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 "Yes, we are sutras seekers, could we get inside?" Pigsy said it hurriedly with an eager look. He didn't care what attitude the other party had. He was concerned if he could eat ginseng fruit. Everything could reschedule until he has eaten the ginseng fruits. He has eaten the peaches in heaven, but he has not eaten the ginseng fruits.

"come in? Huh, you really think you are VIPs. If it wasn't for my Master told us treating you with courtesy before he left, you wouldn't even be qualified to get in!" The boy hummed, looking up at the sky and using his nostrils to 'Look' at Monk Tang and others.

"Little shit! What did you say?" Sun Wukong frowned again.

Pigsy was angry it this time too, with white smoke on his nostrils, and yelled, "Little boy, believe it or not, I will spank you?"

However, the boy was not afraid, and even shook his little butt at Pigsy and said, "Come! Here it is! Do you dare? If you hit me, I will tell my Master, and I will not let you in, saving a ginseng fruit! "

Pigsy looked at the little buttocks dangling in front of his eyes.

"Pigsy, stop!" Monk Tang hurried to see this, it would be bad if he started.

"Master!" Pigsy heard it and stopped, looking at Monk Tang in puzzlement!

"hem, I know you won't!" The boy became even more arrogant when he saw that Pigsy was drunk.

Monk Tang heard it, his eyelids jumped, and he also wanted to reach out his hand and give the boy a slap, but still said with mild and roundabout voice: "This little Almsgiver. Amitabha! Take my hat off for you! Please forgive my two little bad apprentices. Please show us the way! "

"Huh!" Heard it, the boy hummed coldly, then looked at Sun Wukong and Pigsy with contempt, and said, "See? This monk is kind of polite. In that case, please follow us, but don't walk around. The things in our Wuzhuang Temple are of great value. You can' t afford anything you break! "

Then, the two boys turned and walk away!

Monk Tang's forehead blue muscles jumped, thinking whether to take all the things from Wuzhuang Temple!

"Ah, I'm so mad!!" Sun Wukong murmured, and his eyes fluttered!

Monk Tang took a deep breath and said: "Wukong, don't be mad. It's just two little kids. Let it go." Monk Tang said so, but he murmured in mind: the damn children! They are the most repugnant!

Heard Monk Tang saying, Pigsy and Sun Wukong clam down!

They followed the two kids into Wuzhuang Temple, and immediately was the paradise views, and they knew the mountain like a fairy mountain when they were at the foot of the mountain. Then entering, the scenery inside was even more extraordinary.

Seeing this, Sun Wukong also lamented: "Zhenyuanzi really found a good place, not much worse than the heaven palace!"

"Brother, look, isn't that a divine bluebird?" Pigsy pointed at a big green light in the sky over his head from a distance of 100 meters.

"Looks like it!" Sandy exclaimed: "Brother Monkey is right, the views in Wuzhuang Temple are really not much worse than the palace in heaven. Look at those willows, pines, and cypresses that are actually fairy trees, which can only grow in heaven! "

"Hem, they are a group of yolks and buns who haven't seen the world. My master said that they are monks from the East! Couldn't it be fake?" The two boys walking in front, hearing the words they were discussing. It seemed to whisper to each other. But they, without concealing it, let everyone hear it clearly!

Sun Wukong and Pigsy heard it. There was an impulse to bruise them again, and even Sha Wujing was so angry with round eyes!

Monk Tang's face was calm, but he was angry inside: Damn, these two children need to be taught!

Soon, several people were taken to a courtyard by two boys, and they pointed at a room casually and said with lifting up the horn: "You, just live here. It's a suite. Remember that you don't mess around. Our Wuzhuang Temple is very very big. And we won't take any responsibility for you if you get lost. The key is that do not break anything. You can' t afford it!"

Then, the boy left with the girl. Not far from the room, the boy bent over to the girl and said solemnly: "This little Almsgiver. Amitabha! Take my hat off for you! "

The girl heard it and make a loud laughing, and then what made Monk Tang and others angry was the words out of her mouth: "Brother, you did a good imitation, but do you think they are very interesting? Except for the bald monk, all of them don't look like humans but like wild animals. One looks like a monkey with a sharp-billed cheek, one is fat with big ears, and the last one looks like a chump! "

"Wow, sister! What you said is true!"

The boy exclaimed although the two went farther away, their voice was getting louder and louder. Monk Tang and others heard clearly!

At this moment, Monk Tang wanted to shoot the two wimpy kids to death. How dare she talk like that? Wild animals?

For a moment, Sun Wukong's eyes ignited two golden flames, his body rolled with anger, and with one second, Monkey King Bar appeared in his hand, angrily barking"I'm so so so mad! I'm going to strangle them!"

Seeing this, Monk Tang was startled, and hurriedly stopped, but could not let the monkey break his event, saying, "Wukong, be calm and restless. They are just two wimpy kids. You are the Monkey King!! You should not be serious with them."

Heard it, Sun Wukong calmed down a bit, yeah, two little farts who do n' t understand anything, if they have general knowledge with the two little farts, they are the most shameful, so put away Monkey King Bar!

Of course, everyone was suffocated with anger and remained silent until the evening all of them cool down.

At this time, it was also time to eat, and two new boys came over and delivered vegetable meals. The two boys were kind. They made everyone feel better!

Pigsy took the chopsticks and pulled the vegetable plate. He said, "what the hell? Zhenyuan Great Fairyin is too economical! There isn't even a piece of meat in the food. How can I eat those things??"

It's not only no meat was in dishes, but no oil in it. Monk Tang and others are used to eat big fish and meat. So they have no appetite.

At this moment, the door was open. Two people walked in. It was the arrogant boy and the girl. The boy was holding a tray with something in it, but it was covered by a piece of red cloth! Nobody could see it.

The door was kicked out by someone. Everyone was shocked by rekindled anger and looked at the boy and girl badly. But both of them turned a blind eye to Monk Tang and his apprentices and snorted to them disdainfully!