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 Chapter 352: Trace of the Enemy (1)

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The strange scarlet color slowly disappeared from Angele's eyes as Henn gave up.

He glared at Stigma and rubbed his temple. It felt like there were a hundred needles pricking his head.

"Damn it. That old woman almost took over my body..." He grunted. "Let's go. We need to rank up as fast as possible after this."

Stigma gave Angele a strange look. "Master Henn is so beautiful and attractive... Lucky bastard..."

"You think I'll be happy if you praise her...?" Angele was speechless. "Come on. We need to go." He took out the scroll and checked the location.


"Yeah, see you."

They started heading in two different directions.

Angele turned left and started running at full speed.

He left the canyon and traveled down the path on the yellow plain. The grass was more than one meter tall and it was dancing in the wind.

About half an hour later, the texture of the mud changed, it became wet and soft. Angele stopped and glanced around.

'That's it... this is the place marked on the scroll.' He took out the scroll, confirmed the location, and dropped it to the ground.


Red light flashed in the air, the scroll was burnt to ashes and blown away by the wind.

Raising his head, Angele saw a large white tent sitting on top of a small hill quietly. There were several green robes roasting some meat by the campfire.

Angele walked to the tent, it only took him about one minute to reach the tent.

The green robes quickly stood up after noticing Angele's presence.

"Who are you?!" an old man with white messy hair questioned loudly, "We're members of Unochi Family, please stay away from this hill!"

"Unochi Family, right? Good, this is the correct location." Angele scanned the green robes using the chip.

The old man was a rank 2 wizard and there was a rank 1 wizard on his left, the rest of them were just apprentices.

"What do you mean?" the old man's expression changed.

"Nothing. Ha." Angele smiled and raised his right hand, creating a head-sized lava ball on his palm.

He pointed at the four green robes. The lava ball drew an arc in the air and flew to them.


"Block it!"

They shouted. An apprentice quickly put up a large tower shield and tried to block the lava ball.


Red light exploded in the air, a rain of lava drops fell to the ground and turned the area into a sea of fire.

Two of the green robes were blown away by the impact. Their bodies were burnt black and it seemed like they died.

One of the wizards rolled out of the rain of fire quickly but his robe was ignited and he was trying to put out the fire with water energy particles. The other wizard blocked the lava drops with a white energy shield.

"Bastard! You'll pay for what you have done!" the rank 2 wizard shouted furiously. He took out a small crossbow and shot an arrow at Angele.


A blurry dark shadow disappeared in the air; it was only one meter away from Angele when it reappeared.

Angele quickly created a silver shield in the front.


The steel arrow sank into the shield but it failed to penetrate through the thick silver metal.

Seconds later, the steel arrow melted into a ball of black liquid. The liquid formed another steel arrow and was fired back at the old wizard.

Angele raised his right hand again and he was about to create another lava ball. However, the musical note in his chest vibrated slightly.

Henn tried to take over Angele's body and her plan failed. Angele almost absorbed Henn's power. He had not activated the bloodline signet-the signet countered the seduction by itself.

The musical note was slightly heated up at that moment, it just saved Angele's life. He really needed to find a way to deal with Henn, that woman never changed.

'Well, let me give this thing a try.' Angele tapped at the center of his chest.


It sounded like a bell was rung once. It was a clean and crisp sound.

Angele saw that the old wizard was about to cast a spell after dodging the arrow, however, he suddenly stopped moving and just stood there.

The rank 1 wizard beside him also stopped moving. The man was preparing a spell. It almost looked like they were trapped in time.

Angele was a bit surprised.

The signet was only partially activated but its power was already incredible.

Angele quickly approached the old wizard and walked around him.

The white barrier around the old wizard disappeared. There was an angry expression on his face. He put his right hand into the pouch and it seemed like he was about to take something out.

Angele observed the old man. His heart rate was much lower than a normal human being's but he was still alive. All vital signs were normal.

He scrunched his brow and moved his left hand toward the old man's pouch.


Suddenly, the old wizard's body was ignited, and his body was covered in bright red flames.

The old wizard's body melted like a candle before Angele's hand could reach the pouch. His body was quickly burnt into a pile of white ash, including his clothes and belongings.

Angele was not sure what just happened. He looked at the other people.

He checked the two apprentices and the rank 1 wizard. The rank 1 wizard just extinguished the fire on his robe before he was hit by the energy wave from the bloodline signet.

However, two of them were ignited and started burning. The red flame swallowed a rank 3 apprentice and a rank 1 wizard seconds later.

The last apprentice was burnt black by the lava drops but he was still alive.

'Huh? He survived the attack? So, the sound wave released by the signet did not kill everyone.' Angele walked to the apprenticed, crouched, and checked his muscles.

His muscles were hard like stone and it seemed like the apprentice was trying to resist the illusions.

'It's related to their willpower.' Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele's eyes.

The light dots disappeared a minute later.

'Ability of the bloodline signet: Illusion Sound Wave. It can be countered by the target's willpower. If he fails to resist the illusions, his body will be burnt to ashes. The effective duration of the sound wave is half an hour. The stronger the target's willpower is, the shorter the effective duration will be. Effective range: 20 meters.'

Zero finished the analysis and reported back quickly.

Angele was satisfied, he nodded slightly and stood up. Raising his left hand, Angele released a silver needle from the tip of his finger and sent it into the apprentice's forehead.

Blood leaked out of the tiny wound and the apprentice's suffering ended. The silver needle returned to Angele's finger as he walked to the green robes' camp.

The entrance of the tent was open and there were black travel cases lying down on the ground.

The campfire was burning quietly outside the tent. They were roasting two skinned wild rabbits on a metal rack. The top of the browned meat was covered in fat and the bottom of the meat was already burnt.

Angele raised his right hand and absorbed all the burning flames on the ground.

He couched and pulled a piece of meat off the roasted rabbit. It was very hot but he still threw it into his mouth.

Salty, crispy, and the juice from the caramelized fat was tasty.

Angele stood up and stepped into the tent.

It was a bit dark inside.

It was a large tent with a plain interior. Three beds were lined up by the wall, the white blankets on them were unorganized.

On the left, there was an opened book lying quietly on top of the nightstand.

Angele walked to the nightstand, grabbed the book, and checked the content.

The title said: Adventure Log of Abyss Canyon.

Someone was reading this book, it was full of dog ears. Angele turned to a random page and started reading.

'April 12. Our team entered the Canyon and traveled about 1 kilometer. There was a cave on the left. Oh god! We found...'

The rest of the page was torn off and he quickly turned to the next page.

'Red grass... Yellow sky... What the hell is this place?! Maybe we can never escape... We'll die thirsty and hungry. I hate those dirty monsters and...'

A small object jumped off the book and slowly dropped to the ground.

Angele picked up the object.

It was a slim piece of red leaf. The leaf was still wet and soft. He carefully put the leaf back into the book.

Angele closed the book and held it in his hand. He turned around and left the tent.

After walking for several minutes. He created a head-sized fireball on his right hand and threw it into the tent.


The furious flame swallowed the tent, the campfire, the dead bodies, and half of the small hill.

Angele saw that the tent fell to the ground and hit the campfire. Everything was covered in the burning flames and black smoke rose into the sky.

The orange light from the fire brightened up the area. There was nothing left to burn on the small hill and the fire stopped expanding seconds later.

Angele nodded. He held the thick book that had a brown cover tightly and walked away.

He had finished his job. The rest was on the others.

Angele started walking back from the way he came. About half an hour later, he saw Stigma, Della, and Hikari standing together, talking about something.

Hikari waved at Angele after seeing him walking to them.