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 The bonfire was burning, the light lit up a piece of the night sky, nearby pieces of purple orchids swaying, blooming intoxicating fragrance.

By the campfire, Monk Tang and his five disciples listened attentively and carefully to fairy zixia's story.

After listening to Fairy Zi Xia's story, I knew that Zilan was lucky to survive.

In addition to Fairy Zilan being a plant immortal, the most important thing is that she had just eaten the ginseng fruit before being pushed onto Slaying Fairy Terrace, and before she could refine it, the ginseng fruit that had not been refined blocked Zilan's mind.

"Master, thank you!" Sun Wukong, after listening to the fairy story of Zi Xia, was forced to kneel down and kowtow heavily to Monk Tang. Sun Wukong knew that without the ginseng fruit Zilan would have fallen.

The ginseng fruit was given to him by Monk Tang, so it can be said that Monk Tang saved Zilan's life.

At this moment, Sun Wukong has not only regarded Monk Tang as a Master but also a benefactor.

He has a clear grudge against Monkey KingSun Wukong. When there is kindness, there will be compensation. When there is revenge, Sun Wukong has not said too much at this time, but he has turned his heart to Monk Tang completely and has really recognized this shady Master.

At first, Monk Tang was stunned by Sun Wukong's sudden fall on his knees. However, as smart as he was, he immediately wanted to understand the cause and effect of the accident. He couldn't help rejoicing in his heart. However, he didn't take the credit. Instead, he said, "Wukong, get up quickly. I just gave you the ginseng fruit. You gave Zilan personally. Zilan's life was actually saved by you."

"Master ..." Sun Wukong's eyes were red and he called Master. He did not reduce his gratitude to Monk Tang because of what Monk Tang said. Instead, he respected Sun Wukong even more. He knocked his head hard again before standing up.

Sun Wukong stood up and looked at Fairy Zi Xia behind him and said, "Zi Xia, do you still want to return to your secluded place?"

Now Fairy Zi Xia can be said to be one and the same. Sun Wukong does not want Zi Xia to leave his side anymore. Sun Wukong is worried that Zilan will happen to Zi Xia again.

Fairy Zi Xia smiled gently when she heard these words. Her cold face suddenly melted like an iceberg and she looked at Sun Wukong playfully. "Why, you are unwilling to let me go this time? But I remember someone, no, a monkey said he didn't like me! "

Sun Wukong's face turned red when he heard these words and argued, "I didn't say that until you always wanted to get married."

Monk Tang listened to the conversation between the two, but couldn't help rolling his eyes. Are you showing off?

Showing your love? please find a place where no one is there, okay?

Monk Tang is going to find a place where there is no one and draw a circle to release his bachelor's resentment. Ma's dog food is not delicious.

Fortunately, Fairy Zi Xia knew that Monk TangMonk Tang others were still there and did not continue. As soon as the topic changed, she said, "I know there is a place that is good for recovering Zilan's fascination. I want to go there and try to make Zilan's sister reappear in human form as soon as possible."

"Where is it? There is such a magical place? " Sun Wukong's eyes brightened when he heard these words. Although he had waited for hundreds of years, it would be better if Zilan could recover as soon as possible.

Monk Tang and others also couldn't help looking at Fairy Zi Xia. How could there be such wonderful things between heaven and earth?

However, Fairy Zi Xia shook her head and said, "I don't know exactly where Zi Xia is. I only remember one position and need to find it again."

While talking, Zi Xia looked at Monk Tang and said, "Master, is Sister Zilan's body with you?"

Since the fascination of Zilan lies in the sea of knowledge of Fairy Zi Xia, Fairy Zi Xia can sense the immortal body of Zilan.

"That's right, it's for teachers!" Monk Tang heard these words and nodded. With a wave of his hand, the sarcophagus appeared in front of six people.

"Great, with Zilan sister's immortal body, Zilan sister's reshaping can be shortened by another 100 years." At the moment when he saw the sarcophagus, Zi Xia couldn't help rejoicing. At the same time, he opened the coffin lid with a wave of his hand, revealing the inside of the coffin.

At this time, only Fairy Zilan's immortal body in human form has disappeared and replaced it with a broken purple orchid.

"Fairy Zi Xia, what will you do next?" Pigsy asked.

"it is a piece of cake!" Hearing these words, Fairy Zi Xia answered so, taking out the purple orchid from the coffin and holding it in her hand. Then her lips lit up and a song-like spell sounded. She saw that the purple orchid began to decompose into purple light rain in the song-like spell and sank into the purple orchid mark between Fairy Zi Xia's eyebrows. The purple orchid mark absorbed the purple light rain and became more vivid, like a real purple orchid.

Monk Tang marvels that plant life has a unique place to rise, and the old flesh can still be used in this way!


Just when Monk Tang lamented the special life of plants, he was suddenly startled by the muffled sound beside him.

Looking intently, I found that the sarcophagus containing the body of Zilanxian was slapped into dust by Sun Wukong just now, leaving only an impression of how deep it was.

"Master, this sarcophagus is useless, and I will take the initiative to destroy it!" Feel the look of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong just couldn't help but smile----this coffin makes Sun Wukong uncomfortable!

"well, it is good that you destroyed it!" What else can Monk Tang say when he smokes his mouth? it was broken!

After saying this, Monk Tang looked at Zi Xia and asked, "Zi Xia, when are you going to leave to look for that place?"

Fairy Zi Xia hesitated for a few seconds and then said: "Master, I want to leave now. Now is the best time for Zilan to regain her spirit. I don't want to waste time!"

"Go now?" Sun Wukong raised his eyebrows and was somewhat reluctant. He really loathed to give up Zi Xia and Zilan. Only after he lost Zilan could he realize the pain, but he did not say anything to them, because Sun Wukong also knew that Zi Xia was right and now was indeed the best time for Zilan to recover.

Therefore, even if Sun Wukong did not give up in his heart, he did not express it too much.

"Well, now, Wukong, I'm leaving. Do you have anything for me?" Fairy Zi Xia stood up and said, she is also a neat person and will do what she decides immediately. since she decides to go, she is not going to drag her feet.

"what? When did I say I have something for you? " Sun Wukong was somewhat stunned by the remarks.

Fairy Zi Xia heard these words and with a straight face, she snorted, "Hum, forget it, I'll go."

Say, turn into a streamer with full of anger flew away ...