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 While they were talking Feng Mei asked a question he was extremely curious about. The question was about Feng ya‚ the young princess of the heavenly wind empire!

"Brother Cai‚ why haven't Feng ya awakened her Astral soul"

For a while no one replied‚ until Feng ya voice was heard.

"It's okay to tell him about it"

Following his miss command‚ Feng Cai explained the reason.

The reason why Feng ya was still an Astral disciple even though she was the youngest and most loved princess of the Heavenly wind empire.

She was training using a mystical skill that required her to seal off her power of soul and train. When the seal breaks‚ she will reach the peak of power of soul in the Astral disciple realm.

This was also the most important of all information which a person striving for the peak of power would be satisfied to obtain.

Only some people knew about this information‚ as it was "Purposely" hidden by the powerhouse!

An astral disciple should strive to reach the maximum limit of Power of soul that he can reach through training.

The greater an Astral disciple Power of soul the more mana he would be able to absorb in his body and even after his breakthrough to Astral warrior.

This effect followed each and every ASTRAL CULTIVATION REALM!

They finally ended their call.

"No wonder‚ Feng ya was still an Astral disciple" he though in his mind‚ as he went toward the direction of the portal connected towards the central land that will lead him to the royal library!

"System‚ why did the powerful being of this world hide such a huge truth about the power of soul?" he asked.


«Only some people knew about this truth‚ the reason being that it will distract others from actual cultivation and spending their time on learning all the profession just to strengthen their power of the soul» the system said in its childish voice.

Feng Mei was astonished cause before it updates the system was always asking for experience points. A though of the system being an actual human being‚ crossed by his mind‚ when he suddenly heard the system childish voice.

«I will explain it further for your bird brain to understand» the system added its usual sarcastic remarks and continued by saying.

«In this world‚ It takes years for even a genius to become a 1star talisman inscriber.

Consider what will happen if those geniuses will try to become a 1star chef‚ and also learn other professions just to strengthen their power of the soul?

Basically‚ even Before achieving 1 star in any profession they will waste their lifespan and probably just die before making a breakthrough to Astral warriors. Simply destroying their future and decreasing the number of Astral cultivators in the world»

"No wonder why‚ this information was hidden" said Feng Mei in his head as he crossed the teleportation portal and appeared on the royal library ground.

«And even those who know about this information naturally‚ just strengthen their Power of the Soul to the best of their abilities and make the breakthrough to Astral warrior stage at the age of 16,» said the system‚ as Feng Mei walked towards the royal library


"What a handsome man‚ such a beautiful nose! Omg his lips are so red his eyes so bright his hair so silky long and soft‚ Omg!Omg!" Said a thick and busty white girl with blonde hairs while looking at Feng Mei.

"Sister‚ your nose is bleeding‚ what perverted fantasies are running your head?" said a chubby and small girl around the age of 12.

"Ah ~~~not there don't touch their~~~x" The busty girl mind ran her wild fantasies‚ and her nose busted out with a fountain of blood and she fell unconscious.

" Sister ~~~~~" The little chubby girl said as she saw her mentally disabled sister lying on the ground of the sidewalk.

As Feng Mei walked towards the Library every single person turned to take a glimpse of his face‚ men and women alike. Some jealous while some happy seeing his enchanting face.

Under their stares‚ Feng Mei felt awkward as fck‚ after traveling with Princess Ya and Feng cai‚ he forgot that the body he transmigrated over to‚ had a country devastating enchanting face and a girly body.

But thankfully due to system he buffed it up through reaching the physical tempering level 8‚ sadly the face remained the same...

Feng Mei hurriedly scurried over to the entrance of the front gate.

While being Mei was running over to the royal library‚ two people were talking to each other

"This person seems interesting! he has literally no mana in his body and I have also not seen him here before‚ "Shadow" Do you know this person?" Said a male with eyes twinkling with pale light‚ while looking at Feng Mei.

"How would I know brother Light‚ I have been with you as soon as I entered the city" replied Shadow.

Shadow looks were eerily the same as *Sadist* except the fact that he was a boy and wearing a black tuxedo rather than a girl's dress...

Feng Mei was stopped in front of the royal library by a guard! There was a huge front board that said "Heavenly Wind Empire Royal Library".

"Halt! Who are you little beauty? I have never seen you before here‚ bring some identification proof if you want to enter the library" said a female guard‚ With pink hair and cherry eyes‚ wearing full-body armor with a green insignia on its shoulder pad saying *Wind Eagle guard*‚ while lavishly scanning Feng Mei up and down.

Feng Mei eyes turned sharp. He was annoyed but not angered‚ since he didn't mind a girl looking at him lavishly but definitely felt offended being called a beauty!

It hurt his pride as a man!

"Smack!" A person smacked her head and made her bow in front of Feng Mei.

"Lord guest of Princess ya! please don't mind this dumbass pervert and enter the royal library" said a guard with the same insignia on his armor just that from head to toe he was covered in armor and his facial features hidden.

"Ah ok‚ I am a generous young master‚ hence I will naturally let her wrongdoing go," said Feng Mei but kept standing on his place.

He kept on looking down at the bowed pink-haired girl with lustful eyes. Though he didn't have any dirty thoughts‚ he was just enacting his revenge.

Feng Mei heard sobbing sound‚ and though he have overdone it‚ when suddenly!

"Ahhhh~~~~" The female guard moaned under Feng Mei gaze... and looked towards him.

"What the f*k?" He Almost shouted the F word loudly she saw her face covered by her smile as complex emotions that only a masochist can understand flashed by.

"Sire‚ Micha have weird Tendencies‚ I request you to enter the royal library. If she lost control than even I won't be able to stop her and a huge accident will occur!" The guard urged him‚ sounding like he was almost pleading

A huge accident! He understood what it meant. Not wanting to be pushed down by a woman and get his virginity looted Feng Mei hurriedly entered the royal library... and Yes! the female Micha was the avatar *machitendency*. Though feng Mei was unaware....