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 Using his roots Kence catch quite a lot of fish for them to feast

He handed it to King and the others to cook

He looked to the sky and started thinking about the things that happened lately

To think that in just a bit more than a month the world will change this quickly. People suddenly turning into fallens while the humans gained superpowers that they long for

However this power came with a cost of the end of the peaceful era where the only thing you need to worry about is the food you will eat, clothes you will wear and house that will shelter you

"Master, here's your fish!" Calter with a smile handed a fully cooked fish towards Kence who took it and started eating

The others also get their own fish

If not for the danger on this world one might think that they are just in a middle of forest to have a family bonding

The flower on Kence as if smelling the freshly cooked fish opened its 'mouth'

Kence chuckled and took another fish for the flower to eat


After eating the five continued their journey, however their journey are becoming more dangerous the farther they go

In front of them was a pack of ten wolves with rock brown color

If it was just wolves it was something that they won't need to take seriously. Unfortunately, the leader of the pack was a Knight Rank! While there are three at the peak of Warrior rank and the rest are all mid-stage warrior!

The wolves stared at them ferociously

"Focus on keeping yourselves alive. I will take care of their leader!"

Saying this Kence floated in the air as a few hundreds of leaves gathered around him

As he was now in the Knight Rank, the amount of energy on his body was tremendously boosted and his energy control also become a bit better

The leader sensed the danger coming from Kence and it focused on him

In front of the wolf's mouth a fist size rock formed, the rock enlarge and become the size of a small boulder that it shot towards Kence

Kence used his leaves to destroy the boulder, the leaves pierced the rock but that was all it managed to do

The rock was too big and sturdy for his leaves destroy

"Explode!" The energy infused on the leaves went berserk and multiple small explosions occured that destroyed the boulder

Their first exchange ended with no one gaining the upperhand

The leader wolf howl and the other wolves also attacked either by making rocks or using their paws covered in rock

Before the apocalypse, wolves are already one of the top predators because of their strength and now because of the apocalypse their strengh was enhanced greatly!

Even a Knight Rank Bee might be one-shot kill by the leader wolf!

Tens of fist size rocks were formed by the wolves that shot towards the group of Mystics

Kence used his leaves again to destroy the rocks coming to him while the others also use their own skills

"[Innate Skill: Root Hand!]" King's arms tranformed into roots with five sharp ends on it that looked like a hand made from root

"[Magic Skill: Harden!]" King's body gained a metallic luster that increases his defense and also the hardness on his body and roots.

King used his roots to deflect back the rocks that hit some of the wolves. He went to meet head on the wolves that is coming on their way for close quarter combat

The root hand slammed on one of the wolves, crushing it as it was just a mid-stage warrior

From Calter's body his seedling shape soul came out, he infused it with his energy and it grew at a rate visible to the eyes

From behind Calter the phantom illusion of a Soul Tree were formed. This was the skill [Bloodline Manifestation]

Calter's body glowed with light green light and he felt that his overall power were increased as an overwhelming amount of power was coursing through his body

"[Magic Skill: Dance of Bullets!]" Around him a hundred bullet shape green light formed that flew towards the wolves

The power of a single bullet was quite weak but it has a high quantity and it still managed to leave some injuries on the wolves that were hit

"[Rune Magic: Blood Sucker Vine!]" This was the rune that Cesar managed to make. With enough imaginations and energy Rune Masters can make their own Runes however it took a quite a bit of time as they needed to believe that the Runes they are drawing will gain the effect that they want

A seed shape light came out from the Rune that Cesar drew with his blood, it landed on a wolf's body. Thorny Vines grew on the wolf's body and its blood was slowly being suck by the vine

This Rune Magic was created by Cesar to support everyone on his team. It will slowly suck the blood of the target which will weaken them and if they try destroy the vines the energy from it will explode causing more harm

Because of that the enemy has two choices, slow dealing damage or an explosive damage

Most will choose the slow dealing damage as they still have some time to defeat the enemy unlike when they destroy the vines that will cause them a big damage or even death. If the enemy is heavily injured how can they defeat Kence's team?

The wolf tried to use its claw to remove the vine but the part it destroyed exploded causing some damage on his paw. As wolves don't have the same intellectual as humans it still continued to remove the vines harming it, however it just caused him to sustain heavy injuries

"[Innate Skill: Absorb!]" Ivy's arm turned into roots that pierced the heavily injured wolf. As Ivy does not have powerful skills yet and plus the fact that she just broke through and was not used on her strength yet she only chose to attack the heavily injured wolf

Because of it's injury, the wolf was not able to dodge and was sucked by the root until it become a pile of ash

The leader wolf seeing that some of his pack members were killed that easily become enrage

The wolf covered its whole body with rocks and leapt towards Kence

Kence tried to use leaves to hinder the wolf but even though the leaves exploded on the wolf's body its defense was not penetrated at all because of how sturdy its rock armor is

