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 [National Treasure Cindy Hao spotted with Tycoon Zhou Jingren from Zhou Capital]

[Is Cindy Hao Dating the CEO of Zhou Capital?"]

[Who is Zhou Jingren?]

[Cindy Hao spotted with her new boyfriend, Zhou Jingren]

[Is Zhou Jingren married?]

[Zhou Jingren marriage to Lily Facci- Qin not confirm]

[Goddess Cindy spotted having drinks with CEO Zhou. Here's everything that you need to know.]

[CEO Zhou- The man behind Zhou Capital]

\u003eI think the goddess Cindy looks good with CEO Zhou!

\u003eI hope it's true! My heart! They look really good!

\u003eCEO Zhou is married, right?

\u003eThere was no proof!

\u003eI thought his wife is dead already?

\u003eOmO... this news just made my day!

\u003eAm I the only one who thinks that CEO Zhou was not even looking at her while they were walking? He was looking the other way! If I am together with Goddess Cindy, I would stare at her all the time.

\u003eThey are trying to avoid issues, dummy!


"Let them publish more articles." Lily smiled. She looked at the image in her hand. It was of 'Zhou Jingren' with Cindy and the clients. "The more the better."

"You aren't worried?" Cathy furrowed her brows. She eyed the tablet full of online articles about Zhou Jingren. "Don't you want me to help them with this matter?"

"No."She yawned. "It's fine. Let them dig their own graves. The one responsible for this will eventually cause their own downfall."

"This Cindy Hao is the new ambassador of Zhou Capital in mainland China and that was the reason why she was there in the club with everyone last night," Cathy said. "There were also photos of Zhou Jingren and Cindy going to the parking lot together."

"It was clear that whoever took the photos did it with malice in mind. They actually edited Go Jichen out of those pictures." Yang Mi added. "I think we should release the CCTV's in the area."

"Actually... " Lily smiled. "There was no CCTV's. Someone removed it before our people could see it." She tapped her phone and started texting Zhou Jingren. "This issue should not affect us. As I said... we are not celebrities. We don't need attention to ourselves. If we do something now. It will only look like... we are being defensive."

"The other party did not issue any statements to stop the rumors. I think they are trying to use this for the next big movie awards in Mainland China."

Lily nodded at Cathy's words. "Hmmm... That is right. I'm sure they are taking advantage of this. After all, Zhou Capital is a big name in China."

Cathy rose from her seat, and she started pacing inside Lily's living room. "Did you tell Zhou Jingren not to do anything as well?" she asked.

"I did." Lily knew how Cathy hated it when someone would drag Lily's name in a scandal like this. "Honestly, Cathy, It's alright. I am not concerned about this matter. Contrary to the news that they went to the hotel together last night, Zhou Jingren was with me. Even Yang Mi saw him. We spent the night together and woke up together. Those were nothing but photo-shopped images- excellent ones."

"Wait..." Yang Mi's face turned ugly as she looked at her phone. "Look at this." She gave Lily her phone. "I was checking out the rumors from Weibo and guess what? Someone... even made a Weibo account for President Zhou and started posting apologetic words tagging Cindy Hao."

"Look... I am not sure what is going on here... but I will find out." Cathy said. She opened her phone and started calling someone. Meanwhile, Lily just stared at the photos on the tablet and narrowed her eyes.

She wondered who would dare drag Zhou Jingren's name like this. And what were they trying to do? She rose from her seat. "I am going to Zhou Jingren's office." She declared before going upstairs to change her clothing.


"Go Jichen told us to be careful on our way to the Zhou capital. He said a couple of reporters are waiting to talk to Zhou Jingren."

Lily only smiled when she heard Yang Mi's words. She then called Zhou Jingren.

"Are you busy?" Her voice was full of mirth. "Then... can you come and get me downstairs? I will wait for you." Lily said before cutting the call. She then looked at Yang Mi. "Do you think... being low profile is bad?"

"I don't think you are low profile," Yang Mi answered honestly.


"Your name and Zhou Jingren's name always laced the business pages of tabloids both in Europe and Asia. I don't think... that is low profile."

"Hmmm... I think you are right. I always thought that this is a low profile. Maybe I needed to change my ways." Lily gave her a knowing smile. "Can you tell me how many magazines have called us so far?"

Yang Mi darted her gaze at Lily's beautiful face. "Since the news started two- not major magazines. But... we already receive five offers from women's magazines since you came back. They wanted to make you the cover and do a little interview as well. However, President Zhou and even Cathy declined these offers because they wanted you to rest."

"Well... I think it's time that we agree with these offers."

Yang did not respond as she parked the car. For some reason, Lily chose to park their car in front of the building and not on the underground parking. She knew that Lily must be brewing another scheme in her mind and to be honest, Yang Mi cannot wait to see it.

"I will talk to Cathy so we can fix your schedule." Yang Mi answered.

"Perfect." Lily smiled. "You ready?" she did not wait for Yang Mi to answer as she opened the car and walked out. She then eyed the faces of the reporters, who immediately noticed her presence.

"Miss Lily!"

"Is that Miss Lily?"

"It's Miss Lily!"

More than ten people run towards Lily with their cameras and recorder in hand.

"Miss Lily! Miss Lily! Do you have the time to answer our questions?"

Lily's lips held a faint smile as she looked at the reporters. She then put on her shades and answered, "Of course."