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 Chapter 497: Dangerous Operation (4)

Translator: _Leo_ Editor: Kurisu

"Ah!" Suddenly, a female wizard's right arm was pulled off by the invisible force. Her arm flew to one of the tables and was quickly consumed by the monsters.

However, there was no blood leaking out of the female wizard's wound.

"Move now! My arm will grow back!" the female wizard shouted.

The rest of the wizards quickly rushed through the gaps and returned to the team.

Angele turned his head around and gave the tables a cold look.

"Why me?" Angele had no idea why the incident happened. The other wizards had no problem passing through the gaps, but one of the monsters tried to communicate with him when it was his turn.

"Was it a coincidence?" Angele had never experienced something like this before.

"Don't worry, it's just a coincidence." Justin patted Angele's shoulder.

Monteria looked at Angele and her brow furrowed. "Green, your soul is stronger than other wizards', I think. From the information I collected from a ruin, I learned that those monsters would treat you differently based on the strength of your soul."

"My soul?" Angele understood the situation quickly. His soul was the combination of the negative emotions from about half a million of souls, purified by the woman he captured from Soul River Realm.

"Is it a good thing or a bad thing?" Angele wondered.

"It's great if it's a bad thing," Becky mocked. "I'll be free if you're eaten by those monsters!"

Angele was not concerned, he observed the tables again but could not detect the invisible forces anymore. The wizards who were injured recovered quickly.

The team returned to the cave without any problem.

Fiona, Anchura, and Simon were having a discussion; it seemed like they reached the agreement. Simon looked at the wizards and started talking, "We're not sure if the Dark Wizard Tower has already initiated their plan successfully, so we think that we should keep exploring. If you don't want to proceed further, you can stay in this cave."

"We're here because the alliance promised us something and I don't think we should quit." The old man who activated the portal stepped forward. "We're all strong rank 4 wizards of the central continent, no one will stop here because of fear."

"You're right, but this is a dangerous place and we should plan it out." The female wizard who just lost an arm joined the conversation. Her arm already grew back, but was soaked in sticky liquid and looked disgusting. She was swinging her new arm when talking.

"We have a strong team here and there's no point for us to stop. Fiona, you're the strongest wizard here and you're known for your knowledge, what do you think?" a wizard questioned.

Angele just stood there and listened to Fiona, Anchura, and Simon's conversation. It seemed like they wanted to become the leaders of the team.

He joined the operation because he wanted to collect the souls of rank 4 wizards while destroying the trump card of the Dark Wizard Tower. The souls of rank 4 wizards could be turned into the masked men who could block fatal attacks for him. He lost one masked man during the fight against Becky and needed to create a new one as soon as possible. The souls of rank 4 wizards were perfect for his plan.

The wizards in the team were all strong. When a fight broke out between the wizards from the Dark Wizard Tower and the wizards in his team, it would be a life or death situation so he would have the chance to collect their souls.

However, he had not collected any soul yet. He scanned the dead wizards on the tables using the biochip and the dark mentality, however, those wizards' bodies were empty-there was no soul in them.

The monster tried to communicate with Angele because it noticed that Angele was trying to find the souls of the dead wizards.

Angele had collected the soul of a rank 4 wizard-the soul was so strong that it had the same energy as 2000 normal souls. He needed ten more souls of rank 4 wizards to meet the minimum requirement of the ritual.

'It's great that I asked Becky to prepare the rune circles so I can collect the souls. The final war between the alliance and the Dark Wizard Tower will start soon...' Angele thought.

'However, Prince Evil Dragon will not go all out before we can destroy this Blood Throne thing...'

Fiona, Anchura, and Simon finished their discussion. They walked around and tried to find another path in the cave.

A wizard took out a fist-sized beehive. Countless insects flew out and spread into the whole cave quickly.

Some wizards sat down with their legs crossed; it seemed like they were searching the cave using their force fields.

One of the wizards suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, "I found a path here!"

Under the light of the golden ball, the wizard rushed to the right side of the cave and several wizards followed after him.

They quickly found a window that was sealed by ice on the wall.

"It's a window. We can leave the cave through the well and check the surroundings," a wizard suggested.

"Good idea."

Fiona remembered something. "We forgot the simplest thing. Let's head back to the well."

