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 In the Hall of Miraculous Mist, Monk Tang shouted at hit the floor, and in response, the whole people stared at the Jade Emperor in a glare of arhat.

The Hall of Miraculous Mist was silent and then became Monk Tang uproar.

No one expected Fairy Zilan to be Golden Cicada X's apprentice.

If what Golden Cicada X said is true, then Master gives his disciples justice, which is absolutely reasonable.

Not only can Golden Cicada X not be blamed for trespassing on the heavenly court, but it is also necessary to praise Golden Cicada X as a good teacher.

After all, everyone knows in their hearts that Fairy Zilan was killed by the beheaded immortal hay cutter. This is really unfair and the punishment is too much.

However, they all turned a blind eye to the matter when they learned that Lord Lao Zi was behind them.

However, people feel a bit wrong. You are a monk and you accept a fairy as your apprentice. This is not the right thing to do, is it??

Jade Emperor was shocked when he heard this. Unexpectedly, Monk Tang and Fairy Zilan had such a mentoring relationship. Jade Emperor's eyes narrowed slightly and he felt that something was out of control. However, he still had to try. He shouted, "Golden Cicada X, what evidence do you have that Fairy Zilan is your apprentice? When did Fairy Zilan worship you as a teacher? "

Hearing what Jade Emperor said, Monk Tang smiled and said, "Naturally, I have no evidence to prove Zilan is my apprentice, but I can swear by heaven. Zilan did call me Master. Since he called me Master, that is my apprentice!"

When they heard that Monk Tang swore by heaven, they immediately believed what Monk Tang said, because heaven cannot be bullied.

Even if you are a saint, you have to act under heaven unless you are detached from it. However, since the beginning of the world, no one has been able to be detached from heaven. Even the Taoist ancestors, who do not know how many Huiyuan is not real, are just doing their part.

Jade Emperor was speechless at this moment. The mentoring relationship between Monk Tang and Fairy Zilan broke all his defenses in an instant.

Jade Emperor had a headache and did not know how to give Monk Tang the justice he wanted.

The Fairy Zilan affair, although not specifically participated in and planned by his Jade Emperor, was tacitly approved and supported. Otherwise, Lord Lao Zi could not use hay cutter, the heavenly court's killer at will.

If you give justice to Monk Tang, you must offend Lord Lao Zi. The most important thing is, if you give justice to Monk Tang, wouldn't you say you have to admit your dereliction of duty yourself?

This, how did Jade Emperor not want to do, for a moment, Jade Emperor was tangled and his eyebrows were knit together.

Looking at Jade Emperor's smoking face, Monk Tang's heart was a sneer. Although Monk Tang did not know how much the loss of Zilan had to do with Jade Emperor, Jade Emperor was definitely unable to escape responsibility. Monk Tang just wanted to see how Jade Emperor would choose.

Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon watched Jade Emperor be speechless and excited beside Monk Tang.

"Master, cow force, 666!" Pigsy couldn't help whispering that a wave of flattery was coming.

"Master, Brother is right, Master, you are 666," Sandy chimed in, writing in a small notebook.

"Master, you are so handsome!" Little White Dragon was also excited, watching Monk Tang's eyes filled with admiration.

I can't blame the three people for being so excited, but because they all think of themselves. Today Monk Tang can make justice for Fairy Zilan, and Jade Emperor will be speechless. Heaven and Earth will be silent, and justice will naturally be done for them in the future.

At this moment, all three of them are aware of it. Having a Master like Monk Tang is definitely worth it.

The Hall of Miraculous Mist was silent. Only the roar from outside the hall kept coming. All the immortals bowed their heads and remained silent at the moment, waiting for Jade Emperor to make a decision. They knew that, in any case, the face of today's heavenly court was lost and could not help feeling hot.

"Your Majesty, you have not answered my words. What crime did my disciple Zilan commit, and should he be punished by the beheading of immortal hay cutter?" Monk Tang spoke again, with anger on his face, and began to persecute jade imperial in turn.

Jade Emperor hated Monk Tang when he gritted his teeth. Today Monk Tang really humiliated him and regretted participating in Lord Lao Zi's plan. He should have pretended not to know at the beginning. He glanced at the Hall of Miraculous Mist. At the moment, Jade Emperor can only hope Lord Lao Zi can solve Sun Wukong as soon as possible.

As long as Lord Lao Zi can get rid of Sun Wukong, Monk Tang's four people will be thrown directly to Lord Lao Zi for processing.

However, jade imperial was startled at this glance and exclaimed, "how is that possible? There must be something wrong with my eyes! "

Hearing Jade Emperor exclaim, everyone, including Monk Tang, got a fright, looked out of the Hall of Miraculous Mist, and then ...

"Holy crap, is there something wrong with my eyes? How is that possible! "

"ah, this, this, tell you is that true?"

"it's impossible, Lord Lao Zi, why can't he be the demon monkey's opponent? There must be something wrong! "

The fairy gods of heavenly court rubbed their eyes one after another and exclaimed, expecting Lord Lao Zi to beat Sun Wukong, but the result at this moment is the opposite, not Sun Wukong, but Lord Lao Zi!

The hearts of all the people in the heavenly court became cold. Lord Lao Zi, the supreme saint, was not the monkey's opponent. how many people in the heavens and the earth would be the demon monkey's opponent? The fairy gods of the heavenly court cannot understand why Sun Wukong has become so powerful!

When Monk Tang saw the situation outside, he was shocked. Then he couldn't help laughing and was very happy.

"Good good, Wukong is my apprentice and he should be so strong!" Monk Tang watched Lord Lao Zi's beating Sun Wukong and cheered repeatedly, releasing the pent-up turbidity in his heart.

"Big Brother is too good!" Pigsy also cried all fat is excited disorderly fibrillation.

"Big Brother 666!" Sandy and Little White Dragon turned red with excitement and cheered for Sun Wukong crazily.

Of course, while Monk Tang and his disciples were excited, they could not help but worry when seeing Sun Wukong's image at this time and feeling more and more horrible. Sun Wukong at this moment is completely different from Sun Wukong they know well!

At the moment, Sun Wukong's appearance has undergone new changes. It is not like a monkey, and its breath has become more strange.

The evil spirit of the whole body disappeared and was replaced by another more horrible smell, like destroying everything.

There is also a pair of huge wings like a cloud hanging down from the sky, stretching out from behind Sun Wukong, with purple and gold.

The wings fluttered gently, the air collapsed and the stars fell, raising Sun Wukong's speed to an incredible level ...