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 The Earthen Fist landed on the mage's body, breaking almost all of his bones as blood leak out from almost every part of his body

The mage was unwilling to die, he is a mighty mage chosen by a grimoire to be its owner. He has a great future ahead of him, how can he die now?

Unfortunately, no matter how unwilling he is the fact that he will die will not change

The grimoire turned into light and slowly dissipated, how unfortunate that a mage as powerful as that died

Cesar felt that almost all of the blood on his body was drained and he fell unconscious on the ground with face as pale as a paper

Counter trapping the mage's Ultimate Spell take a lot of toll on his body, Rune Master use their blood and the energy from it to draw symbols that has mystical effect on it. However, as Cesar was only a newly awakened Rune Master even though he also become a Rank 1: Warrior countering a spell that powerful was way beyond his limits! It was already fortunate that he didn't immediately die!

"Cesar!" Both King and Calter were worrying about the condition of Cesar but their body's injury and exhaustion prevent them from checking on Cesar

Without a choice they both activated their Innate Skill to have enough energy for at least walking normally

"[Innate Skill: Absorb!]" King's foot grown some roots that buried on the ground and absorbed the nutrient from it to replenish King's energy

"[Innate Skill: Photosynthesis!]" Calter closed his eyes, his [Photosynthesis] skill actually kind of leveled up! Before, when using this skill he can only sense and absorb the energy coming from the sun to aid his cultivation but now he sense the energy from the surrounding clearer than before thus making his recovery faster!

After some time, when they both had enough strenght to move properly they quickly walk to where Cesar is and checked his condition

King lean on Cesar's heart to see if he was still alive, luckily he can feel that Cesar was still breathing. If Cesar died they would really feel heartbroken as this man treated them kindly and almost sacrificed his life to save them!

"Maybe, Lord Kence can help Cesar recover faster. Son, let's go back" even if Cesar was still breathing King still worried that something bad happened to Cesar's body that he do not know. That is why it is better to treat him immediately

Deciding this King carried Cesar on his back and walked back to the forest where Kence is

Seeing the two depart, the villagers was not sure what to do, they just lost their protector. How can they survive this apocalypse without a supernatural? But seeing how they kill people with little hesitation none of them got the courage to asked them for help


At this time, Kence was still practicing his Leaf Manipulation Magic, thanks to him racking his tree brain to find out how he can improve this skill he learned that the key to make his leaf stronger is how he control the energy that he infused on the leaf!

Energy control is the most important thing!

Before, he just infuse energy on his leaves and control it on a simple way like flying towards the enemy and let it burrow into their eyes to enter their brain and that's it. He didn't pay much attention to the amount of energy he infused the leaves with, as long as he saw it glow he would immediately use it to attack!

Now, due to his constant training and finding the trick. Kence can already control 10 leaves in an efficient way and with him infusing it more energy than before the leaves' sharpness was almost comprable to ordinary metals!

When the leaf absorbed energy the energy will rampage on the leaf thus breaking it, that is why Kence only put a tiny amount of energy on it just enough for the leaf to not break but now with his energy control after infusing the leaf with energy he controlled the energy to calm down and this made him use more energy in a single leaf!

When he got tired of playing or rather training his leaves, Kence would immediately medetitate to absorb more energy. Kence felt like he was close in breaking a certain barrier and that if he managed to break that barrier he would become much stronger!

After some time, King and the others reached Kence's location

King laid down Cesar in front of the tree "My Lord, please help me heal my friend" he begged

Kence heard this and opened his imaginary eyes, he saw a man lying in front of his body and saw that King was kneeling to him

This man really liked to kneel to him, Kence felt helpless

"King, I don't know how to heal someone" and that is the truth, he does not have any healing skills! Heck if he had he would surely be happy to use it on himself when he got injured

"H-how can that be, you did heal our injuries before" King's face paled, although it was not necessarily the case that Cesar's life was in danger but it's still better to treat him and who knows when he will wake up?

"I only used my energy to surround you and Calter before and looked at what happened to the both of you" Kence knew that the reason why King and Calter immediately accepted their new appearance was because they felt indebted to him but other people will not necessarily accept having some inhuman appearance

"My Lord, do not worry about that. I will explain it to Cesar, Cesar is kind-hearted he will feel grateful when he learned that you only did it to saved him!"

