her waist. If she was to walk the slits would show off her legs. "What do you think about this?"

"I love that dress. Help me put it on, Cedric. I want to see how it looks." Yuki stood up and walked to Cedric and held her arms.

"As you wish my princess." Cedric takes off her bra and then helps her put on the dress. He comes to the front and puts on the dress he ties up the one end and then does up the brooch. He slides his hands down her waist. "It is very sexy on you. I do not want you to show others this." He slides his hands back up and looks her in the eyes.

"Too bad. You are the one with a long list of past lovers. Get into the butler-like outfit. I want to see you in it. Cedric, this is going to be a lot of fun." Yuki touched his shoulder and skipped away from him.

"I do and it is my fault but it is not the case anymore. I have you and you are mine. I know that you want me and I only want you." Cedric had his hand out in the air as she skipped away from him. He growled in frustration.

"You are frustrated but you need to remember that I want to wind you up." Yuki sat down on the vanity and picked up the deep red lipstick that is on the table. She put some on her lips and watched Cedric getting dressed.

Cedric tossed the clothes that he was wearing on the ground. He grabbed his pants and slid them over his legs. He throws on the pristine white shirt. He does up the buttons and fixes the sleeves.

Yuki rests her head on her hand and she stares at him getting dressed. "You are extremely handsome."

Cedric picks up the black coat and looks over at Yuki. "Thank you, you look like a succubus that is hunting for prey. What kind of tie do you want me to wear with this and is there anything else that my princess wants?"

Yuki giggled, "what do you have that goes with this dress? Actually, do you have a red scarf that would match this dress." She got up and sauntered over to him and grabbed the scarf that he pulled out. She wrapped it around his neck and undid the first three buttons of his shirt and kissed the open area and left a hickey with a kiss mark and took the scarf and wore it around her neck. "Let's have some fun with this."

"You are so bad right now. I will make sure that I play along even though I do not know what the plan is." Cedric growled again as Yuki stepped away with the scarf.

"Oh, I am sure that you will enjoy this cat and mouse game as much as I will. Do you have a room that you could take her in that is set up romantically?" Yuki loved how aroused he was at this time.

"I do, just what would you like me to do?" Cedric lifts up his eyebrow in question.

"I am sure that all she will hear is that you want her to come over. She will cake on the perfume and makeup to try to capture your attention. I want you to give her a small taste but do not kiss her, a hug I can tolerate but this is a b*tch that tried to kill me. Oh, also I would like for you to follow my commands." Yuki smiles and rubs her hands together.

"Alright, I can do that, madam." Cedric bows to Yuki and shows her to the room that he will bring the girl too and watches as Yuki nods in appreciation. Just then they hear the doorbell chimed.