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 This kid infuriates me you might be the one who accidently saved me, but I do not stand for this kind of attitude young man!

What the fuck do you mean "assassination attempt" I know you must have been through a lot but which retard would make that reaction when they see a floating message I can't even.

You might be wondering it's all right he's just being vigilant but no they have status boards in this world so if he sees this why would he get scared!?

Ok it's somewhat understandable I might have done a bit early well you can't blame me I was excited it was my first time talking to someone other than the asshole SSF.

Let me try to talk to him again but this time let me explain should I talk causally hmm no lets talk like a system it'll be amusing when I start talking casually fufufu anyways.

"Host Is advised to calm down, the System Is of no threat to the Host"

Another mighty roar sounded through the soul void, threatening to rupture my non-existent ear drums.

Wait, the message is flickering... WAIT! I haven't even read the contents, it might help me in tracking down this presumed assassin it says "Host Is advised to calm down, the System Is of no threat to the Host".


Wow, this kid is obnoxious as fuck, it might be surprising but can you not make it so obvious? You might as well say "M-Masaka!" and what do you mean by "Jade Ocean Eyes Of The Venerated Sword Emperor" are you a Chūnibyō kid? Or maybe he's telling the truth, and I got a special one, Meh I don't care as long as I can exploit myself I can make the weakest person in the world a divine being in a matter of days, anyways I should probably explain to this kid even telling him that I was once a human would be alright cause im a system but nah its cool having a secret like this.

(A/N: Yes, thank me specific type of reader for not letting mc reveal his secrets)

I should probably explain to this kid that Im not harmful and I should probally give him the context behind system and other world and dimension.

(10 minutes later of explaining.)

"Let me get this straight "Golden Ring" your saying that there are a myriad amount of untold worlds all governed and created by a certain God and that every world is ranked according to the Divinity it is governed by and the level of the civilization living on it?'

"Im sorry! and your living inside of my soul! What has the world become." Please, just give me a few minutes to think, please, mister."

Wow, this kid is pretty mature for someone so young.

(A/N: Yes, I forgot that I made Arthur a 8-year-old. (*´・∀・) Im not changing it now)

Wow, what the hell, how is this even possible someone calling himself a golden ring just appeared in my soul, nonetheless what to do, what to do, do I just accept this like its' nothing... Wait! I haven't even figured its motives!

Wow this kid is a a convenient one he's quite clever, but he's somewhat of an AirHead he only realizes things way later after they had happened hmm he's good enough he will be my candidate not like I can choose anything else. I kind of feel wrong peeping like this on him, he can't hide anything from not even his internal thoughts.

This might be good though sometime people can be stubborn not revealing important thing even to those who want to help and can help.

Maybe I should tell him... nah Im fine with this everyone need privacy and an invasion of privacy on this level would really hurt our relationship and I need this kid to cooperate let me just tell him that Im here to help grow and not to detriment him.

Another thundering roar sounded "Host is to be reassured the the System will help the host in growing powerful enough to ascend into GodHood"

"This system is unlike the worldly system that is sometime given to all life forms in a world like your but this system is only able to distribute your attribute points, which are gained after training either your soul (magic) or body, and manage your overall strength keeping track of the growth of your body and soul."

"But a Golden Ring level system such as me can sell and provide you with items, skills, and can even help you level up eventually helping you become a Deity!."

WHAT?!, WHAT KIND OF GOD-LIKE EXISTENCE CAN HELP ME LEVEL UP AND EVEN BECOME A DEITY?!... If what this "Golden Ring" is saying is true then this is truly a blessing of the gods!

"Golden Ring, or what should I call you? For now, we are partners!"

Hehe good, good all according to plan... wow di I sound creepy but this is good I finally have this kids concent to use hi.. Cough* Cough* I can finally help him achieve his dreams.

So system how do I level up?

Uhhhh I don't these people have theyre own systems but a bit weaker than me?How the hell am I supposed to uhh lemme just say something random thast sounds right.

"You level up by killing monsters and when the monster dies, the system will automatically extract their dying Life Force and making it your own but only a subtle amount will be taken out the stronger the monster more Life Force will be extracted."

Y-Yeah, he'll believe that right?


Oh no, he found me out he so silent!

S-So cool! Our kingdoms best mages have never been able to delve deep into the matter but I a unknown noble is revealed such secrets! even Grandpa merlin the strongest ArcSage would beg for this information, with this information many leaping advancements in magic would be made revolutionizing the field.

Oh shit I just told him some random ass things and he believed it he even has the comical sparkly eyes for goodness' sake! Wait I can salvage this.

"Host is advised to keep the systems secrets private and not to spread this information"

Hmm I-I see it pains my heart, but this system is much more important than this information, he thought to himself.

Thank god, Ok now that all things are cleared up lets start... THE GRIND.