In order to stand out among the countless stalls on this food street, a unique and irresistible aroma was clearly imperative as the passersby on the street would always notice the aroma of the food being sold first.

To the people of Rodu, roast meat wasn't some rare delicacy. However, the aroma of Mag's roast meat had attracted the attention of everyone in the general vicinity.

This was not what ordinary roast meat smelt like!

It was difficult to imagine just what kind of roast meat could be emitting such a delectable aroma. Even the aroma of the roast beef from Cary's Rotisserie couldn't come close to comparing with this.

Everyone unconsciously craned their neck as they cast their eyes toward Mag's stall, trying to determine what he had added to his roast beef.

He's using the same beef I use, but why is the aroma so vastly different? This is incredible! Sinclair looked on with wide incredulous eyes at the sight of the sizzling cubes of beef on the roasting rack.

He had thought that he was quite skilled in the art of roast meat. However, he was struck by a sense of inferiority as he looked at the roast beef that Mag was cooking.

The employee from Cary's Rotisserie gulped, but he pursed his lips as he murmured to himself, "It may smell good, but there's no way that it'll taste anywhere near as good as Head Chef Ike's roast meat. Besides, how could a roadside stall like this possibly get as many customers as our rotisserie?"

"That smells so good! Is it really roast meat that he's cooking?" Irina took a whiff of the delightful aroma in the air, upon which her eyes immediately lit up. She stared at Mag with awe and wonder in her eyes as she murmured to herself, "Could it be that he really learned how to cook?"

"Father is really super good at cooking. If you become Father's wife, you'll be able to taste his cooking every day," Amy tempted with a wide smile.

An exasperated smile appeared on Irina's face as she scoffed, "Do you introduce every beautiful big sister you see to your father as a candidate to become his wife?"

Amy shook her head with a serious expression, and replied, "No way. I think you're the only one that's right for Father. I've never introduced any other big sisters to Father before."

"Really?" Irina was a little skeptical.

"Really." Amy nodded with nothing but straightforward honesty in her large blue eyes.

"Then what about your mother? Did your father ever tell you about her?" Irina asked in a quiet voice.

"Father says Mother is living on the moon. Every night, when I see the moon, it's just like seeing Mother." Amy pointed up at the sky before turning to Irina with a smile as she said, "I think that my mother must be super beautiful, just like you, Big Sister Irina. Father is too lonely by himself, so I wanted to introduce you to him. Father really is a super good man."

"And you're a really good daughter." Irina gently stroked Amy's silver hair. She was very touched that Amy could be so thoughtful at such a young age, and she gently said, "Your mother must be very beautiful, and she'll be very happy to see that you're all grown up. She'll be able to come and find you soon."

Amy's eyes immediately lit up with surprise and elation as she asked, "Really? Do you know my mother, Big Sister Irina?"

"I do. Your mother is the most beautiful elf in the entire elven race, so of course I know her. She's also the most powerful elf as well; there aren't many people in this city that could defeat her," Irina replied with a proud expression.

"Wow! Mother's so awesome!" Amy's eyes were glittering with awe and admiration.

"She sure is, and she'll come to find you sooner or later." Irina nodded with a smile as she turned her gaze toward Mag, and said, "That's why you have to keep an eye on your father, and make sure that no other women approach him with ulterior motives. Otherwise, when your mother comes back, she'll beat him to death!"

"Is she that scary? Father may not be able to beat Mother..." Amy's eyes widened as if she had realized just how important this matter was. She nodded earnestly, and said, "Alright, I'll look after Father and chase away all of the other women with ulterior motives!"

"Good girl." Irina nodded with a content expression.

"But Big Sister Irina, what is an ulterior motive?" Amy asked with a perplexed look.

"It's..." Irina looked at Amy, and was temporarily at a loss for how to define this concept.

"Is it the type of women who say stuff like 'Boss Mag, I want to bear your children!' or 'Boss Mag, I want to marry you!' or 'Boss Mag, I'll warm your bed for you if you give me another bowl of tofu pudding!'?" Amy asked.

"Hmm? Are they really saying that?" Irina narrowed her eyes as a dangerous aura began to seep out of her body. The situation appeared to be worse than she had imagined.

Do these women want to die?!

"You should blast these women with fireballs to teach them what shame is!" Irina clenched her fists.

"But if I do that, I'll have to burn a lot of people to death every day, and Father won't be happy with me." Amy looked down at her little hands with a conflicted expression.

Is he really that popular with women? Irina turned to Mag with a skeptical look.

He now had a completely unfamiliar face with softer lines compared to Alex's angular features. The sight of him concentrating on roast beef struck her with a momentary sense of entrancement.

He looked a lot like Alex during sword practice. However, he was dedicating his focus and concentration to cooking instead.

She could no longer sense powerful energy fluctuations from his body. In fact, he appeared to be rather feeble.

However, she was already extremely glad that he was able to recover to this extent after being completely disabled and having all of his meridians severed.

Let me protect you from now on, Alex, Irina thought to herself as her eyes glazed over.

Mag carried a plate of roast meat over to them and placed it in front of Irina with a smile. "Here's some freshly roasted beef; have some and tell me what you think."

The cubes of beef were still sizzling with oil, and the aromas of beef, black pepper, and cumin were flowing relentlessly into her nostrils. Each and every one of the cubes of beef had toothpicks protruding from them, and the entire plate was filled with such cubes of beef.

"It smells so good! I wonder what it tastes like."

"It does look very delicious, but I still feel like it's too expensive to charge a silver coin for just a small cube."

"That's true. Now that I think about it, his prices are no cheaper than the prices being charged at Cary's Rotisserie."

All of the bystanders were discussing quietly among themselves as they stared at Amy and Irina.

"I'm digging in!" Amy picked up a toothpick and blew on the cube of beef on the end several times before placing it into her mouth. Her eyes immediately lit up as she chewed with glee, and her body and head were swaying from side to side as a blissful look appeared on her face. Before long, she had already finished her first cube of beef.