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 The massive black sword the size of a small mountain shot up into the sky, as if wanting to tear the sky.

The instant Wicked's body came in contact with the black sword he crumbled into dust.

Countless streaks of black light exploded in the air, scattering in all directions like a meteor shower.

All of the Society of the Strong Gale cultivators raised their heads and blankly stared at the sky above their heads. There, the massive sword ripped open the thick layer of clouds in the sky. A warm sunshine beamed down landing on everybody's bodies.

God knows how many suns and moons they hadn't seen the sunlight in this miasma filled Ancient World Marsh?

The children released waves of cheers while the adults teared up with the impulse to cry.

Yue Hongyan and co also all stared in shock at the sky above their heads.

It's over just like that?

Just a moment ago, the Ganges Quicksand Formation crumbled and the lone mountain peak collapsed. The people in the belly of the mountain were all exposed under the enemy's butcher's knife and they were about to be slaughtered.

But at this moment, 3000 cultivators, the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation and General Wicked actually just perished like that?

Yue Hongyan's hairs stood on end as she watched Lin Feng who put away the formation diagram and descended from the sky.

The red-haired girl stood dazed and fell into a trance. Those two crimson brows that were always raised and were like two thin killing swords also looked a lot more gentle due to her daze.

Lin Feng's expression was indifferent. His white clothes were spotlessly clean.

The group of Society of the Strong Gale cultivators looked back and forth between each other. They all had expressions of awkwardness and stared at Lin Feng unable to speak.

Yue Hongyan returned to her senses, her expression was also extremely complicated.

But she did not hesitate and directly bowed straight down to Lin Feng, squarely saluting him: "You have great power and turned the tide of the battle. Yue Hongyan will remember your kindness for as long as I live. I was rude to you before, punish me however you will."

The black-clothed man also had a look of shame. He brought his fists together and bowed to Lin Feng, saying sincerely: "I was rude before, I beg your forgiveness."

The Society of the Strong Gale cultivator who spoke out first accusing Lin Feng was completely flushed in the face: "I did not know the immensity of heaven and earth and offended you, I beg your forgiveness."

The members of the Society of the Strong Gale all came up and saluted Lin Feng, either apologizing or expressing gratitude.

Lin Feng only smiled lightly and didn't speak.

Seemingly regardless of their scepticism and offense before or their apologies and gratitude right now, he didn't take them to heart at all.

If it was before, this appearance of his landing in the eyes of Yue Hongyan and co would naturally make them think that Lin Feng looked down on everyone. But now, they instead all started to feel ashamed. If Lin Feng got angry and disputed with them they would instead not be so nervous.

At this moment, all of the eyes of the Society of the Strong Gale cultivators no longer had any signs of belittlement or doubt. They all felt a heartfelt admiration and in their gratitude, there was also mixed a hint of light fear.

It was honestly that Lin Feng's power of reversing life and death and turning the world upside down with the lift of his hand was too shocking.

Borrowing the power of the world, even though they're unable to move and are complex to set up, the power of formations is definitely the strongest amongst same level spells.

Any sect will have a protective formation guarding their gates and their foundation. The Void Temple has the Supreme Yin-Yang Void Formation, the Great Thunder Monastery had the Vairocana Formation and the Mt. Shu Sword Sect has the Immortal Heaven Universal Sword Formation. These protective formations are all the cornerstones of the sects.

The reason the Mount Heng School's protective formation was broken by the Eternal Dao Sect's Master Pubei that day was because the gap in cultivation level was too great between the Mount Heng School's aurous core stage cultivator presiding over the formation and the nascent soul stage monster Master Pubei. If the Mount Heng School also had a nascent soul stage cultivator holding down the fort, Master Pubei definitely wouldn't have the balls to pick a fight at their doorstep.

In a battle between cultivators of the same level, only formations of the same power can oppose another formation.

And this formation diagram for the Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation is the sect protective formation that the system rewarded to him after integrating Lin Feng's original fundamental sect dao technique!

Right now Lin Feng has the formation diagram, but one, he does not have a sufficient cultivation level and two, he does not have the materials required to set up the formation. But with just the transformation of life and death, he withstood Wicked's Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation, resolving the fatal sword aura released by him and converting it to his own formation's power.

And then using this power, he unleashed the transformation of heaven and earth, burying the 3000 Shenwu Army cultivators. And then he reversed the transformation of life and death, the life energy was converted back to killing energy and directly obliterating General Wicked.

"Even the transformation of life and death and the transformation of heaven and earth that I used today have far from unleashed their true power." Lin Feng pondered in his heart: "In the future when my cultivation level goes up and I gather all of the materials required to set up the formation, what shocking power will this Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation unleash?"

"I'd probably really be able to create a world and govern the creation and perishment of all life?"

