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 Feng Mei intently felt the crystal in his hand!

"This‚ isn't this..." he thought in his head as he moved towards his two servants.

The crystal still held within his hand!

"Master! your eyes they have turned red and there is a red aura surrounding your body" Reminded Chandni who moved towards him.

"Oh this is just the cinematic effect of my blood absorption art" he replied‚ totally chilling.

"Master your voice is also hoarse and jeering to the ears!" Exclaimed Chandni‚ though her mechanical head had no ears!

"OH! It's nothing to worry about! This is merely the side effect of this art‚ it magnifies my voice so that all will know that they are inferior to me.

I remember that this art literally made every third side-character mentally retarded‚ who would come to kill me‚ just to get face-slapped" he replied totally unaware that his ears were bleeding

They reached Dracula who was sitting in front of the house.

"Master‚ you are bleeding from your nose‚ eyes and ear" Dracula stated the obvious!

It was obvious for him because that's what he saw!

"Oh! Am I Now?" he replied while spewing blood out of his mouth and falling unconscious!

"Master ~ Master!" shouted both of his servants at the same time...

They took him inside the house‚ Chandni was gonna lay him on the bed‚ but Dracula didn't let her.

Chandni didn't have senses related to smell‚ nor a nose‚ but he surely did!

His master not only shit in his pajamas‚ but also exerted impurities both excluding a horrid and repulsive smell!

He stripped Feng Mei off all his clothes and threw him inside another room bathtub.

He also burned those clothes‚ instantly tidying up the mess!

Then he proceeded to clean his master body with Chandni and threw him on top of the bed.

He also cleaned the crystal filled with zombie blood and mucus‚ that his master was clenching tightly in his hand and put it near his mattress.

And so this is how another day living in an apocalyptic world ended


Year 2025 - Month May - Day 20

A day passed by when Feng Mei regained his consciousness.

He sat up on the bed while a needle was inserted in the vein of his hand.

The needle was connected to a IV-69 time that provided his body with necessary vitamins and proteins!

The door to his room opened as Chandni entered.

"Master‚ Mr.dracula have prepared a lavish meal for you" She announced

"Chandni‚ how long has it been since I lost consciousness?" He asked while yawning

"About a day master!"

"Okay‚ tell him that I am coming!" He answered back as he stood from his bed.

He removed the needle and picked the crystal he took out of the Flesh-zombie head.

Yes‚ he decided to name the fat zombie as flesh zombie. Then went to the dinner table.

"Ah! master you are finally awake" Replied Dracula as he saw his master.

Dracula was preparing delicious food for his weakened master!

"Yes, I am awake though I never slept‚ simply lost my consciousness" Feng Mei gagged and started gulping down the various food on the table.

"It's really cold today ain't it? My butt is cold!"

"Master‚ It's actually not cold at all! you are just naked from head to toe" Dracula said as chandni put more food down on the type

"That I surely am Gulp Gulp" He drank and ate at the same time...

"Well silly topic aside‚ lets take about the serious business!" He said

"Yesterday when I killed the zombies I discovered something!"

"What did master discovered?" His words‚ the curiosity of his two T-humane program injected A.I robots.

"During yesterday fight‚ I discovered that there were three types of zombies... each with different habits!

No.1 is the undead roaming the land that walks sluggishly... I named them «Most normal dude zombie» and they are obsessed with producing hissing sound.

Not only that But when back into a corner they produce a ear-shattering 'Hiss' to summon their daddy‚ who is also the fatty I fought at the end.

The fatty is huge but not deadly as he is also slow but more faster than «most normal dude zombies» so I named the fat zombie as «Flesh zombie»" Feng Mei informed his discoveries to his two servants.

"Master‚ didn't you say three types of zombie? what's the third type?" asked Dracula while chandni curiously listened to her master words.

"Yes But I am not really sure about the third type‚ while I was fighting a zombie suddenly leaped at me‚ he was the only zombie that jumped!"

"Oh.." The two servants Applauded their master intelligence!

Feng Mei impressed by their reaction continued explaining

"Since it jumped I decided to name it »Leaping zombie» they are similar to «most normal dude zombie but the twist is they can make a jump towards their meal. Their meal‚ that is us humans!

Lastly the most important information‚ the «flesh-zombie» drop this crystal" Feng Mei said while showing the dusty crystal to his servants.

"Master‚ what is this crystal? This crustal that made you grip it so tightly that even after Master fell unconscious‚ it took me effort to get it out from your hands!" Inquired Dracula...

"A nice question you asked! Do you guys remember the place I told you about?"

Chandni and Dracula nodded their head.

"Yes‚ in that place exists stone called elemental stone! This crystal here is similar to that except the fact that it is filled with life energy and the energy from the sun"

"What Information can you drive about this crystal‚ Dracula"

Feng Mei passed the crystal over to him.

Dracula eyes turned dark and deep‚ deeper and darker than the abyss as he started scanning the crystal.

"Master‚ according to medical Science clause 9-VI and my scan‚ this crystal is partially the reason why zombie are roaming this land! This crystal is the condensation of the life energy that was present in a human body before death mixed with the Hot rays of sun!

So I believe if absorbed by a human it will definitely strengthen them. Strengthen them to the point of being inhumane"