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 Feng Entered the library!

At the entrance there was big glasses young man‚ definitely the royal librarian.

Inside the library‚ there were many other people silently wondering‚ here and there and picking up books that they need to or want to read.

But all looked towards him‚ some staring while some moving away their face after taking a glimpse.!

Feng Mei slightly blushing‚ went up towards the second floor.

Gard Cai has already told him that the first floor contained useless information‚ and the information about the Astral soul was present on the second floor!

He was unaware that the first floor labelled as useless by Cai was actually full of information.

Scientific Information about Astrology and technology!

Feng Mei easily passed the portal through using Fu ya Mana Contact seal and entered the second floor....


"Captain‚ how did you know that he is Princess ya guest" asked the female guard machi!

"Stupid! Didn't you see the insignia on his robe? that insignia belongs to the princess people‚ Sigh and you were even gonna go berserk and let lose your astral soul! If it happens I will send you to be redeemed" Shouted machi captain at her....


Feng men entered the royal library.

A row of book were aligned in the bookshelves.

He picked one with the name of Types of astral soul!

Right when he picked up the book... he heard the system voice


«System obtained all the information present in the book»

«Does host want to Transfer‚ all information obtained by the system from the book to host soul?»

"Holy Shit! System you could do that?" he excitedly asked internally.

«After updating‚ Damn right I was able to» the system replied in its childish chimney-like voice.

»Pass it in my soul hehehehe!" He replied internally.

«Transferring information to host soul 1%.....40%.....100%» during the process only some pain was felt by him since his soul has gotten stronger»

All the information about the book appeared in his mind...

Feng Mei eyes glowed as he looked at the shelves of the book containing information about Astral soul cultivation‚ talisman inscription and various other...

"Hehehe‚ One touch one book! Goddamn won't I simply learn about everything!" he laughed out loud... annoying the other in the library

"Silence!" An elderly man voice scolded him!

"Boy‚ if you disturb others again after this warning‚ than you will be kicked out of the library" said the voice as it faded away..

Feng Mei controlled his excitement and started to walk in the second floor of library

He picked up various books‚ while moving.

After the eighteenth book some people on the second floor of the library considered him a retard because of his actions.

But he didn't give a chicken hen about them‚ as he already got all the information he needed.

The last book he read was named "History of Astral haven"..... It explained typically everything about what system told him~

He finally realized that the system just told him about something he could get from the library...

He used his mobile and opened up mana Net... and typed in history of Astral haven.

Soon the same information present in the book and provided by system appeared on the screen.

He realized that he got played by the system!

"System‚ wtf is this?" He shouted boisterously and made a huge mistake.

"Boy‚ you have once again disturbed others! it's time for punishment!" said the same elderly voice that warned him before.

Feng Mei found out that he lost all control of his body!

His body elevated from the floor

Phew! His body flew out the second floor entered the first floor attracting attention

"Isn't this the pretty boy that just entered the second floor?" Said a custard hair girl‚ reading a book about «Astrology-1-Different world around Astral haven»!

"Ahahaha! he definitely have broken the rule and offended one of the elderly librarians" Said a Sharp hair man with a mustache‚ reading a book about «different elemental Mana engines»

Feng Mei flew out the front door and tripod head first on the ground outside the library!

His butt faced the skies!

Right behind his butt stood machi all alone and unaccompanied by the "Captain"


«Host‚ make a run for it before you get eaten alive!"

System didn't reply to his accusations but directly informed of his current predicament!

He turned behind and looked at machi‚ who's nose was streaming hot air!

"Sweety ~ you have totally enticed my body! It's time for us to go to our dreamy land" She said while wriggling her body and blood started dripping down her nose.

Her hand reached towards him‚ who hurriedly evaded to the side and made a run for it.

System played the song «Run‚ Bitch run»

Soon in the ground around the library Feng Mei could be seen running towards the teleportation array while machi chased behind him!

"Isn't that Heavenly Eagle guard Machi?" Said a nearby patrolling guard.

"Yes‚ she has lost control once again!" said another guard.

"Shouldn't we interfere and stop her?"

"Are you crazy? don't you know that she is actually the princess of the jiang family!"


"HUBBY~ Don't think of running away today!" said machi as she licked her lips.

Her words caused goosebumps to rise all over Feng Mei spine!

Who started running even faster than a horse.

The teleportation was right in front of him‚ when he saw the reflection of Machi right behind him on the crystal wall build around the teleportation array!

He could see her crazed face but more importantly‚ her hand that reached towards him!

"You are finally mine!" She said as her face held a triumphant smile.

Feng Mei mind was reminded of how system beat the shit out sadist!

His body twisted like a boneless snake and evaded her hand while simultaneously jumping into the teleportation array.

He appeared back to princess manor‚ which was not accessible by machi

Because to use the teleportation array and enter princess ya manor‚ her mana seal token was required!

\u003cDing!\u003e «Host gain comprehension about -AMASO Empire Royal Slaughter Dance» resounded the childish voice of system.