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 Thanks to his battle against Uncle Pan‚ Feng Mei became aware that the martial art «One fist sixteen punch» was passive rather than active. Each and every time he will punch out‚ his hand would be accompanied by 15 other companions.

He really needed to talk to the system about this‚ as it would easily burst the body of anyone in real life.

He still hasn't taken the life of a single human. From the start of his journey he had only killed a beast and Nard who basically was an illusion made out of spiritual array but before complaining about his skills to the system he has other stuff to do.

First of all, he got a new skill called "Prediction".

"Stats screen" with this magical world a stats screen opened in front of Feng Mei face.

Feng Mei

Ethereal Cultivation level: Physical tempering level 8: (800/1600) (8200 usable experience points)

Astral cultivation: ~Null~(Dumb host‚ hurry up and acquire information about this mystical path of cultivation)

Power of soul.14 ( You can do cool shit after Cultivating in the astral path)


Abilities: (one punch sixteen punch). Prediction( able to determine opponent next step)

System storage: 6 fate stone‚ 2* stamina recovery pill.

The system not only got upgraded but it also upgraded the stats screen.

Information was updated according to this world. The martial art tab was changed to abilities and mental strength as the Power of Soul.

He also realized that his power of soul has increased to 14 which was 10 at the start of his journey.

He realized that this world was an extremely weird one cause of this mystical stuff called Astral soul and wondered what relation Power of soul had with it.

Feng Mei was totally ready to start his journey on Astral cultivation and spend all his experience point on it.

That's why he hasn't expended experience points to level himself up before. He was still a level 8 physical tempering cultivator.

He used Hub Tub 4 - MV and searched for information regarding Astral cultivation. Sadly‚ all the information was about what celebrity Kira did‚ how her days went by without her lover‚ how Yulan did the impossible‚ how Jack slapped trash-talking Bronze ranker Amart and some kids flaunting their Astral soul giving rise to other people jealousy.

Feng Mei asked the system but it simply activated another mission

Mission activated: «When in Rome do as the Romans do»

«Dear host‚ You're in the World of Astral haven‚ where everyone cultivates the path of Astral soul‚ sadly the mana net has no information about the basics of Astral soul cultivation. Hence‚ host, have to depend upon himself"

Mission Tip: Buy a cotton candy and give it to an innocent kid.

Mission rewards: «Able to cultivate Astral soul‚ Beginner gift pack»

Feng Mei ignored the system dumb words and Having no other means he contacted Feng Cai to obtain information about it.

"Hello brother‚ are you busy, I need help with a very important stuff"

"Extremely so‚ but go ahead and ask" he said when suddenly Feng ya voice came from behind.

"When you were busy in VR-world the Royal soldier came to get us! They found out that we went away so the Emperor called us to be judged. One thing led to another and the Emperor announced a 7 day holiday for the entire empire to celebrate Uncle Cai recovering from his injuries and attaining the level of Astral lord‚ and yes you are the guest of honor‚ That will have to absolutely attend the banquet that will be held at the last day!" She excitedly told everything to him.

"Miss‚ can we listen to the reason little brother contacted us," Feng Cai said as he took his phone back from the hand of Feng ya and said.

"Brother go on and tell me about the stuff you need help with"

"I need help with information regarding Astral soul cultivation..." he starts asking various question

"Oh‚ well I can tell you about some important stuff for beginners mostly taught everywhere in the world. But not those made confidential by Astral academy‚ cause you may get into trouble if you choose to join the academy later on. You can obtain the rest of the information from the royal library‚ just show the guard mine or Feng ya mana seal" Feng cai said and started telling him about all the information needed for Astral disciple to reach Astral warrior.

From what he understood‚ nearly every human in this land was born an "Astral disciples". Every person was born with at least 1 Power of soul which could strengthen as one grows up and any person with 11 Power of Soul was considered an Astral disciple. As those with 11 power of soul could interact with the mana present in the world and absorb it inside their body.

The power of the soul determined multiple stuff.

1: How fast a person can absorb mana.

2: The maximum amount of mana a person can absorb in his sea of consciousness.

3: A certain point of Power of soul is required to make a breakthrough to the next cultivation level. If a person recklessly makes a break then it can lead to the instability of his sea of consciousness at the least‚ and at the worst‚ total devastation and crumbling of his sea of consciousness.

4: For Astral disciple with 11 power of soul‚ meant that they could absorb 10 mana within his or her sea of consciousness‚ without any harm. which increased by 10 mana per 1 power of soul until 15. Any astral disciple could make a breakthrough to astral warrior after achieving 15 power of soul.

5: A person trains his power of soul through different training methods suitable for him. For example: Astral inscribers

6: A person can check his power of soul through crystal placed in every Astral hall.

Astral inscriber most basic level‚ that Astral disciple learned was talisman inscribing!

1: Talisman inscribing: They are those who draw magical lines using mana‚ on paper and beast hides to create a talisman!

And then there was also the famous path of Astral chef.

1: Astral chef: They cook meat of 1star-10star beast‚ extracting mana from meat and using purified mana or a certain type of mana suitable for a certain person to create mystical dishes!

Astral chef and talisman inscriber are divided into 10 stars. From 1-star to 10-star depending on their capabilities.

A astral disciples needed a minimum of 15 Power of soul to become an Astral warrior.