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 'Ugh, I am back again', he thought as the familiar smell asaulted him. Laying in bed with a ventilator attached and hearing the by now all too familiar noises of moaning and beeping with the occasional footsteps in the distance he tried to find something to do.

'This is the worst kind of punishment!!! Aaaaargh, give me drugs', he yelled but for everyone around him there were still earily quiet.

'I am going to go mad here if I don't find anything else to do but multiply numbers!!!', he thought.

'Let's look at the book of porn.', he told himslef and opened it in the inventory.

As novel and excited he was when he first saw it now it was just an ugly goat man getting on with badly drawn females of different species. At least he thought they were different species than human from the way their bodies looked.

There was one with a tail that ended in a spike and she had cat ears but a humanoid face. It looked familiar but he could not remember where to place such females. There was a "woman" with snakes growing out of her head and was crawling on the floor the goatman seemed to jump from behind pulling her head back by the snakes. Most normal things in it were some humanoid with slender bodies and sharp pointy ears.

'Well the only things missing from this book that goat man has not jumped are goats.', he mused.

Getting tired of the book he started to concentrate on his body and breathing rhythm. Trying to slow it down was an uphill battle since the ventilator did not respect his wishes and neither did his muscles. He kept trying though for hours since being stuborn was in his nature. He pushed his will towards his diaphragm trying to sense it and keep it from expanding and taking in the oxygen.

As he kept pushing he noticed a sudden flow of energy from his head down to his belly button it was miniscule like a cold wet dropled sliding down your skin only on the inside. As it got there he got another pop-up message.

Meditation skill unlocked.Meditation skill LVL. 1 acquired.Bonus Energy +1

'That is not what I wanted.', he grumbled.

'F*** this s**t I am out of here!!!', he said in his mind and started imagining it doing the thinkable with the scantily dressed ladies in the porn book replacing the goat man with his own persona.

The beeps were getting more frequent as the footsteps were getting closer and a whooshing sound was heard.

"It's been quite a while Mr. Roberts have you missed me?", said nurse Finkle as she prepared the medicine.

Harrison did not know it but he had been trying to obstruct his breathing for more than 15 hours.

'Thank you nurse Finkle. I did miss y...', he said in his mind just before he felt weightless and fell into the oblivion.

"Woooo hooo! I am back!!!"

Harrison jumped from his bed and ran out of the cave as if his bed was on fire. With almost no external stimuli except sound the world he was in before was torture for him.

Maybe for someone borne blind it's not as much torture to not be able to see, than for those who had sight and went blind later. Can you miss things you only know from hearsay the same way as something you experienced yourself?

"Today I am going a bit further into the forest!", he declared as he came to the waterfall.

Equipping his armour he went to the righ side of the forest from the waterfall and slowly walked for arund 200 meters. when he was sure there was no danger he rushed back at full speed swinging his arm and materializing his battle axe from his inventory like a berserk maniac.

The swings looked bizzare until the axe came to be in front of 5-10 cm thick trees that were cut trough with one blow and Harison grabbed the axe again and returned it into his inventory. Repeating the same action again and again there was a constant rustling of 4-6 meter trees falling down behind him and an occasional pop-up that he ignored. He just willed them to the side and the system willingly obeyed.

Gasping for air he finally stopped and checked them out.

Lumberjack skill LVL. 4 acquired.

Running skill unlocked.Running skill LVL. 1 acquired.Bonus Agility +1

Running skill LVL. 2 acquired.

Running skill LVL. 3 acquired.

Lumberjack skill LVL. 5 acquired.

Bonus Strength +1

Running skill LVL. 4 acquired.

Running skill LVL. 5 acquired.Bonus Agility +1

Lumberjack skill LVL. 6 acquired.

He looked around himself and all the young trees all around him were now lying on the forest floor. Feeling guilty at his insane behavior he remembered a quote.

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

'Ahh. whatever there are plenty of woods here.', he downplayed his reckless behavior.

Sitting down he could feel the breeze evaporating his sweat and the smell his body was giving off was rather unpleasant.

'Must be from all those shitty potions. Those were the shittiest potions I ever had and ever will literally. If I never ever drink that shitty potion I will die a happy man.', he defended his body's scent in his mind.

On the way to the pond he put all his clothes in the inventory then went into the water scrubbed himself with the nasty soap and rinsed himself under the waterfall.

Since the water was thumping on his head he did not hear an intruder approaching. Luckily he dove down to get soap gently from his eyes or he would have been found.

As he dove back up he saw the intruder walking his horse looking creature towards the pond. He quickly dove back under and moved behind the waterfall just sticking his head above the water.

The horse drank some water as Harrison was peeping behind the waterfall which was obstructing his vision except on rare occasions the stream would cease for a fraction of a second.

The unknown person wore a long coat with a high collar that covered most of his face, with pants underneath and a big triangular hat. He was holding the reins of his horse as he brought it towards the pond.

'Should I let myself be known or not. Hmmm. It's too risky, I need to get stronger first and it should not be near my home.', he mumbled to himself and quickly reached a conclusion.

'Also I am naked and if I put my clothes on from my inventory it will be weird and if I don't it will be even weirder.', he added some more reasons to his previous conclusion.

After the horse drank his fill the intruder took off his hat and also strated to drink water. As the hat went off his head bloomed with red hair which fell to his shoulders. Raising his head the intruder exposed to Harrison what he could only say was a beautiful female face.

'Maybe I should let myself be known? Ehhh forget it. who says this woman can not kill me and it will be even weirder if I jump naked in front of a woman.', he came back to the same conclussion.

'I hope I didn't pee too much into the pond just now. Well it is a big pond I am sure it got plentilly dilluted before she drank it. ', were his next thoughts.

The woman stuck her hair back behind her hat and took her horse back the way she came from. She mounted it a small distance away from the pond and slowly rode off.

'She must have been attracted by the sound of the waterfall!', Harrison concluded.

'Hmmm I guess she worried for her horse on this muddy terain that is why she dismounted it first.'

'Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am cold.'

He quickly got out from the water and dried himslef off and climbed back into his cave. There were still some embers glowing surprisingly for him. He quickly made the fire grow and warmed himself back up. Taking out the roasted ratbit he which was still warm he quickly snapped of his back leg and stuck it back into the inventory.

"Hmmm I guess what is warm on the outside stays warm on forever in the inventory.", he said to himself his deduction as if waiting for someone to confirm it.

"I will follow her tracks tomorrow to see where they lead to!", he told himslef before going to rest a bit.

He didn't doze off immediately. Soon weird puffing noises and load exhales and inhales started filling the cave as he started to immitate what happened in the hospital. No matter how he tried even after completely emtying his lungs and feeling like he was going to die not a thing happened.

He could only doze off in resignation and try in the hospital.