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 Sun can feel pain all over his body and he used all the strength on his body to be able to seat. This was the really the heaviest injury he sustained his whole life. It was not even directly his enemy's doing but his own. Remembering how the fallen easily made him helpless his envy energy stimulated him and a feeling great envy surfaced on his mind

Due to his mood the energy in the surrounding was stirred and became chaotic. The two sisters felt this and readied their selves to any possible fight

Sun sensed this and he immediately calmed himself. When he looked at the people who saved him he can't stop himself from staring at Anna. She was exuding a kind, innocent and independent aura that will attract all men

He can't help but think that he want this woman to be his. "Thank you" this was the first time that Sun said those words in a long time

Seeing that the man she saved was not violent and he was not going to attack them made Anna to feel relieved. "You are welcome"

Anna passed a soft biscuits to Sun "you might be hungry, eat it"

Sun ignored the pain on his body and took the biscuit as he didn't want to look weak in front of the woman he was having feelings with. He silently ate the biscuit

After eating he forced himself to enter a meditating posture and absorbed the energy from the surrounding. All though his energy attributes doesn't have any healing property but energy itself still has good effects on injuries

However, he suddenly remembered something and he took something on his pocket. It was a green colored pilled containing nature type energy

With his status in the Satan's Hand he naturally also used a Mind Crystal containing the basics of cultivation. It even made the old scientist to be angry when he learned about the attributes of energies

Since the Blood Serum they developed came from fallens and they only removed the spirit remnant its attribute still remained the same. It plummeted down the value of blood serums, unless it was emergency no one who learned about the basics of cultivation will use it

The Supernaturals will only use something that has the same energy attribute to them. Although he don't want to use it but the pill was good at healing. He desperately need to recover his body strenght. If an enemy appeared he need to be able to fight

He popped the pill on his mouth and the nature type energy flowed and was absorbed by his body. As nature energies has healing abilities and plus the fact that he was awake now and actively using it to heal his injuries. Sun's recovery rate received a huge boost

The two sisters didn't say anything and just let Sun do what he wants. However, there was a strange glint on Annie's eyes

She didn't know why but the Sun's devilish badboy look attracted her. This was exactly her type, she wants the exact opposite of the good boy type.

"W-what is your name?" Annie asked while maintaining her composure but the slight red blush on her cheeks indicated another thing. Anna naturally sensed this and she chuckled inside

Hearing her words Sun opened his eyes and answered but his eyes were looking at Anna


This didn't made Annie to back down though, she felt a sense of challenge that her crush was obviously liking her sister. This was exactly why she like the badboy type, there was a challenge and a sense of thrill on it

"Where do you live?" Annie asked another question and was determined to know as many things as she can about Sun

"God's Tech City" Sun simply answered, maybe if it was Anna that asked he will say more than that

God's Tech! If Satan's Hand work in he dark the God's Tech on the other hand was working in the light!. The God's Tech is the surface organization while Satan's Hand was the underground one

This God's Tech was exactly the organization that killed Kence's parents. The organization that he vowed to destroy completely. It looks like the fate once again played a cruel trick.

Kence and Sun were already mortal enemies but now Sun actually became a part of the organization that Kence wanted to destroy. If Kence knew that the one who almost killed him using assassin and hurt his family was a part of God's Tech just how will he react?

His hatred for Sun would surely be multiplied. There was no chance of reconciliation for the two

"Can we go to your city?" Annie asked while a flirty smile hung on her face. Anna looked at her sister as if saying 'what are you talking about?'

Annie just looked at her sister with puppy eyes which made Anna felt helpless. Just who was the one the promised that they will come back and join Kence's team when their matters are finished?

However, since it was her sister's happiness she won't stand on her way. Maybe Annie was trying to find something that will take away her focus on the almost certain death of their parenrs. "Sister we will just visit it for some time okay? Please?"

Anna shooked her head helplessly "fine"

Annie planned to enter the city 'temporary' for now but what she didn't know was they might not even be able to exit the city once they entered it

On Sun's head a plan was slowly formulating on his mind. For the first time in a while he met a woman whom he feel a bit of like. He will surely do anything to make her his

Thus, without the two knowing the supposed visit in a city will be a hell of an experience for them


Time fly and another two weeks passed in the blink of an eye. The five already made quite a great progress on their training and the results were already showing

More creatures were entering their forest and they don't have any choice but to assign a person to clean up the creatures regularly

Today, it was Ivy's turn. Although she don't like fighting but she can't possibly become a princess in their team. She also need to contribute something. Fortunately, she can just attack from the distance as her potent poison will be the cause of death of her enemies

