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 In the sky the Angel Raphaela was formulating a design on her mind. Her calculating power will make smart computers to blush in shame if they were alive. The computers were too inferior compared to her mind

When the design was finally completed she immediately took action. A stone appeared on her white palm that was radiating a certain kind of special power. This power was rare that not many people on earth has this energy attributes.

The stone contained a huge amount of spatial energy, if a Supernatural with the space attribute got this stone it would undoubtedly increase their cultivation speed a lot of times!

Raphaela hold out her other hand to rip something in the air and a shocking thing happened! It was like the space itself turned into a paper and she use her power to crumple it on her hand. If she didn't used an illusion to mask what she was doing the humans will see a stretch of ripped space so long that all you will see was the tear in space

The Angel controlled the spatial power in the stone to 'heal' the space on earth, if not it was possible that disasters will happen. The scene was like in the fantasy world where the gods destroyed space itself, fortunately the space was quickly healed thanks to the spatial power contained inside the stone. After all of its powers were suck dry the stone crumbled into dust

No one knows where it came from but in front of Raphaela an unknown black material appeared. The materials gathered and slowly formed a huge tower like structure. Its height reaching thousands of meters that it literally pierced the clouds

Raphaela then put the space she ripped inside the tower and it was like the tower's wall was not there and she entered it through the walls. The insides of the tower was bigger than what it looks like. In the outside although the tower was tall but its diameter was only few hundreds of meters. The inside of the tower on the other hand was almost as large as a small country

For now the Angel decided to make ten floors while altering the environment on each floor. She made another tear in space to use as an exit portal. Raphaela reappeared again outside the tower she built and put her palms on it. The tower shrinked in the size that can be hold by her hand

Raphaela flew higher. This time she refined void energy again but instead of putting those energy in the earth the energies went inside the independent space on the tower. As the tower's space was smaller than earth it took less time to fill it with energy. The inside contained three times more energy than on earth. An environment like this was ideal to all Supernaturals as it can speed up their cultivation speed

On her palm tendrils of hundreds of thousands holy light went in all direction. Any animals, plants and fallens that these light landed on become much stronger than they originally are. A pair of wings mark appeared on these creatures and the free energy in their surroundings entered their body

The energy flooded their bodies and forcefully increased their cultivation base. All the warrior ranks reached Knight Rank, the ones that are already in the Knight Rank either become a Grand Knight or break through a small realm. The amount of Grand Knight creatures that the Angel made was even higher than all the Grand Knights in earth before

After receiving a boost in their cultivation the various creatures' body flashed with holy light and the next thing they knew they were in a completely new and foreign environment. They were transported inside the tower that easily. If any human saw this their eyes would widen in shock while their jaws will drop in the ground

They already become much more powerful than normal humans when they become a Supernatural but now an even more bizarrely powerful being did something that none of they can. Just what is the extent of Raphaela's power?

The Angel also filled the inside of the tower with all kinds of treasures. Some of the items can also be brought in the Angel's Shop but its price was so astronomical that even a city's resources will have a huge dent just to buy one of the items

After finishing the matters in the tower Raphaela only need to wait for the right timing. She was waiting for the time when more human cities will be plunge into despair and when they thought that their deaths were already certain a ray of hope will appear


"Sister!" After a week Annie finally saw her sister again and she hugged Anna tightly on her arms. Anna hugged back her sister while feeling a relief inside her. Although Sun and her 'guards' assured her that Annie was in good condition she was still feeling worried about the only family she has left in this world

If anything bad happened to Annie she will lose her will to live. Anna's face was full of smiles as she really misses her sister but her face become cold when she saw the man behind Annie. Anna's anger rise, evident by how her chest were heaving violently. But she only looked at Sun with displeasure on her face. Even if she was extremely angry at the man but her situation didn't permit her to lash out at him

"I let you see your sister yet you are still this cold at me" the atmosphere become oppressive and suffocating. Even the guards around Annie broke into cold sweats. These guards are extremely clear at how powerful and cruel Sun is, he will kill anyone who displeased him. He was so violent but no one in the God's Tech City can do anything about it. The head researcher, Derry become his grandfather while he claimed the position of number 1 expert in the city. He was basically an untouchable and no one can shake his position

"Wow! So I should be thankful that you let me see my 'own sister' I'm sorry, I didn't know that!" Anna's voice was filled with sarcasm and she emphasized the words 'own sister'

She can't belive how audacious this Sun was acting. If not for him why wouldn't she see her sister for a week?

