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 This skill of his has a great Area of Effect but the number of fallens he killed was just like a drop in the ocean. Even when the army of 1,000 peak Knight Supernaturals joined the original troops in the west gate the battle was still a bitter one

"Oh? He still has some skills after all" the cultivator thought on himself. Harold's face paled a little, he killed hundreds of fallens in that one attack but with the cost of high energy expenditure. He can't activate it again even if he wants to

He steeled himself and used his expensive sword to cut down the fallens. This was the price for using resources to advance. It was harder for him to control his energy and a bit of time delay was needed to activate another one

After some time Harold activated another skill of his "[Innate Skill: Serpent Trail!]" Harold suddenly looked as if he teleported and a zigzag line of light flashed in the warfield. When the light vanished another group of fallens fell on the ground

If you looked at the dense clustered fallens you will see a certain type of fallen that was filled with body fats. The normal fallens carried the dead human and fallen bodies to feed the fat fallen. These kind of fallen was still too low in number and no one noticed it yet.

But what the humans didn't know was this kind of fallen that was always hiding and not battling itself was one of the reason why the fallens' number are increasing

When one of the fat fallen finally can't eat more some of the normal fallens helped it to exit the battlefield. The fallens then went back to their nest. There were quite a few of fat fallens that were entering the fallen city with the help of its kind

They walked to the central part of the city where a Mother Fallen was located. The fat fallens puke out a dense ball made from body parts of both human and fallens. The smell was so disgusting that if any human smelled it they might not be able to control their selves and vomit

The meat ball was disgusting but it also contained a dense amount of energy. The Mother Fallen took a bite on one of the meat balls and the energy it contained flowed from its mouth to the stomach

Soon an egg came out from its body like a chicken laying its eggs. A normal fallen took the egg and placed it to a room filled with other eggs. When a fallen hatched from those eggs another fallen will feed it with a small part of the meat balls. After eating the fallen will immediately mature and was already ready to fight

Aside from the meat balls, around the Mother Fallens were another type of fallen. It was also fat and looked exactly like the Mother Fallen. They looked too identical that if they grew as big as their 'mother' no one will find any difference

These fallens were also eating the meat balls and laying eggs although their speed was inferior to the mother. Anywhere you look in that area you will see a sea of meat balls and fallens laying eggs

This was the secret of the Phase 2 of the Apocalypse. The reason why the human's number one enemy became too numerous that they literally littered everywhere

The Mother Fallen saw the estate of the Gu Surpent Empire from one of its underlings. This was an active ability of its kind but the fallen need to put its blood on a fallen that it will choose as the 'eye'

"Finally! I'm close to breaking this seal!" The Mother Fallen was excited at the thought of destroying a human city. If it succeeded the seal on its power will be finally removed and the fallen will be able to use its full power!

A power that only rank 4 Supernaturals has! A power that can make any Grand Knight to become as weak as an ant in front of it! Just the thought of finally regaining its sealed power made the Mother Fallen to be excited and sped up the reproduction process


After some time even Harold was already exhausted from the long fight. Humans are not like fallens that doesn't know what tiredness or fatigue is. Even if the fallens' use all of their energy their body can still move just like from their peak condition

Harold was breathing heavily, his body and clothes drenched with blood. Some torns already appeared on his expensive robes. Although the fallens were only warrior and knights but their accumulative damage was wearing the robe's durability

"He's at his limit already?" The Cultivator's voice was filled with ridicule. He can still remember how the mid stage Grand Knight Sun killed thousand of fallens before withdrawing from the battlefield. If the fallens come into contact with even just the smallest spark of his black flame their bodies were immediately incinerated and turned to ash

That was just the mid stage Sun but there are already rumors that he's already in the peak of rank 3. If he was really at that rank then just how much his strength has grown? Comparing Sun and Harold was like comparing a trash and a genius

He only killed about almost a thousand fallens yet he was already this exhausted? As if fate wants to mock him the first ever rank 3 fallen appeared and charged towards Harold and barely defended himself using the sword. His sword was extremely sharp but he currently don't have much strength on his arm to make a deep cut

It was just the normal type fallen with all of its aspect average but for Harold this was like a grim reaper from hell. His physical body was already exhausted and his energy reserves was almost zero

If he continue fighting with this fallen at his current state his death was already set in stone. His legs trembled in fear and he decided to destroy all of his 'hard work' to survive his current predicament