Without a choice Kence temporarily took the carnivorous flower and use a lot of his leaves to let it land on the ground

With his hands free he can now fight without worrying about the flower

"[Innate Skill: Sword Root!]" One of Kence's arm become a sword shape root that he used to slashed towards the wolf but it only left a shallow mark on its armor

The wolf bit the root and destroyed a huge chunk of it, as the force if its jump was already used up the wolf landed on the ground

Kence used his energy to regenerate the sword root

The wolf's defense was a huge headache for him

How come he managed to destroy a small size boulder but can't even penetrate the rocks on the wolf's body

Around the rock wolf tens of rock spikes formed. All the spikes flew towards Kence who can only barely defend by causing hundred of leaves to explode

The wolf took this chance and leapt towards Kence wanting to claw him to death

Kence tranformed his arms and chest into wood. The wolf's claw destroyed and pierce towards Kence's body easily destroying the wood

Kence's foot become a sharp root that he used to kick the wolf that landed heavily on the ground but it was not injured much. He used his energy to regenerate his body

Kence gritted his teeth, his 5 meters tree body landed on the ground

"[Combination Magic: Spiraling Roots!]" Kence clone's root arms  and the root from the original tree body spiralled with each other that flew towards the wolf

The wolf used its rock covered claw to destroy the attack

Using its claw the wolf crushed the roots but it caused its claw to sustain slight injury and some blood leaked out

Without a pause Kence controlled ten yellow fruits on his tree body to hover around him

From his palm light green energy particles came out that was absorbed by the fruits

"[Fruit Creation Magic: Enhanced Explosive Fruits!"] The fruits glowed intensely and flew towards the wolf

The wolf was not able to dodge the sudden attack and ten fruits exploded around its body

Some patches of rocks came off from its rock armor. Although that was the case Kence was only able to destroy some of its defenses not actually injuring it

"How can its defense be this strong?"

The wolf run towards Kence who once again used his leaves to hinder the wolf's movement. This time he made sure to only attack the part of the wolf that was not covered in rock

However, the wolf's body glowed with brown light and the part that does not have any rock defense immediately grew a new set of rocks that shocked Kence

"That's cheating!"

He thought that with his blue fruits he has enough energy to slowly injure the wolf while waiting for his team to kill all the weaker wolves and join him to kill the leader

But this wolf cheated by forming new rocks on its body

Kence once again gritted his teeth and used the roots of his tree to attack which the wolf easily destroyed

"[Combination Magic: Dual Leaf Storm!]" Around Kence's body a few hundreds of leaves were formed and glowed with green light

The same thing happened to the tree body. A few hundreds of the tree's leaves flew and glowed with red light

The two groups of leaves met and they all flew towards the wolf

The wolf's surrounding was fully occupied by leaves that made it hard for him to move

Kence used this chance to get one of the blue fruits to eat and replenished his energy

The wolf's body once again glowed with brown light and all the rock on it left its body. The sturdy rocks exploded and destroyed all the leaves surrounding him

Kence's eyes lit up when he saw this

"[Innate Skill: Sword Root!]" He transformed his arm into sword shape roots and run towards the wolf

He thought that this was his chance to finally finish the wolf but he was destined to be disappointed

For the nth time the wolf's body glowed with brown light as a new rock armor were formed around its body

The sword root slashed its body however this time it managed to pierced the newly formed rock armor

Although it was not enough to give the wolf a heavy injury it was still a proof that the new rock armor's defense was now more inferior than before

"Little doggy what happened to you?" Kence mocked and used his sword to attack again

The wolf open its mouth and a brown beam of light came out

Kence hastily dodged, unfortunately the beam hit his tree body leaving a fist size hole

"Fuck!" Kence cursed, it was already quite some time that his tree body received a damage and it made him enraged

Kence floated again in the air as another ten yellow fruits and one blue fruit flew and hover around him

Kence ate the blue fruits to replenish his energy again. This is Kence's own 'cheat' as long as the enemy was as strong as him or a bit stronger than him he can just cheat by replenishing his energy

Just looked at the Knigh Rank Wolf, it used quite a lot of its energy causing the defensive properties of its rock armor to decrease

From Kence's palm light green energy particles came out and was absorbed by the yellow fruits

The yellow fruits glowed and trembled intensely as if it was on the verge of exploding. The amount of energy that these fruits absorbed was higher than before

"[Fruit Creation Magic: Enhanced Explosive Fruits!]"

The fruits shot towards the wolf

It dodge the assault of the fruits, unfortunately Kence has full control over it. This attack was not like a police using a gun where in if the bullet flew from the gun the user will lose control over it

This skill was controlled by Kence to move and it will not explode without his control

The fruits managed to surround the wolf and the yellow fruits exploded on its body