The team walked for about ten minutes and returned to the well.

The wizards stood in the light and raised their heads.

"Good! We can leave the cave through the well." The wizards flew into the air.

Angele grabbed Becky and floated in the air as well.

He flew for around 20 meters and left the well. He landed by the well without any problem.

The team realized that they were on top of a gray mountain in the midst of a dark stone plain.

Angele looked at the dark plain and saw an enormous green vine connected to the sky.

The green vine looked like the Sky Tree from the legends. The vine struck into the clouds, its surface covered with green leaves and colorful flowers.

The clouds were dark and he could see blue lightning in the sky.


The lightning was followed by loud thunder.

Angele glanced around and noticed that there was no building or human being around. The only things he could see were hills and the eye-catching green vine.

The team was about ten kilometers away from the vine and no animal could be found on the plain.

The wizards left the cave one after one. They wizards were all surprised by the vine. They remained silent and they observed it using their own methods.

Fiona, Anchura, and Simon did not say anything. They just stared at the vine and the wind was the only thing making noise in the area.

The wizards started moving several minutes later.

A wizard crouched, he grabbed some mud from the ground and tasted it.

"There's been no living being here for over 3000 years. I can't taste anything." His brow furrowed.

"There's no death energy in the air, so there shouldn't be any undead creature in the area," the other rank 4 wizard spoke with his eyes closed.

The wizards all had strong talent abilities and secret spells. They analyzed the situation of the plain.

There were only plants in this realm and the plain was so quiet that it felt a bit strange.

The team discussed for a while on top of the mountain and decided to head to the green vine.

Angele followed the team and listened to Justin's explanation.

"This is not a realm, but a dimension fissure that is very close to the wizard world. This is where the Blood Throne is located, but the place shares similar realm rules as the wizard world. Although I don't know what the vine does for the Blood Throne, it's not a decoration. This might be the entrance to the core of the throne," Justin spoke in a low voice.

"That vine looks ridiculous," Monteria interrupted. "I'm not surprised by its size, but by the energy wave it's releasing. Did you notice that? The vine is not alive. It might be an object that looked like a vine and I think it might be a building."

"Huh? You mean the plant is not releasing life energy?" Angele wondered.

"Yeah." Monteria nodded. "I was born in a forest and I'm very sensitive about the life energy of the plants. I noticed that something wasn't right when I saw the plant."

"Watch out!" someone in the front of the team shouted.


The wizards separated into two groups after the explosion and Angele could see the scene in front of them clearly.

Several human-shaped creatures were hugging a male wizard tightly, releasing dark energy waves.


The wizard disappeared with the creatures with a noise.

"Residents of Ash! Stay away from them or you'll be dragged into an unknown realm!" Fiona shouted. Intense blue flames appeared on her shoulders and illuminated the Residents of Ash that were trying to capture another wizard.

The creatures were formed by gray ashes. They groaned and exploded, turning into a pile of ash and dropping to the ground.

Simon released some tiny purple flies that rushed into those creatures. The flies exploded and it seemed like the Residents of Ash mistook the flies for their targets

Countless Residents of Ash appeared on the ground and jumped to the wizards.

Angele, Justin, Becky, and Monteria gathered together.

"I can handle it!" Justin spoke in a low voice, he stepped forward and threw a triangular silver badge into the air.

The silver badge exploded and turned into a silver vortex, releasing countless translucent shadows. The shadows charged toward the Residents of Ash and hit them hard.

Strangely, the Residents of Ash ignored the shadows and did not take any damage.

"They're soulless." Justine's expression changed. He took something out of his pouch and threw it into the air. Also, a pattern that looked like a burning flame appeared on his face.

The item disappeared before Angele could see what it was.


The closest Resident of Ash was ignited and slowly melted. The other Residents of Ash were also caught in the fire. They melted and turned into piles of black ash.

"I almost missed." Cold sweat appeared on Justin's forehead. He looked at Angele and Monteria. "Sorry, I had to use the Void Flame. It seemed like Residents of Ash had high resistance against energy attacks. The Void Flame was probably the most convenient thing I had."

Monteria scrunched her brow and nodded. "I didn't know you have Void Flame, Justine. It's great that you solved the problem, otherwise it would be an issue."