"ARIES! I AGREE NOW SAVE ME!" Harold's desperate plea echoed in the whole battlefield. Even he knows that what he did was shameless and humiliating but for now he doesn't care about it. All he want now was to survive and continue living

The Cultivator Aries laughed at how pitiful Harold was and he jumped down from the few meters tall wall. With his strength his jump covered few tens of meters. He landed on one of the fallens and the impact crushed its head. Aries on the other hand didn't received any damage from the collision. He was as good as new

"[Battle Skill: Heavy Charge!]" Aries put his right shoulder in front of him and his already muscular arm expanded. His right arm's size was not proportional on his body. He put his strength on his feet and shoulder and used his shoulder to crush all the fallens along his way

This Aries was also in the mid stage of Grand Knight. If it wasn't for Sun he will become the number 1 fighter in the God's Tech City. However instead of feeling bitter and hating Sun he was actually a fan of the man! Just remembering the intense battle that Sun participated to defend their own city make his blood to boil in excitement

Bits of blood and flesh splashed everywhere on his way, it also landed on his body but Aries ignored it. The blood only make his battle intent to rise. His charge was so powerful that he reached the rank 3 fallen in no time

After using his skill his right arm's size returned to normal. "Time for some stretching" Aries said excitedly and the tattoos on his hands expanded and covered his whole arms. Those tattoos filled his body with strength and vitality. His firepower increased because of that

"[Battle Skill: Giant's Punch!]" Aries' right fist grew more than five times its size and used it to threw a punch to the fallen. The fallen roared angrily and met the fist with its own

The fallen's fist was covered by its gray colored energy and collided with Aries'. Cracking sounds was heard as the bones in the fallen's hand cracked from the impact. This made Aries to be disappointed. "Too weak!" His other hand also grew in size and once again punched the fallen

As if it didn't sustained any injury the fallen also used its other hand to attack. History repeated itself, now both of the fallen's hand hang as if it didnt have any bones inside. Still, as it didn't feel any pain it continued to use its broken hand to attack

"I was excited for nothing tch!" For Aries the fallen was too weak to call itself a Grand Knight. His hand returned to normal size and grabbed the fallen on its head. His physique was so powerful that he was able to separate the fallen's head from its body

It was too shocking a scene that made even Harold's body to shiver in fear. Even if Aries was a mid stage Grand Knight but that fallen was still in the early stage of that rank! How can he easily kill it?

Unlike Harold that used resources to boost his cultivation base, Aries was different. The resources he used don't have direct effect on his cultivation but it improved the quality of his already powerful body! Even though he doesn't have a city's worth of resources but he was still the second top expert in God's Tech City! The city would naturally pour a lot of their resources to him

He used various kinds of medicine and medicinal bath to be stronger. Unlike Harold this method of his didn't badly affect his cultivation at all. Aside from most of the medicines are painful to consume there were no side effects at all!

"Weak!" Aries kicked the fallen's body causing it to collide with another fallens. The impact was so strong that it break the bones of those fallens. He then turned to look at Harold evilly

"Go back on your words and I'll kill you myself!" his words was so effective that Harold almost pissed his pants. Starting from now Harold's small Empire will become a subsidiary city of God's Tech

From being an Emperor of thousands of people he turned into a subordinate himself. Harold was unwilling but what can he possibly do? Even now he only survived because of the the other party's help. "As our city's subordinate we will naturally help you. I will kill as many fallens as I can before I go back in God's tech and ask for reinforcement"

That was what Aries said but the smile on his face when he massacred the fallens proved that he just wants to fight. The tattoo on his arms glowed intensely than before. Aries hold a fallen's hand and threw it to other fallens.

A Nightmare fallen shot its fog attack to Aries but he just grabbed another fallen and used its body as a meat shield. Fallen bodies were flying everywhere and crushing everything on its way. He didn't have any weapon as most cultivator prefer to use their fist but the number of fallens he killed was rising continuously

It was like he has a 360° vision as all the attacks aimed at him was either dodged by him or he will throw a fallen's body to attack. There was no other rank 3 fallens that appeared making his slaughter to be unhindered. After hours of battling and killing he didn't feel any tiredness or fatigue.

Cultivators has the strongest physical body after all, even if they use all of their energy by using battle skills their bodies were still there! They have so much vitality and stamina that prolong fights were easy for them. Sometimes when their enemy was on the same level but when they prolong the fight and wait for the enemy to run out of energy victory was almost certain for them!

Unlike other Supernaturals that rely heavily on their energy and magic, cultivators are different! As long as you don't destroy their body it will take a long time before they become tired!