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 "As you command‚ master!" said Dracula in his pleasant yet low(barely hearable) voice‚ while looking at the devasted land.

The land in front of their house was cracked due to the crumbling of multiple unstable house on to the road cracking them.

"Will master be alright? fighting so many of these zombies all by himself...wont he get tired or worse be bitten by a zombie. The last time I watched WWZ-3‚ the zombies have virus which is transmittable through bites" Chandni kept on conveying her worries to him.

"Don't worry‚ master order is always first. If he require us‚ then he will naturally command us to interfere and help" he explained while patting her head...

«Art of dragon dance - Dragon Leap into the battlefield!»

He shouted and jumped into the wave of zombie and rotated his body moving the glaive in a circle.

The glaive split the bodies of the zombies into two.

A zombie behind him‚ extended its head‚ opened its mouth wide and made a leap towards Feng Mei‚ who just stabbed his glaive into the head of a zombie in front. He kicked the zombie and harshly pulled back his weapon.

The back side of the weapon‚ basically the pole impaled the open mouth of the leaping-zombies and lifted its body above the ground.

"Wow‚ are my battle senses returning back to me‚" he though in his mind‚ while looking at the impaled leaping-zombie.

«Art of dragon dance - Dragon tail smash!»

Shouted Feng Mei as he swiped his glaive and send the impaled zombie flying‚ while simultaneously cutting off the head of 4 others and smashing the glaive on the ground causing some zombies to fall over due to the trembling of the land.

"Eh....?"He though in his mind as he felt a rush of evil thoughts‚ while fighting the waves of zombies.

"This is so fun‚ I can smell it! The sweet smell of blood. The memories of a red coloured world! It's returning back to me! The law of Slaughter..." Feng Mei sclera started turning red‚ as he lightly waved his tongue over his red lips.

An art which he have long forgotten started revolving within body!

It was an evil art‚ which he overlooked cause he never intended to ever use it again. The art was extremely evil because of its requirements but equally mysterious.

But in this world filled with undead and a lot of blood‚ this art will become his trump card.

The dirty blood of the zombie‚ those who have been killed by him and those still alive‚ turned into pale mist and started floating towards his body.

As if a hungry ghost who died due to starvation finally obtaining another chance to eat, his body started devouring the pink most made out of zombie blood.

Feng Mei as if possessed by something kept on laughing while cutting off the head of the zombie and rotating his Art of «Blood Vessel tempering Heaven and Earth».

His personality changing from a stupid and lazy fatty to a craze killer.

"Is master alright? why is he laughing while killing zombies" she asked slightly confused.

"He always used to hysterically laugh while killing zombies" He replied‚ while remembering those time when his master used to play "Apocalypse".

Killing zombies and the evil art helped increase the required mental and physical pressure needed to increase the blood vessels vibrations.

His body fat started decreasing at a visible rate‚ converting into physical strength.

After some minutes of fighting‚ only ten zombies were left alive!

"Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!" all of them shouted in their ear-shattering voice‚ as if summoning something.

But they in term released the wrath of the slightly crazed Feng Mei‚ who split all of their head by waving his spear omitting a bloody glint!

"GAAAH!" accamponied by a huge roar‚ A massive humanoid shape monster with a height around 2.5‚ and clump of flesh attached around it's body came trotting towards Feng Mei.

"Master‚ I think this zombie is slightly too huge‚ both in width and height‚ do you need our help to fight against it?" Said dracula‚ sitting in front of the massive stone while eating Popcorn made out of oil with chandni.

"No need‚ just enjoy the show. Hah!" Feng Mei shouted‚ his voice easily reaching his two servants as he evaded the Flesh-zombie by rolling to the side and made a cut at it's fat legs.

His breath were heavy and ragged‚ but he didn't stop nor asked for help because his body showed a breakthrough signal.

The body showed sign of impurities exertions and he knew that he needed to bide for more time.

A last push was needed for him to exert these impurities out of his body through the pores!

Two fatty fought a bout against each other.

One fatty slow and grunting while the other fatty‚ running in a circle and making bone-deep cuts using his glaive.

"This is probably it. The final moment of this battle might be the last push I need" he though in his head while looking at the fat zombie who was trotting towards him‚ with his red and white coloured eyes!

He swung his glaive downwards‚ while simultaneously evading to the side and cut off the right leg of the Flesh-zombie.

He mercilessly looked at the tumbled down zombie who was still dragging its undead body towards him‚ wishing for a single bite of his flesh...

He though for a while and decided for a good ending‚ an ending that would be satisfying!

He shouted «Art of Dragon Dance-Carp leaping dragon gate» Squatted his body downwards and made a jump towards the skies‚ sadly his body didn't even move up by even a 100cm.

But it still made up for a good scene‚ a scene he wanted to show his two A.I. servant and earn their admiration.

«Art of dragon dance-Dragon descends from the ninth heaven" He shouted for the audience and descended towards the mutated zombie and split its head off.

Sadly he didn't manage to obtain the final push he needed to make a breakthrough‚ turning down his mood.

Feng Mei roughly stomped on the head of the Flesh-zombie to release his anger. His leg hit something smooth that caused him to fall over. As if this was the final push needed to a make breakthrough...

Pssh! His body started excretion of impurities‚

Feng Mei laughed joyfully‚ not only because his body have once again released impurities but also because of the smooth stuff.

He plunged his hand into the zombie head and pulled out the smooth stuff. It was a crystal‚ internally shining with a dusty luster.

"This‚ isn't this....."