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 Noor was still standing in her cabin, staring towards the gate with a confused expression; she thought Sahil didn't have good talent in cultivation but now he became so powerful that she wasn't able to tell his cultivation base.

In these few months, she was also feeling attracted towards her son but it was so wrong, that she didn't even want to think about that possibility, so she buried those feelings in her heart.

But whenever she sees Sahil, those feelings started to take over her, and but Sahil didn't know any of this.

He came back to his home and started to meditate. After an hour passed, when his mother came to his room. So he ended his cultivation and said: "I am sorry mom; I caused a problem for you."

Noor shrugged and said "It doesn't matter, I was doing this job because we need money; now your mother has grown old and you have also grown into a powerful cultivator, and you can earn money by yourself"

Sahil walked towards her mother and held her hand and said: "Who is blind enough to say that my mother is old, I will break their balls one by one."

Noor giggled before saying "You looked so handsome when you said 'i will break their balls one by one' hehe" and kept looking at Sahil's face with gentle expression.

But our bro is rather stupid, he wasn't able to understand the emotions of those words, he thought this is normal between mother and son, so he replied "of course; I'm your son, why wouldn't I be handsome" said Sahil with a proud smile.

But suddenly Noor said something, which stirred his heart "Do you think I'm a good mother"

Sahil fell silent for a while and said with a gentle smile "I think you are world's best mom"

Noor lowered her face and fell silent for a second and then she looked straight into the eyes of Sahil, but suddenly she leaned and stole a kiss from her son's lips and said: "Do you still think the same way, the women fell in love with her son is a good mother?"

Sahil was shocked beyond word, he wasn't able to respond for some time, because he didn't expect this kind of situation to happen, but he was thrilled that this happened. he always loved his mother; since he was little and later, he started to develop feelings for her but he didn't dare to show them but now she has taken initiative, if he wouldn't support her at this time then he would be a real dick.

"Do you know, when I was 12; I started to develop feelings for you but I didn't have the guts to propose you. I thought what would happen if you reject me and our bond will never be same as before, and I didn't want to make anything awkward for you. So I buried those feelings in my heart. I thought it would be good as long as you are by my side" Sahil started to open his heart to his mother and told her, what he feels about her and then gently placed his lips on her's.

In response to Sahil's kiss, Noor didn't care much and started to respond to his advances and sometime later Sahil squeezed Noor's ass which caused her to let out an amazing moan.

"ahhhmmm!" and then both separated from each other and stared each other with heated eyes and then again the battle of tongues started.

"Can I sleep in your room tonight?" asked Noor with light red tinge on her cheek.

"With pleasure," said Sahil and dragged her towards his bed, and both of them stared at each other while cuddling.

then Sahil said "Now you are my woman, so if you want anything to ask me, then ask"

Noor was surprised; how fast he adapted to the situation but she didn't know that it was the influence his cultivation Art, which was created by the mighty 'Divine Dragon' and how proud dragons are that don't need any explanation and because of the cultivation Art his nature was turning like dragons, proud, confident and tenacious.

"Why you smell so nice" that's what Noor's first question was.

"Well, it's one of my skills; don't worry you will know soon," said Sahil with smirk plaster on his at the corner of his lips, which looked quite devilish.

"So why is your cultivation so fast, you are certainly not at the 'soul refinement real', so what realm you are at," asked Noor with curiosity written all over her face.

"When I awaken my white ranked system, I was quite distressed; you saw me at that time how I was behaving but after that, I got an amazing cultivation Art from my Assistant and I was able to improve my system. Oh yes, I never ask you about your Assistant, what kind of spicy your assistant is?" first, he explained about his system and then he remembered that he never knew his mother's system type aside that it was healing related.

"Oh, its a plant type nothing special, actually it's a lotus but it didn't give me any cultivation Art..."

"What plant type?! and lotus on top of that" before Noor could explain anything, lust appeared between the two of them and exclaimed with her chirpy voice.

"Who are you!" asked Noor, while keeping her guards up.

"Relax mom she is my system assistant "explained Sahil hurriedly to avoid any conflict between them.

"Oh, but how are you able to come out of the mind world" Noor relaxed but her curiosity picked up.

"I am quite a special case so don't mind that, but I am quite interested in your plant type spirit, so do you mind if I check" asked Lust with her seductive voice.

Noor didn't answer but turned towards Sahil, and Sahil asked Lust "What are you planing"

"I'm trying to make your mothers trashy talent into a supreme one" Lust replied but didn't explain anything.

After the moment of thought, Sahil nodded towards Noor which complied with his wishes and Lust approached Noor and placed her hand on top of her head.