Sun was still rising and birds were flying for searching food and people were talking and laughing among themselves while Sahil was standing in the centre of the arena and looking at his opponent, who was looking like a bull with the high of 2.2 metres.

"Are you gonna concede boy, or you need my help?" Asked the man with a haughty attitude.

"You already looks like a bull, but you still trying to act like one," said Sahil without any change in his expression.

"Bastard, you dare to insult me, now you won't even have a chance to concede; I will make you beg," said the man with an angry expression and punch towards him.

Sahil also attacked head-on and there punches connected, after the collision Sahil was standing at the same but his opponent was lying on the ground without any sign of movement, while blood was flowing from his mouth.

"Victor, Sahil Alva" announced the referee and Sahil came back to his usual spot and waited for his next match.

"Do you have any idea, who could be the champion of this competition" someone not far away from Shahil asked his friend, which picked his attention.

"What are you talking about, there are only two candidates who are possibly going to be the champion of this tournament"

"Do you talking about Manoj Singh and Adhira Roy. Hmmm, I guess you are right, there is no one comparable to them"

"You know, I heard the rumour about Monoj Singh and Adhira Roy are going to engaged soon"

"I heard the same thing as well but I also heard that Adhira Roy isn't willing to engage with him and caused many problems and because of that her father has sent her somewhere for one year but now she is back. I don't know what's going to happen now"

Sahil who was not far away heard everything and understood that his situation isn't looking quite promising and now he knows why Adhira was so interested in him but he had one question, why him? she didn't know about his cultivation base, so why would she choose him, anyway he just has to ask adhira and he will get his answer but for now, his top priority is 2 million rupees.

After some time referee called out his name and he easily defeated his opponent, who was at the peak of the Soul Refinement Realm. until now he didn't encounter anyone at the Earth Realm, so he easily defeated them.

He defeated his every opponent and without realizing he entered the top 10, and when the referee called out the names of the all top 10 contestants, Adhira was also among them and beside her was someone of his similar age, who was trying to start a conversation but every time he failed miserably; after seeing this Sahil smiled and also took his place in a horizontal line. He knew that he is mired in a situation like this, so there is no point in running just face it and get over with it.

"You all are the genius among genius and there is no doubt about it, but if you want to become number 1, you have to defeat other nine people who are standing beside you. I think there is no need to remind the rules but I will still repeat, so you don't make any foolish mistake; If any participant admits defeat then you have to stop a fight at that instant and if you don't then you will be disqualified and your opponent will proceed to the next round, If any participants lose his consciousness then he will be considered defeated, going out of the arena during the match is considered admitting defeat." referee told everyone about the rules and then proceeded "You all will fight nine matches and at the end of the competition, it will be decided who is the winner and who is the second."

After explaining everything referee let participants draw the paper and then matches started in this match his opponent was at the early stage of the earth realm and he knew his opponent's realm because Lust has used her soul power to know that.

After coming to the arena his opponent didn't try to say any bullshit like all the participants usually do; instead, he attacked hi with his full force. Sahil knew that he can easily defeat his opponent but he didn't want to reveal his trump card, so he started to fight ferociously as well and behaving like he was having a time fighting with his opponent. Adhira who was standing not too far away from the arena, after seeing Sahil was having a hard time didn't show any sign of disappointment. instead, she curled her lips as if knowing what he was trying to do.

After fighting about half an hour of hard battle sahil was able to win his match came to his sitting place, where he saw Adhira was standing with a towel in her hand and seeing this he didn't say anything and just took the towel and wiped the sweat from his body and give back the towel to the Adhira. After taking a towel from Sahil. Adhira was astounded when she smells the scent coming from the towel.

After some time passed when Adhira was able to calm herself down "Your acting skills aren't bad" said Adhira which surprised Sahil because, he knew that she was talking about his previous match but still able to keep his calm.

"You aren't bad yourself either" replied Sahil while looking at her enchanting eyes, which can captivate who knows how many people.

Adhira also felt slightly embarrassed because it was true that she was trying to use him "Listen when I first saw you, I used one of my skill on you and was able to see that you have a huge potential and I did have thoughts of using you but when I more interacted with you I started to like your company, so I didn't tell you anything" Adhira fell silent for a second then continued "Will you forgive me?"

Sahil was surprised that a proud girl like her was willing to say sorry, so smiled and replied "What do you think" After saying it, he held her hand which surprised her as well as people around them who were looking at both of them with awe plastered on there faces.

While both of them talking and laughing, someone was staring at them with vicious look on his face.