Sun looked as if he teleported and he appeared in front of Anna in just a blink of an eye. "Don't test my patience Anna!" His voice was full of unrestrained anger. For him he always give the best for his woman. Whether it be clothes, foods, status, and other material wealth he didn't hesitate to shower her with it. He even made sure that even if it was just an hour a day he will visit Anna

Sure, she locked her in the villa but she has almost everything the world can offer! All she have do to was to accept Sun's feelings and everything will be okay, just why can't she do that?

"Then leave me alone!" Anna's anger erupted and she shouted at him. Sun's eyes flashed with a demonic black light as his pride was hurt greatly. Whether it be his strength or status it will make any other woman out there to throw their selves at him. But here he is receiving a humiliation from a woman. He was about to slapped her but a loud siren echoed inside the whole city

The siren lasted for 3 seconds before stopping but in just two seconds it made another sound. This happened again for the third time. This type of alarm only indicated one thing. The number of attacking fallens become too high that it will put the city in high and alert and has a chance to be destroyed!


Compared to other cities that are having a lot of headaches because of the fallen's non-stop assault, the God's Tech city was originally more relaxed. The number of fallens attacking their city was quite low compared other cities. This was because their Mother Fallen enemy was dealt by a devastating blow for using too much of its power

All of its Knight Rank underlings were killed as a result. It can only desperately attack all living things in the vicinity to use as an energy source. While God's Tech City has a few Grand Knight Supernaturals specially Sun. His power was far above those in the same rank as him. Sun's black flames can easily incinerate everything on its path

Even then there were still times that Sun was desperately needed in the battlefield. The Mother Fallen was becoming desperate and commanded the fallens under it to attack without rest. Their numbers and powers might be low compared to other cities but they never stopped!

Humans are unlike fallens that won't feel tired. They need to rest time to time to be in their top condition. Fortunately, Sun was always there. He took a lot of burden to himself and killed thousands and thousands of fallens

The Mother Fallen was like an arrow at the end of its flight. He knew that the fallens under its command were lessening as time goes by. It don't have any choice but to personally take actions

All the fallens under the Mother Fallen without any warning launched a full powered assault. All kinds of fallens attacked the city in all direction. There were even some type of fallens that humans never seen before like the mole fallen

It can travel on the ground and bypass the walls to attack within the city walls. Chaos erupted as the city was caught off guard. They already have the thought that victory was already in their hands and become too relaxed

Sun exited the villa to check the situation. He unfolded his wings to fly in the air and reached the city walls. His face darkened when he saw the sea of fallens. Their numbers were too high that they literally covered the earth. The Mother Fallen on the other hand was hiding and no human discovered him yet. He was waiting for the right time to use his limited power

After this war Sun was sure that God's Tech City will be weakened a lot due to the numerous casualties. There might even be a Grand Knight that will die today

Sun flew down in the middle of the 'sea' and his foot crushed a fallen's head. His grimoire appeared out of thin air and glowed with blinding black light as he poured his energy on it "[Hell Flame Magic: Hell Sea!]" From Sun's right foot black flames circled around him but that doesn't end there. The flames continue to move and outside the circle of flame another larger flame circle appeared. This process continued and all the new cirles of fire that was formed was larger than the old ones

If you have an aerial look of the warfield you will sea that the area twenty meters around Sun was burning with black flames. All the fallens in that area vanished as they all turned into ashes. This magic of Sun was not too effective against Grand Knight Supernaturals but its strength lies on its Area of Effect!

The twenty meters circle around Sun was a proof of that. Also, even when the flames already killed their targets but it still didn't vanished! The fallens that wanted to attack Sun died when they tried to cross that sea of fire

He personally made this magic skill for large scale wars. Even though its area was only twenty meters but for some time the enemy cannon fodders can't approach you without dying

However, there was still the flying fallens specially the long range attacker ones. These fallens aimed their attacks at him. If it was before Sun would have a hard time dodging and blocking these attacks but he's now at the peak of his rank!

Sun controlled the sea of black flames around him, since there were already hell flames here it was easier if he use it to form another attack. "[Hell Flame Magic: Demon's Hand!]"

The flames formed into a huge black hand on top of Sun, the hand flew and met the fallens' attacks. Hundreds of energy based attacks landed on the hand and it dissipated in the air. Sun flew in the air again to kill the flying ones this time

"[Hell Flame Magic: Demonic Serpents!]" In front of his grimoire twenty serpents made from condensed black flame came out and swam in the air. The Serpents this time are larger and more powerful. They were a meter and half long and seven inches thick. Any fallens that were engulf by these flames all turned into ash that the wind carried away