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 The mighty wind, the disillusionment of the stars, the dormant beasts of the heavenly court, and the terrible pressure of the air collided violently and rumbled.

One purple, one green, two shadows pulled out a long tail flame, crashing into each other in the endless air.

The clangorous and harsh voice of gold and iron strikes resounded through the air.

Then, with a bang, a big explosion occurred.

See two light impact, lights appeared, and then expanded rapidly, the moment after air like an incomparable blue and purple two color huge sun, sending out the terror of light energy fluctuations.

Terror waves swept through everything, stars turned into dust, air repeated chaos, stars boiling.


At the moment when the fluctuation of light energy swept through, each of the 108 floating islands of the heavenly court was bursting with monstrous fairy light.

Then every floating island leaps up countless road runes and order chains, interwoven with fairy lights, forming a huge array after a while.

The huge defensive mask that blocked Sun Wukong's palm from slapping appeared again, automatically protecting the heavenly court building.

Bang~ dimensionless light energy bombarded the defense shield-like waves.

At the moment, the heavenly court is like a boat in the sea, rising and falling in the storm, showing weakness and pity.

However, it was quickly calmed down, and the defense shield well defended the impact of light energy.

However, the crowd in the heavenly court did not relax much, because the light energy impact was only the first wave of impact!

The shock wave immediately followed the impact of light energy, and air caused waves and folds under the shock wave.

Boom ~ another roar, the heavenly court in the celestial star sky is violent shaking up ~

Although the mask blocked the impact of light energy, the horrible shock wave still fell through the mask.

The shock of terror was like a sledgehammer in the hands of the supreme deity, hitting and falling on the court. the whole heartily court was almost destroyed.

In a flash, countless pavilions and waterside pavilions turned into ashes, and countless small and weak creatures in the heavenly court exploded and turned into blood fog at the same time.

At this moment, the shrieks in the heavenly court kept rising one after another, causing heavy losses.

In the Hall of Miraculous Mist, Monk Tang's face changed wildly at the moment when the shock wave hit him. He quickly turned his defense to the maximum. Indestructible Knack worked to the extreme and instantly turned into a golden Buddha. However, Rao was so. When the shock wave passed through the mask and hit him, Monk Tang could not help spitting out pale golden blood ...

Monk Tang's eyes cannot hide the horror. It is too strong. You know, this shock wave passes through endless and distant stars sky, and the power is weakened through the shield. Monk Tang can hardly imagine what kind of damage this shock wave would cause without shield defense.

"Damn, open the heavenly court defense array to its maximum power!" Jade Emperor's eyes roared reddishly. Although the shock wave did not have any impact on Jade Emperor, he felt the loss of heavenly court just now, making him feel the pain.

Jade Emperor regretted that before this, he should have opened the heavenly court to the maximum. He felt a little dismissive of the holy world, especially under the deadly attack of one side.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Some fairy officials obeyed and left immediately. Moments later, more fairy lights and order runes rose from 108 floating islands of Healy Court, interwoven into layers of gorgeous masks. This moment was the strongest defensive moment of Healy Court.

However, after all this, Jade Emperor did not relax. The battle between saint levels and the damage it caused was really hard to fathom. Looking at Lord Lao Zi, who was still at war, but had fallen to the disadvantage, Jade Emperor felt unable to wait any longer, and then secretly played a rune paper.

Jade Emperor believes that Lord Lao Zi is the only one who wants to kill Sun Wukong as quickly as possible. He must find a helper, otherwise, he will lose the best chance to kill Sun Wukong and keep the loss to a minimum.


"Cough ~" Lord Lao Zi stumbled backward, coughing up a trace of blood on his mouth and looking very ugly. He thought it was a simple thing to kill Sun Wukong. However, the older Lord Lao Zi found that the stronger Sun Wukong fought in Vietnam, the faster he surpassed the strongest Sun Wukong in those days. He has been pressed against him now, especially the smell of destruction on Sun Wukong made him feel threatened.

Mistake-Lord Lao zi looked at Sun Wukong, who had been killed by himself again, and thought of it in his heart.

Lord Lao Zi regretted that Sun Wukong had been so crazy as to turn it into the form of an ape that would destroy the world. He should not have killed Fairy Zilan with the immortal hay cutter, leaving himself injured by the road and unable to fully exert his power.

However, one step at a time, one step at a time, Lord Lao Zi himself knew that regret was useless. After sensing the injury of the avenue in his body, Lord Lao Zi wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth and decided to find a way to get rid of Sun Wukong.

Because Lord Lao Zi found that if he continued to fight, he would still say whether Sun Wukong could be killed or not, but Lord Lao Zi could be sure that if he continued to fight, his wounds on the road would become more serious and even leave indelible damage.

This is not what Lord Lao Zi would like to see, so lordlazi immediately took action and was ready to leave the battle at any time.

Lord Lao Zi no longer wants to worry about the damage Sun Wukong will do to heavenly court after he leaves.

At this moment, Lord Lao Zi's merciless, undead and poor side is reflected.

However, things will not go as smoothly as Lord Lao Zi, who found Sun Wukong really difficult and had no chance to get rid of Sun Wukong. Lord Lao Zi knew that Sun Wukong had locked him completely and there was nothing else in his eyes.

Lord Lao Zi looked at Sun Wukong's bloodied eyes full of murder, and for the first time he felt a little scared.


Monkey King Bar is like a mountain crossing the sky, with a force to destroy the world. it blows air at Lord Lao Zi and Lord Lao Zi flies backward again.

Sun Wukong is completely possessed at the moment, and only one obsession in his heart is to kill Lord Lao Zi. When Lord Lao Zi is blown away with a stick, his body flashes, and Monkey King Bar has smashed again. One stick after another forms a curtain of sticks, threatening to kill Lord Lao Zi.

Lord Lao Zi, although he already had the idea of leaving, was still provoked by Sun Wukong's pressure.

After dodging Sun Wukong's heavy baton curtain, Lord Lao Zi shouted angrily: "the insane monkey, do you really think Lord Lao Zi can't handle you? Look at the bottle! "

At that moment, Lord Lao Zi knew that if he wanted to prevent the road injury from deteriorating, he had to change his way of fighting and could not fight with Sun Wukong head-on.