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 "Take this" Kence handed a small sack to each of his teammates

"My Lord, what are these fruits?" King asked as he saw a couple of fruits inside the sack that has three different colors. Some are red, blue or yellow

"That are the fruits I made from my new skill. Eat the red one to heal injuries, the blue is for recovering energy and the yellow ones are exploding fruits" Kence explained

The adoration they have for Kence intensifies now. To think that their master can easily make things like this

"I can easily make these fruits but it consumed a lot of energy. If you want more give me fallen's corpse to make more" these fruits will help preserve their lives but Kence didn't want them to be too overconfident just because of these fruits

They should at least work hard to get things that will help save them. It's already enough that he gave some to them

"We understand" King bowed and carefully stored the fruits on his backpack while the others did the same

"Before I forgot eat these fruits now" Kence handed them another fruit with different color

Some parts of the fruits has blood red color while some part of it was green in color

The two color intertwined making the fruit look like a piece of art

"Wow it's beautiful" Calter exclaimed seemingly entrance by the fruit

Aside from the aesthetic looks of the fruit it also made the blood of the three of them throb as if their body was craving this fruit

All of them felt that they are willing to do anything to obtain this fruit

With shaking hands they took the fruit and looked at it as if it was some sort of a treasure

"W-what is this feeling? What's with this fruit?" Cesar can't help but asked, this sudden emotion they are feeling just from seeing a single fruit was too abnormal

"That's a Bloodline fruit, since you have my Bloodline that might be the reason for your reactions"

Seeing their reactions Kence also felt that it was abnormal but he immediately come into conclusion when he remembered what these fruits are for

"For people who does not have a Bloodline it will give them my Bloodline while for the three of you who already has my Bloodline these fruits will purify my Bloodline on you"

This is all what Kence new from the information he got from the skill [Fruit Creation] as for what Bloodline purification and its effect is he was not sure. However, from the name itself it might be making the Bloodline stronger and close to the source

The three greedily ate the fruits as if their life depended on it

Green glow surrounded their body, they felt that their cell was being overwrite into something new. Something more powerful

They closeness they felt to Kence was instensified

Soon the glow disappeared while their eyes are close as if savoring the feeling of their Bloodline being purified

*ding* due to Host's Bloodline Purification the user will randomly learn the Bloodline source's Skills the source has when they are in the same cultivation base or lower

The Voice of the World resounded into their minds saying the same thing

Soon a drop of blood appeared into their mind, the blood magnified until they can see the cells on the blood

It stopped into a single cell that was also magnified

Then some scenes appeared on their minds however all of these has the figure of Kence either the first time he gained the skill or the time when he was practicing an specific skill

Pain appeared into their minds as if some memories was being embedded into their soul

After the scene ended they opened their eyes and was gasping for air

"What happened?" Kence asked as he also only has a pitiful amount of understanding to the Bloodline Fruit effects

"I-I think I learned a bit of things about your [Leaf Manipulation] skill" King said as although he gained some understanding on the skill he still needs some time to train and fully understand things to be able to perform it

"I gained a bit of understanding on the [Fruit Creation] Skill" Cesar was embarrassed as he felt like this was akin to cheating, his master needed a Skill Ticket to learn this skill but now just by eating the fruit he gained some understanding on how it works

"I-I fully learned the [Spirit Clone] skill]"

All of them looked at Calter, Kence used this skill to have a humanoid shape body but Calter already has it so what effects will this skill have on him?

Also Cesar and King only gained the basic understanding on Kence's skills but this kid Calter actually managed to fully learn it how can they not be shock?

The two also felt some sort of oppression from Calter's body, as if the blood on Calter was superior than theirs. They didn't know how they got this feeling though

"Calter, although that skill was good however it will cause you to feel unimaginable pain. Think of it before using the skill"

Although the world was now a cruel place, Calter was just an eight-year old kid. He doesn't want Calter to feel the pain that he felt when activating the skill

That pain was beyond any worldly pain that he felt! That pain also increases his pain tolerance

He was tortured in almost every way before but he didn't break down much. However the pain from your soul splitting up made him want to just die that time!

"Is it more painful than my own mother dying because of me being weak?" Calter's words shock everyone

Calter was not a talkative kid, actually he almost never say anything unless it was necessary. They thought that it was because the people around him was too much older than him that's why he didn't talk much

But now, they realized that her mother's death gave him a big cruel blow

Before, they asked Calter if he wants to play with kids at his age but he refused. They though that Calter was only shy that time but now they remembered that after they asked him he just continued training

They suddenly realized that this kid was the most diligent out of them all!