At first, she was assisted by one of the other four but as time goes by she gained a bit of experience. They also ordered her that if the enemy became too close to her she can just flee and ask for help from the others

As her soul control became better although it didn't strengthen her soul as much as it does to Cesar but there were still a great increase! Stronger soul means she can make the Rainbowshade Flower to have more poten poison

"[Poison Magic: Poison Wisp!]" This poison attack of hers was inspired from the wisp of light that entered her forehead. This particular magic was extremely effective against fallens. Although the effect will greatly diminish to mutated animals and humans as they have superior intellect than a fallen but it was still a good magic. After all, most of the creatures that will immediately attack when seeing another creature were fallens. They didn't know it but because of the Mother Fallens the number of fallens were continuously increasing

There wasn't this much fallens before but now almost all of the places that was unoccupied by humans became the fallen's ground. Although no big human cities were destroyed by the superior numbers of fallens but this was like the calm before a storm

Wisps of rainbow colored poison were made around Ivy, the poisons flew and entered the fallens' body from their nostrils. The wisps travelled into their heads and released its poisonous power on it

As the fallens didn't have enough intellect to protect their already destroyed brains from foreign energies even a small amount of poison were able to kill them. The poison slowly infected the fallens' head and from outside their faces changed its color. They looked like as if someone painted their faces with paint with seven colors to have a rainbow

Ivy looked with satisfaction at the fallens that were killed by her in just a few seconds. As long as the numbers were not too much, cannon fodders were already becoming meaningless to her. If she continue training her poison she can kill thousands of low ranked creatures in just one burst of poison

However, suddenly Ivy felt a sense of danger. A beast type fallen launched itself at her in a fast speed. The fallen walked on all fours and used its long tongue to attack. Its face looked like an alien's slimy face, with a mouth almost touching the edge of its face

The beast fallen was a new type of fallen that suddenly appeared. It killed enemies using its fast speed and nimble movements. The fallen's tongue also has a great penetrating power

Ivy did all the best she can to dodge but the fallen's tongue still graze her cheeks. Pain travelled on her body and what suddenly happened cause her body to sweat. While some blood came out from the wound

The fallen didn't gave her a time to adjust and once again launched a tongue attack aiming at her face. Thankfully, she was not alone

A beam of energy containing death energy aimed at the fallen's tongue. It cut the the tongue in half while the fallen started to rot from its tongue. The attack came from the Ghoul Flower

The five decided to let the one assigned to the forest's clean up to take the Ghoul Flower with them. This was to not waste the enemies' corpse. It was better to feed it to the flower so that it can become stronger

Fortunately, it looks like that decision was a right one. If not for the flower Ivy might not be able to dodge the fallen's attacks. Ivy put a distance between her and the beast fallen to make another attack

"[Innate Skill: Poison Apple!]" This skill reminded Ivy of the Disney Princess, Snow White. This magic was a combination of her Innate Skill and the poison from the Rainbowshade Flower. As the mechanism behind it was not hard, it was just basically making a fruit and filling with with poisonous energy. She managed to develop this skill along with the Poison Wisp which was also a basic attack

Ivy's arm turned into a tree branch and a deep green apple immediately grew on it. She threw the apple and it landed on the fallen's face. The apple was destroyed from the impact and its juice entered the fallen's eyes

Fortunately, a beast fallen was the same as a normal fallen. It didn't have much of an intellect and also didn't defend itself from the foreign energy that was invading its body

As the apple contained more poisonous energy than the wisp the fallen immediately died. Ivy sighed in relief at that and walk towards the Ghoul Flower and thanking it for help

The flower intimately rub its head on her hands and she petted it. However, the sound of something stepping on grass entered Ivy's ears. She turned around and saw a horde of about a hundred beast fallen were looking at her menacingly

She had goosebumps all over her body by being stared like that. There are a lot of Knight Rank Fallens with them and this was too much for the current her to handle as she was still in the peak of Knight Rank due to the fact that most of her focus was on her soul

"Let's run!" Ivy said and the flower detached itself on the ground. Ivy hold the Ghoul Flower which they named 'Ghol' a bad and lazy way to name it

Ivy run as fast as she can while holding Ghol on its stem while the beast fallens were trailing behind her. "Ghol do something!" As speed was these type of fallen's forte they were already starting to overtake her

The Ghoul Flower opened its mouth and it shot beams of death energy to any fallen that became too close to them. This made their bodies to land on the ground and impeding the fallen's behind it

Fortunately, as consideration for her the four tasked her to just patrol not too far from the center of the forest where Kence is. In just a few minutes of running she finally reached Kence's position

Ghol already looked like a dried out flower from using too much of its energy. There were too many fallens that almost managed to attack Ivy. Thankfully the flower was there to her rescue