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What now do I wait for the kid to wake up? Wait, how long has it been? It definitely been quite a few hours, hey SSF how long till the kid wakes up?

[SSF Response: 7 more hours]

Wait... how long have I been here for since I entered this kids' soul?

[SSF Response: 10 hours]

... WHAT THE FUCK?!... wait, wait lets just sort things out no need to go out in a frenzy hey SSF what the hell is with the time.

[SSF Response: As a system it is mandatory that a system is able to make split-second decisions when the host is too weak or unable to do so, and thus the systems thought speed and acceleration is increased by 5 time for your current level.]

oh!... oh, okay... thats good? wait can I edit this function by reducing my thought speed?

[SSF Response: Yes, just will it to and it will happen.]

Niceee, but I still have to wait 7 more hours, hey SSF can I also reduce my perception over time?

(A/N: Yes thats a JoJo's reference don't hate)

[SSF Response: Yes.]

Ooooh I wonder how many more hidden functions there are in me and let me just will it how low can I take this baby hehe.

[SSF Alert: Notifying System 7 hours have already past host should be awaking in a few minutes.]

OH SHIT, that was fast. Wait, I haven't practiced my lines yet noooo don't do this to me. What do I say, do I just say "hi" wait no that's too humanly im a system now do I say wait i got it! I'll say "System initializing Heaven Devouring System activated" hehe, wait, the fuck! Im not a 8th grader to say that.

Get your head in the game, Huh? what I just got a weird pulse in my "body"? I just felt as though a blazing inferno was blasting through my "veins" i-it felt... good.

Wait what the hell, another pulse but this time as though a wintry gale blew through my bones making them feel cool but then the gale and that inferno made contact it was a though I was a grand Buddha finally achieving enlightenment after 10 reincarnations.

I felt incredible as though I had finally completed my soul as if Heaven had met Earth and met its partner finally becoming one as Heaven and Earth unstoppable throughout the myriad worlds.

Just then it clicked it was the kid he must have woken up our souls must have finally become one of the same... BUWHAHAAHHAHA, LOOK AT ME NOW BITCHES I'LL MAKE THIS WORLD MY BITCH!

After a few minutes of narcissistic rambling about how he would rule the heavens and ascend to immortality, our system finally got a hold of himself, finally reliving himself of his Chūnibyō state.

Ok that might've been a bit too much but now how do I work myself now? Do I just try talking out loud hmm maybe that would work.

Ok uhh I'll do what the system does "Ding"

And just then as if a tiger a loud roar was sounded that made the soul void tremble and just then the small blonde-haired boy who just woke up widely opened his eyes as if there was a ghost in front of him.

(On Arthurs Point View)

Hi im Arthur Verdant Pendragon, the son of the skilled knight commander Uther Pendragon. Spoke a child talking to himself in front of the mirror.

(A/N: Like Jojo in Jojo rabbit movie. And yes, I watched it with my younger siblings ;-; )

Today im going with father to the palace my father a knight commander is the subordinate to Lord Lancelot the greatest of the Great Imperial Knight of the Round Table.

Today something peculiar happened I saw something maybe something I shouldn't have it must have been a soul or spirit because I was born with the natural-born blessing "Jade Ocean Eyes Of The Holy Emperor" being able to see all spiritual things including emotions that's what grandpa merlin says.

The thing I saw was a white and black mist it kind of reminded me of the Dark and Light symbol (Yin-Yang symbol for you ahem* ahem* special readers Jk) used by the demons of the eastern continent but the thing that kind of surprised me the most is that this being it was giving off and aura or maybe an emotion? Nonetheless, this aura was powerful it wasn't overbearing but it seemed to shroud the world in darkness as if a god was sitting on his divine throne not interfering in worldly matter but just informing that he still existed sat supreme.

I shuddered, but I brought the courage out of myself and I tried speaking, but it stayed perfectly still without moving an inch, but then it out right just disappeared!

After my father finished the briefing with his squad, we took a carriage to our territory, our territory is a small area only spanning 9,984,670km2 (about the size of Canada) our family is the pendragon family considered the weakest nobility family in the Empire of Zaeterra the strongest empire in the world.

We entered the mansion, and I instantly headed for my bed feeling tired but one hour into my nap I felt something surging through me it was as though Ice and Fire had collided in my body it felt good.

I dismissed it as a delusion and continued my slumber.

A few hours later.

After feeling satisfied with my nap I opened my eyelid but then suddenly I saw something it was a transparent material floating in the air with a message in front of my eyes it read "Ding!" I instantly turned vigilant and jumped, twisting my body through the air to avoid any incoming arrows that might come from the window, out of my bed thinking this must be an assassination attempt but why my eyes instantly turned cold I was trained harshly ever since I was young even a normal trained foot-man couldn't hold a candle to me.

On our systems side