Although all of them trained almost 24 hours every day as all of them almost didn't need to sleep because of [Photosynthesis] after some time they will stop to rest and maybe read some books to clear their mind

However, they never saw Calter stopping! Kids has the tendency to love playing even by only theirselves but Calter did not have any interest in playing!

All his time was spent of training. All of them felt guilty as they think that they neglected Calter

Calter was a kid that is so hard working and diligent that it will make people ashamed of their own laziness

"S-son, I'm sorry" King choked on his words and he cannot let out another word again as tears were threatening to fall down from his eyes

Calter looked at his father with sad smile "Father it was not your fault, I was also weak back then"

"I want to use [Spirit Clone] please give me your permission Lord Kence" Calter plead

Kencs sighed and nodded as affirmation and looked away, he cannot bear see his teammate experiencing that kind of unimaginable pain

"Thank you" Calter muttered and he gave a reassuring smile to his father that was worrying about him

"[Spirit Clone] Activate!"

As soon as he said those words his body fell down at the sudden pain that assaulted him

King was so nervous that he didnt know what to do

Calter's whole body was trembling as bullets of sweat formed all over his body

The pain from splitting one's soul was not something an adult can take much more a child like him!

Calter fell unconscious because of the pain however the intense pain woke him up. Even if he wants to lose consciousness because of the pain the pain itself will stop him from doing so!

He tried to take the pain by remembering all his hard work, how he trained and trained to reached where he is now. An opportunity was presented to him to gain more strength he will do everything for it!

Soon a glowing green spherical things came out from Calter's body and the pain vanished

That was a part of Calter's soul that separated from his soul. Calter looked at it fascinated. He thought of how he will make sure to train hard with this soul

He imagined working hard to make this soul of his that was slowly molding into a seedling shape soul to grow into a tree just like his Master Kence. He promised to himself that he will become even more dilligent

Because of the emotion that Calter was feeling a pure white light enveloped the seedling shape tree but no one paid it any attention as they are focused on looking if Calter was still feeling the pain. They also didn't pay attention to that sort of emotion that suddenly aroused from inside them

However the people outside their Villa who sensed the pure white light aura was different. They felt some sort of familiar emotion inside them was being magnified. Unfortunately, they cannot pin point what exactly this emotion is

Kence original soul was only a ball shape one however after using [Spirit Clone] one part of his Soul was a humanoid shape one which is his human body while the other one slowly become a tree shape one

Calter on the other hand was different, originally he has a ball shape soul but now he gained a seedling shape soul while he can feel that the other part of his soul was slowly molding into a humanoid shape one. Some tine was needed to complete this process

*ding* Congratulations for Host for having a Psuedo-Soul Tree Soul

*ding* Congratulations for Host for early gaining the Skill [Bloodline Manifestation]

The blue translucent 'system window' appeared in front of Calter's vision

Bloodline Manifestation: The Ability to Manifest a Phantom of the Bloodline Source that will help the user fight

Some information was transmitted into Calter's mind and just like when using a Skill Ticket he effortlessly learned a new skill that will take other people some time to developed even one skill

Calter didn't mind the word 'early' that the system said but learning that he gained a new skill he excitedly explained to his 'family' the skill he learned

Although he learned how to used it he didn't know much about the specifics effect it has. That will take some time to understand, nontheless he was happy to learn a new skill

The others although happy that he gained a seemingly powerful skill didn't mind it that much. All they feel was happiness as the painful process of splitting soul was finally over

Although King and Cesar didn't know how painful it was but seeing their master that was apparently tortured in almost every way describing the process as something dreadful it at least gave them some sort of understanding on how painful it was

King can't stop himself from hugging his son. Kence and Cesar also walked towards them to comfort Calter

Thankfully Calter was alright now and feeling the warmth from the people surrounding him the kid part inside him was aroused as tears and mucus flowed out from his eyes and nose

He sobbed like a kid he is. Seeing this everyone felt relief, fortunately Calter still has his kid side. They worried that Calter might turn into someone that only knows how to pursue strength without caring about the consequences and his own family!

Thankfully, Calter can still behave like a kid he was


In the atmosphere, the Angel Raphaela violently opened her eyes as she was again assaulted by shock

"H-how can this be possible?" She felt that what she is sensing was wrong and tried carefully sensing that thing again

"First is that creature and now this?"

"It's only been four weeks after the apocalypse started"

"How can beings like them be born early?"

Although the birth of this new being was something to be happy with unlike the first being that she sense but it just really shock her!

Beings like this would inevitably born, all planet will give birth to each one of these beings

However the birth of a single being like that will take millions, billions or trillions of years

But now it was only the fourth week, only a single month passed since the apocalypse and two beings like these are already born how she can not be shock?