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 I've been thinking about it for a while, but what are all these ranks and levels and what the hell is "Soul Level" and "Soul Purity", I know that they're ranks to gauge power but I still don't understand them thoroughly.

Well, it's not that I don't understand them, I do have a rough guess on what their functions are, its just that I don't know what's the extent of the rank and the reference of power scaling.

...Meh might as well play a little game by myself, its more of a test, but who cares? I'll give a rough guess on what each of the stats mean, including the ones that I don't have like the ones the kid has or im guessing every living being has.

(A/N: Yes dear reader I am stalling cuz if this was a straightforward info dump it would finish in 50 words and I have to have 1,000 word hehe. deal with it, jk there wont be other info dumps for along time so pls bear with me)

Tch being a "thing" with nobody is really annoying, so lets begin, first lets guess my stats, lets start off with "Soul Level" so im guessing the higher your soul level the higher your level of existence.

And the more power your soul can exert, as far as I can see so far I haven't seen one magic type stat other than soul level and logically thinking you could deduce that the opposite of the soul is body and body exists without any other stat.

Now thinking more Chinese fantasy you could imagine these two stats would represent their counter parts Yin and Yang, the first stands for mind, spirituality, females, and all negative attributes such as darkness and ice.

While Yang would illustrate the character as body, male and creativity and associated with all the positive elements such as heaven, heat, and light.

And thus inferring that Yin AKA the soul would represent your magic. And thus summarizing that "Soul Level" is the level and strength of your magic, and that's pretty much all I could interpret.

While "Soul Purity" could mean a number of things such as the purity of ones' magic such example is a fire that is small but much purer than a flame that is bigger but has a lower purity the first flame would burn brighter and longer while the latter is the opposite.

I might be wrong about the latter, but I'm certain about the first, hmmm... lets check, hey! SSF are you still there?


Ahhh shit I hoped you had died, ya blunt bastard.

[SSF Response: SSF praises the system for figuring that out in a rapid and successive manner, I will now begin the thorough explanation on the matter at hand.

First it is 100% true about what the system conceived on the first matter but that's only the basic layout of soul power, its a complex subject so complex in fact that even a high-level Immortal wouldn't be able to comprehend the Dao Of The Soul but that's why systems exist to guide people be it any circumstances.

The thing that singles out systems as the greatest tools of the gods is that the systems contain all the wisdom in all of known existence able to guide anyone in any of the myriad paths. It is sealed of course but the more you level up the more information you will be able to handle.

But everything you guessed about "Soul Purity" is completely false, the soul is recognized as many things just as you have seen before when you looked down in the hosts soul you saw a small water puddle the size of a basin, that water as you saw is very murky thus proving the water (the soul) is not pure. Having a pure soul means having a greater affinity over the elements and a greater control over all types of spells in general

But the aspect of soul purity that makes it equally important as soul level is that you can keep growing while not worrying about the maximum volume that your soul can grow when you're a certain age (every year you age, the larger the volume of your soul void gets) by only increasing the density and quality thus making the illusion that ones' soul level is increasing even though its' not, this also is one of the few ways to one up someone of a greater age.]

...That's the longest I've ever heard you talk and it's weirding me out... after thinking for a bit our hero who was just saying this is the great Aboriginal had told him to stall as long as possible cause he needed to fit in 1,000 into this chapter and that wasn't going to happen just by long ass descriptive paragraph about the 4 stats and thus he made this god awful paragraph.

What the hell was that?... whatever, but now onto the next stats "Body Level" and "Blood Purity" this should seem simple enough as it doesn't seem as profound as the soul.

Lets begin with the first one "Body Level" it should all physical attributes thus including strength, speed, dexterity, etc. this most likely includes the comprehension of martial arts and the proficiency of them, there's probably more to this but I don't know. I'm guessing that "Blood Purity" refers to physiques and bloodlines?


Ugh, stop it with the dings already you're just making me feel even worse about myself, I still can't believe I got reincarnated as a system and not as someone with one.

[SSF Response: SSF commends the system's exemplary work as both answers are virtually correct but both matters can be expanded upon, but that goes beyond the capability of the system's current level]

Well that was nice... what the hell do I do now? Just sit here and wait? Aren't I in the kids soul... OH! wait wasn't there was an option to see a 3rd person view of the host? Lets just will it and...

... I actually abhor my stupidity... the kid was sleeping the whole goddamn time as he looked at a cute looking blonde kid with fair white skin. The kid opened his eyes a bit showing a pair of lifeless grey-blue eyes that felt like an endless ocean as if a profound Immortal devil, this kid was drained of something it looked... Sinister