Thinking here, Lin Feng couldn't help feeling excited.

The main quests issued by this system are indeed bullshit, but the special rewards of the main quests are each one awesome than the other. It can be called high risk high reward.

For the first time ever, Lin Feng looked a bit forward to the new main quest.

After entering into the system, the new main quest had sure enough already been issued.

Main quest 1.2 - Find a suitable blessed area and officially establish your base.

Quest Description: The path of cultivation is spells, land, wealth and companions. If a sect wants to grow, besides a dao technique that belongs to your sect, even more you must have a blessed area suitable for cultivation before you can attract the world's gifted to join you and establish an eternal foundation.

Quest Time-Limit: Three years, if not completed on-time host will be directly eliminated.

Lin Feng stared at the quest description and pondered: "It's time to officially find a place to settle down?"

He thought of the trade that he made with Long Ye before. Long Ye provided information about a cultivation abode and said it was not yet occupied.

Wonder if it's really true?

Lin Feng was in the middle of pondering when he saw Kang Nanhua walk down from the sand dune and arrive in front of him.

Kang Nanhua's expression was calm. He arrived in front of Lin Feng and bowed: "Thank you for rescuing us, I Kang Nanhua am eternally grateful."

Lin Feng smiled saying: "The heavens aid those who strengthen themselves, you don't need to worry about it. Not to mention I did not help out to take advantage of you guys and ask for something in return."

Kang Nanhua shook his head not speaking.

He promised his deceased friend that even if he had to battle to the death, he would absolutely not cower. So if Lin Feng didn't help out today, don't mention the people of the Society of the Strong Gale, Kang Nanhua himself would also have perished under the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation.

Kang Nanhua looked at the members of the Society of the Strong Gale and sighed saying: "I once promised Hongfeng that I would take care of you guys, alas I am not powerful enough and it is difficult for me to protect you all. This time if this fellow daoist hadn't rescued us, even I would have lost my life."

Yue Hongyan stood out from the crowd and walked to Kang Nanhua's side. She lowered her head saying: "We are indebted for your care all these years, Hongyan thanks you on behalf of everybody."

"In the first place you are not a member of the Society of the Strong Gale. Just because of a promise you made to my big brother you've protected us until now. We are all deeply grateful." Yue Hongyan said with emotion: "It was us who were too selfish, relying on your protection and willfully moving around in the Great Zhou Dynasty's borders."

Kang Nanhua shook his head with a calm expression not speaking.

While Lin Feng nodded his head in secret after hearing this.

Yue Hongyan and co were indeed a bit arrogant. With their strength, persisting to be active in the Great Zhou Dynasty's borders was too high-profile. In the end, this time they took things seriously and nearly got rid of them all in one fell swoop.

If they retreated into the borders of a different kingdom, how could the Zhou Dynasty encircle them so conveniently?

Hearing this, the black-clothed man's expression slightly changed: "Hongyan, do you..."

Yue Hongyan calmly nodded her head: "I've made up my mind. We'll temporarily retreat from the Zhou Dynasty's territory, accumulating strength and increasing our cultivation levels. In the future when we have enough strength we'll return again."

The black-clothed man glanced at Kang Nanhua. He opened his mouth wanting to say something, but in the end he didn't say anything.

Kang Nanhua slightly furrowed his brow: "Entering into the borders of another kingdom, you guys are prone to lose your autonomy."

Yue Hongyan smiled lightly, her two crimson-red eyebrows raised up: "That depends on whether or not we work hard."

"People of Snowgale are never cowards."

Hearing this, Kang Nanhua's face revealed a smile of approval: "Hongyan, you are very good. If Hongfeng knew in the underworld and saw you today, he would definitely be very happy."

He turned his head looking at Lin Feng and said very seriously: "Your kindness today is the same as giving us new life, unfortunately I am already carrying a promise."

"Before I have completed my first promise, I honestly do not dare to carelessly make promises again. I can only say that if we meet again in the future, if you have any orders I will follow with no exception."

Lin Feng stared at Kang Nanhua's eyes for a while and then chuckled: "Don't mention following me or serving me again. Like I said, if we have the chance to meet again in the future, I am happy to sit and talk with you."

Lin Feng turned his head looking towards Yue Hongyan and co, he smiled saying: "You guys take care too."

With Yue Hongyan at the head, the members of the Society of the Strong Gale all bowed together and said respectfully: "By your edification."

Lin Feng shook the Black Cloud Flag, turning into a streak of black light and instantly disappearing in the distance.

After Lin Feng left, Kang Nanhua started to meditate and recover while Yue Hongyan and co went outside to concile the villagers and started arranging for evacuation.

The black-clothed man silently walked over to a place where no one noticed and crushed a voice-transmission crystal.

"What happened?" The crush crystal glowed with white light and the voice of a man travelled out from the white light.