"I don't see any injury on him maybe he just used too much energy, wait for at least half a day, if he doesn't wake up then I can only do what you want"

Without a choice, King decided to wait for half a day worriedly. He hoped that Cesar will wake up immediately

Calter decided that he might as well meditate to make himself stronger, for him this only happened because he was too weak! That is why he need to become strong as soon as possible

Calter closed his eyes and activated his innate skill again, the surrounding energy was absorbed by his body like a sponge. Kence seeing this was surprise before, Calter's absorption was not this fast and was only provided a little boost on his cultivation by absorbing the sun's energy but now he clearly saw how the energy particles close to Calter was being absorbed faster than before

King seeing his son working hard he thought that it was pointless on worrying about Cesar after all he cannot do anything so he might as well train. When fighting the mage, King gained a better grasp on his innate skill. He walked in front of a small tree and activated his skill

Soon, King's hand transformed into a root that struck the small tree leaving a hole on it while the few inches surrounding the hole withered and lost vitality. King continued using [Absorb] on the surrounding tree to have a better control on his root

Watching the two training hard Kence was motivated and he too soon was absorbed on his own training as a few leaves can be seen dancing in the air

The trio's quiet training seamed tranquil in the middle of the forest and would surely be a master piece if an artist painted the scene

A few hours passed and Cesar slowly opened his eyes, with difficulty he tried to sit while he rest his back on a tree behind him which was precisely Kence

'Oh he woke up, look at these two worrying about this man but when he woke up they didn't even notice' Kence thought and decided to send a message to King and Calter for them to know that Cesar was already awake

Receiving the message, the father and son duo turned to look towards Cesar and smiled

"You finally woke up, you made us worry!" King walked to Cesar and pat the man's back too hard that Cesar felt some pain

"I only woke up yet you are already bullying me!" Cesar rolled his eyes and touched his back where the pain was coming from and King just laughed

"Man, you were really amazing back then. How did you managed to send back the enemy's spell? That was an ultimate spell okay? Ultimate spel!" Hearing this Kence felt quite curious

An ultimate spell was send back by this man? How powerful is he to do that

Cesar scratched the back of his head and said "I don't really know how. All I know is that I felt like some power awakened inside of me and some knowledge was poured into my brain then before I knew it I draw that rune and was able to send back the spell"

Hearing this, Kence, Calter and King nodded

"So you really become a Rune Master huh that's good!" King praised

"It was just luck" is what Cesar said but he felt really happy inside

Rune Master! One of the top among the supernaturals!

"I felt really jealous on you, you become a supernatural before me!"

Aside from Bloodline holder, all those who awakened as either a Mage, Rune Master or a Cultivator immediately become a supernatural!

Bloodline holders on the other hand started at the second stage of normal rank but you cannot underestimate a Bloodline holder!

Bloodline Holders are more versatile than the other three. Most magest and rune master can only use a single type of magic like earth, fire, water, wind etc while Cultivators although cannot use magic has the strongest body and they can use Battle Skills with power comprable to magic!

Bloodline Holders on the other hand gained the body strenght, defense, speed etc from the source of their bloodline while at the same time having innate skills that won't lose to Magic or Battle Skills!

"Cesar, I need to introduce you to my Lord he was the one who saved me and my son and was also the one who killed the thug's leader but don't freak out okay?" King decided to add Cesar to their team, it will boost their survival rate if they have a Rune Master with them!

Cesar was confused, he didn't saw any other people here aside from himself, King and his son

"This is My Lord, Lord Kence" King said while pointing at the tree body of Kence

Cesar looked to where King was pointing and he was not mistaken, King was really pointing at a tree

"A tree?" Cesar asked confused, is King messing with him?

A few awkward moments passed with no one speaking or doing anything. Even the sound of the insects can be heard because of how silent they are!

Then a few leaves left the tree and surrounded Cesar who was shocked and though that it was an attack but remembering that King pointed at a tree and said he was his Lord, he refrain from attacking

Kence cannot help it but break the akward silence but since he cannot speak then might as well just use his leaves to make Ceres aware of his presence

"This is Lord Kence, he was a former human but he became a tree . He is powerful! He was the one who gave us our Bloodline!"

Hearing this Cesar was amazed, this tree can actually give out Bloodlines! So this is why King and Calter's appearance changed and true, they have some characteristics of tree on them. It all made sense now

"U-umm hello?" Cesar was unsure of what he should say and was also quite afraid. This tree can give Bloodlines he was not simple is what Cesar thought but what he does not know is that Kence was not necessarily a lot stronger than him