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 The gathering soon ended with Captain of the guards Ruk once again apologizing for his son's behaviour. He blamed it on the youthful impulses to stand out and that he inherited his genes...

Harrison could only gracefully accept it and nodded at Sheina, who translated and then Ruk.

As the guests left Sheina excused herself to Harrison for being tired. It was understandable considering the ordeal she went through and the long walk home. Shalmoon smiled at Harrison, and then said some things to Sheina before leaving. Harrison was not really tired from the day's ordeals since for him the day only began when he woke up from crossing over.

"Father told me you can use any facilities on the first floor as you please. He saw you looking at the books with passion. Even I was a little jealous of the look you gave them. Just return them when you are done. On the second floor, keep to your room and of course the bathroom. Hmm, what else. Ahhh. The toilet is at the end of the hallway. There are also toilets on the first floor. Good night." Sheina quickly explained and left him at the library's entrance.

"Good night Sheina, sweet dreams." he yelled after her as she already started walking on the stairs. She looked back and smiled.

Harrison could not believe how his luck had turned for the better just by saving this gorgeous girl.

Suddenly she ran back down the stairs towards him. Harrison thought she wants to kiss him good night but then she stretched her hand and gave him the other sphere.

"Keep this if you need to communicate with the servants," she said before going back up the stairs.

"Ahhh. Ok. Thank you!" Harrison said with a tinge of disappointment in his voice.

'What the hell am I thinking?' He berated himself as he turned around trying to hide his shameful thoughts.

He went back inside the library and looked at the book spines, which had nothing written on them, so he had to pull them from the bookshelf and look at the covers.

As he was currently alone, he just stuck first four books he touched in his inventory without trying to figure out what they were about.

He took another one in his hands and sat on the sofa. He pretended to read it while he was looking at the other four in his inventory.

As he was pretending to read Sheina was nervously looking at the door in her nightgown. She had mixed emotions of fear and anticipation which after a while turned into disappointment.

She finally let go of the notion that Harrison will visit her tonight and got in her bed sighing. If Harrison knew what was going through her head, he would definitively brand her a pedo.

Actually Shaina didn't want to have intercourse, but she felt insecure while alone in her room and wanted some company and if she had to pay for it with a kiss or two she was more than willing if it was Harrison who would be the recipient.

After all, although she was well physically developed, her mental age was far from Harrison's.

As Harrison inspected the books all of them showed up as not useful to him at the moment.

--------------------------------- Item name:Book - Book with a lot of textQuality:LowSpecial effects:UnknownDescription:Low quality book with a lot of text.--------------------------------- He opened one and read manually and there was some translated text displayed but he could not make any sense from it. The translated words were just random bits and pieces.

'I guess the children's books didn't have enough information for the system to learn enough from them to display serious books.'

He clicked on analyze anyway. There was nothing from the first book. The second one was the same.

With the third one he got lucky and the learn button showed up.

He checked the title since the system now updated it.

--------------------------------- Item name:Book - Book about geographyQuality:LowSpecial effects:Unknown Description:Low quality book about geography.---------------------------------

He pressed on the learn button and after a while he got the message he was waiting for.

Geography skill unlocked.Geography skill LVL. 1 acquired.Bonus Wisdom +1

There was nothing else as some for now useless knowledge appeared in his head. The fourth book was also a dud.

He put all books where he found them and then moved from that cursed section of the library to another one. He opened a few books and looked for the ones with illustrations.

He finally found one that looked like a bestiary. He took it into his inventory and clicked on analyze as he browsed for more in the same section. There was a book with a green spine with detailed drawings of plants and a blue book with drawings of human organs that looked like a medical atlas. He took another three just in case he could get anything out from that section and analyzed all of them.

He learned the bestiary first as soon as it became available.

Zoology skill unlocked.Zoology skill LVL. 1 acquired.Bonus Wisdom +1

Zoology skill LVL. 2 acquired.

Zoology skill LVL. 3 acquired.

Zoology skill LVL. 4 acquired.

Blue boxes continuously displayed in front of him until a red box showed up.

Not enough energy.

Looking at the red box, which soon faded away, Harrison looked like it stunned him.

'System what do you mean not enough energy?'

There was no answer.

'System where do I get energy?'

There was no answer.

'Stupid system answer me.' Harrison was getting frustrated by the unresponsiveness.

'System show me my energy status!' Harrison finally remembered it responded only to orders and not to questions.

A blue box appeared.

Energy..... [2/101]

Harrison was in thought as he looked at the numbers.

'So my total capacity is 101 units of energy and I have 2 units left. How much do I need? Ahhh, damn, it's useless to ask you. You retarded piece of shit.'

He put his hands under his chin and thought for a while.

'System show me a box every time you gain or spend with quantities marked by plus and minus.' Harrison finally tried to do at least something.

He picked up another book and tried to analyze it.

A blue box appeared.

[Energy -1]

"Well, at least it's better than nothing." he mumbled before putting the books back into their placings. He left the library soon after and went to his room as he was walking another blue box showed up.

[Energy +1]

He stopped and looked at it.

'How did I gain energy now? Does it accumulate after a while? Well, at least now I will find out, eventually.'

He closed the door of his room and got into his pajamas, which were laid on the bed. Since he didn't brush his teeth in this world, he felt he forgot to do something every time he went to sleep. He was again checking the teeth with his tongue.

Just as he decided on sleep he got the urge to pee so he had to go out from his warm bed in his pajamas and went out of his room again.

At the end of the corridor was the bathroom Shaina told him so he went there.

As he opened the door to it he was greeted by another one a bit further in. He opened the next one as he closed the first one. After the second one was the third door.

'What kind of stupid setup is this?' Harrison thought.

As he opened the third door an overwhelming stench assaulted his nose. He quickly closed it and went back to the corridor.

'I take my words back. That is not a stupid setup. Mother of god does that toilet stink. I guess this world never heard of indoor plumbing and sewers.' Harrison thought as he took deep breaths. Then he rushed back inside the gas room while holding his breath and quickly emptied his bladder and ran out again.

'I don't care how it looks I am shitting in the woods.' He thought as he came out.

Walking back to his room, his thoughts were all over the place. He was thinking how to handle his energy crisis and toilet crisis. Both were equally important to him. No one wants to do his business in a smelly toilet.

Laying in his bed, he waited for a while to see the +1 energy box appear, but it didn't come back even after a long wait. He finally dozed off from boredom when it was almost morning in the mansion.

As he woke up hearing the ventilator whirring and seeing darkness surrounding him he sighed. There was a blue box floating with energy +25 which greeted him also which lifted his mood somewhat.

'Hello land of the dead. Goodbye land of the dead.'

He quickly drugged himself again and floated off into the oblivion soon after.