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 Monk Tang and others are familiar with Suet Jade Bottle. they know that the bottle is powerful when they had a big fight with Golden Horn King in Flat Top Mountain.

If it weren't for Monk Tang's perusal of the original work, he didn't know how many times he watched the TV series, and he really didn't know how to control Suet Jade Bottle.

However, even then, the principle of mutual antagonism between Purple Red Calabash and Suet Jade Bottom was finally used to make Suet Jade Bottom a decoration in the hands of Golden Horn King.

However, this moment is different. Suet Jade Bottle is in Lord Lao Zi's hands. It really shows the power that a treasure should have. I don't know how many times it is more horrible than in Golden Horn King's hands.

When I saw the Suet Jade Bottle appear at Lord Lao Zi's side, a terrible suction force was generated. The mouth of the bottle was like a black hole, devouring everything, even the light could not escape. At that moment, countless stars were sucked into the bottle like dust.

The horrible suction also acts on Sun Wukong for the first time, being sucked toward the bottle mouth, and the closer the body is to the bottle mouth, the smaller it becomes.

Lord Lao Zi's face lit up with joy. once Sun Wukong was put into the bottle, he was confident that Sun Wukong could turn into a pool of pus and blood within a few minutes, regardless of whether he was a demon ape or something ...

However, the smile on Lord Lao Zi's face did not last long and was replaced by surprise.

"Damn, how did this happen?"

Lord Lao Zi swore in a low voice and watched Sun Wukong be taken into Suet Jade Bottle, but suddenly he felt that the suction force exerted by Suet Jade Bottle on Sun Wukong was cut off, which was very abrupt and had never been encountered before when Suet Jade Bottle was used against him.

Lord Lao Zi was surprised in his heart, but he soon found the crux. his eyes rested on Sun Wukong's pair of purple and gold wings. Lord Lao Zi obviously felt that Sun Wukong's wings flapped at the moment when Sun Wukong was almost put into the bottle, and then he cut off the suction generated by Suet Jade Bottle.

Lord Lao Zi now understands that the wings behind Sun Wukong not only make Sun Wukong's speed increase as simple as that but also have other special abilities. the wings have special energy, which is to cut off the suction force or to be more accurate, it should be erased.

Sun Wukong lost his mind, but his instinct was too strong. He obviously felt the threat of Suet Jade Bottom. At the moment of erasing that suction, his body flickered away from the suction range of suet jade bottom, making Monkey King Bar long and thick and launching a long attack on Lord Lao Zi.

However, Lord Lao Zi is worthy of being the leader of the Three Qing. Although he was defeated at the moment due to the injury of the main road and had the idea of retreating, the counterattack was also very horrible in the face of Sun Wukong's attack. He devoted himself to five purposes, offering the five treasures around him at the same time, and launched a fierce attack on Sun Wukong.

Purple Red Calabash and Suet Jade Bottle, two mutually exclusive treasures revolve around Sun Wukong, generating terrorist attraction to interfere with Sun Wukong's actions. At the same time, arhat bracelets and Seven Stars Sword are the main attacks, launching a powerful offensive to bombard Sun Wukong.

On the other hand, the 3,000 dust filaments from Taishang Buddha Dust are woven into a huge net, enveloping Sun Wukong in it, further narrowing Sun Wukong's scope of action. At that time, Lord Lao Zi gained the upper hand.

"yes, yes, Lord Lao Zi is indeed Lord Lao Zi!" When Jade Emperor saw Lord Lao Zi regain the upper hand, he couldn't help laughing loudly.

While Jade Emperor laughed, he did not forget to provoke Monk Tang with his eyes!

Not only is Jade Emperor glad to see this, but all the fairy gods of Healy Court are relieved. If Lord Lao Zi in the sky is not Sun Wukong's opponent, then nobody on the courtside will be able to defeat Sun Wukong. Even God Erlang, the Erlang God, is also a part of the dish delivery.

On the contrary to Jade Emperor and others, Monk Tang and his four disciples were extremely worried when they saw Sun Wukong fall into the wind. At the same time, it was unfair to scold Lord Lao Zi too much, and the equipment was too cow-force.

However, when he felt Jade Emperor's defiant eyes, he gritted his teeth with anger.

However, this worry did not last long. Lord Lao Zi's offensive suddenly weakened, and Sun Wukong seized the opportunity to blow out again with a stick. the form reversed again.

"Good, good job!" Although I don't know what's going on, Monk Tang expressed his joy in the first place and winked at Jade Emperor-small sample, you are too early to be happy.


Jade Emperor's face twitched and he felt that Monk Tang was so cheap that thieves were irritating and his skull began to ache again.

At the same time, Jade Emperor's mind was also confused, and he sensed that Lord Lao Zi was in the wrong state. Jade Emperor could now feel Sun Wukong stronger than 500 years ago, but it was a bit exaggerated to press Lord Lao Zi to fight.

Not by Jade Emperor is deeply frowned, abrupt a light passed in Jade Emperor's mind.

At this moment, Jade Emperor somewhat understood why Lord Lao Zi was in the wrong state.

However, it is clear that the jade emperor has no way to help Lord Lao Zi in the sky. he can only hope that those people will come soon.


Lord Lao Zi vomited out another mouthful of blood, his face was a bit ugly, he felt that the injury of the avenue had become serious again, and the thought of retreating reappeared in his mind.

When the idea of Lord Lao Zi first arose, Lord Lao Zi was slightly shocked. his eyes were not turned to the air in the distance. only a little golden light suddenly appeared there, and then a golden light beam bombarded Sun Wukong.

With a loud bang, Sun Wukong was blown out and crashed into hundreds of big stars before stopping.

Seeing this, Lord Lao Zi was delighted. he knew that this was his helper and that the others on his side should also know his plan to cooperate with him in killing Sun Wukong. although he was somewhat unwilling to let the others help him, Lord Lao Zi was able to stretch his legs and quickly adjusted his mind.

His eyes were set and his murderous look rushed to the sky. He did not miss the chance of this sudden appearance. arhat bracelets flew out. Bang smashed through air with a crash on Sun Wukong's forehead. With a thud, Sun Wukong was hit with a shudder like a shot of iron and sparks.

However, Sun Wukong did not have any serious problems. he shook his head and gave a loud roar, which was to kill Lord Lao Zi again.

However, this time Sun Wukong did not jump to Lord Lao Zi's approach. another attack came. a golden lotus flower appeared next to Sun Wukong, hitting Sun Wukong's magic body and flying Sun Wukong again.

At the moment when Sun Wukong was flying again, the golden light of air also showed itself. It turned out to be a seemingly ordinary golden bowl, but the slight movement of the seemingly ordinary golden bowl covered Sun Wukong below.