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 Shi Enxi had it rough. At a young age, she experienced things that a child didn't deserve. She lost her parents and her relatives took advantage of it.

Her life changed after she was adopted by her half-sister. From then on, she decided that she was not going to allow others to bully her ever again.

She never had a good life so why would she allow others to have one?

She grew up to be a real villain. Cunning, ruthless and merciless. She destroyed so many lives, including the life of the person she loved the most.

Lu Mello on the other hand, saw how Shi Enxi's life unfolded with his own eyes. But who would've thought that the spectator from the sidelines would play a major role in her life?

He grew up from a loving family, but he never wanted to take over the family business, after all, he always wanted to be a detective. He never thought the person that he had always trusted would be the person who would betray him the most.

How would these two play destiny's game? Rivalry? Infatuation? What should be the outcome of the game? Them as enemies, or as lovers?





"No, I'm not going to make you choose anymore." A woman, standing at the end of the cliff said, her face was wet with tears.

"Enxi... please, please don't do this. Think of our son!"

"Our son?" A sad smile appeared on her lips, "He doesn't deserve a mother like me. I rather die than going to jail, honey."

"Don't do this to me, Enxi." The man begged, his eyes were filled with tears. He could feel his heart thumping so loud because of panic and fear.

Shi Enxi shook her head, "If... if I was given a chance to change everything... I won't. They deserve to die. I'm going to kill them all over again." She started laughing like a crazy woman, "I guess I'll be seeing them in hell."

She leaned back and allowed the gravity to take her body down.


The man jumped down the cliff which surprised Shi Enxi.

"A-Are you an idiot?!" Tears kept flowing out of her eyes when she saw what the man did.

The man reached out to her and pulled him in her arms, "Never... I will never leave you again, Enxi... I'm sorry... I'm sorry for giving you a hard time."

She buried her face on his chest, she felt her heart being ripped apart and the pain she was feeling at that moment was so great that she just wanted to end it all.




Everyone knew the classic folk tale Cinderella, was about a young girl who was mistreated by her stepfamily but was eventually freed when a handsome prince fell in love with her and rescues her from her terrible life.

Sure, Cinderella was a sweet story; a good girl who endured hardship and was ultimately rewarded for her efforts and kindheartedness. It reflected the way one wish the world really was. But that wasn't the case on Shi Enxi's part.

There were no mice and birds to help her from her auntie's cruelty, there were no fairy godmother or prince to save her. She has endured ever mistreatment that her cousins gave her.

Her brother Shi Yi, wasn't there to protect her since he was taken in by their grandparents. How unfair was that?

Her aunt Shi Anhao volunteered to adopt her in the family all because they were after her part of the inheritance that was given to her by Shi Fen. Aside from that, she was badly harassed by Shi Anhao's husband since he has taken an interest in her.

The one who saved her from her uncle and aunt's cruelty was her half-sister, Li Bingbing.

She thought that her life would become better, but Shi Anhao's daughters bullied her even in the school.

The once lively girl was now quiet. She refused to trust someone so easily.

If not for Mengmeng, she would still be going to the same school as Shi Ansheng and Shi Nansheng's bullying.

From then on, she decided to take a step on changing herself. She was never going to allow someone to belittle her anymore.

If her half-sister, Li Bingbing didn't take her in, no one would be there to save her.

She decided from then on that she was going to be a hero for herself.


In her new school, there was this girl that she started hating. Everyone loved her. Fan Xiao Yao was a sweet and kind girl, her smile could brighten someone in an instant.

Just like Shi Enxi, Fan Xiao Yao lost her parents and was being taken in by her relatives but unlike her, Fan Xiao Yao had a beautiful life.

Shi Enxi was smart, she knew that she could not openly show her hate to Fan Xiao Yao that was why she let others do her work.

Although despite the small bullies that Fan Xiao Yao received, Lu Mello was there for her, like a knight in shining armor.

Little by little, Shi Enxi listed the people she wanted to ruin, she started scheming her way on how to destroy.

She quietly and patiently prepared everything for her revenge until she finally graduated.

Shi Enxi stood in front of a building, staring at it for a while. It was her first day of work and she knew that she would be facing her uncle and auntie again.

A sinister smirk appeared on her lips as she whispered to herself, "It's time."