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 The Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation, rumors say it was created by the Marquis of Xuanji Zhu Hongwu. It is a compulsory course for the cultivators of the Great Zhou Dynasty's Shenwu Army. It gathers the mana of multiple low-level cultivators at one point, infusing it into the body of the commanding general thereby causing the commanding general's strength to have a qualitative leap.

The method is similar to how some sects raise dao soldiers. They use special formations to unite the numerous sect members who practise the same dao technique as one. As long as there are enough low cultivation level disciples, matched with the formation they can go against opponents with much higher cultivation levels than them but with fewer numbers.

And after going through the Marquis of Xuanji's improvements, the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation is even more domineering and profound. It can actually combine the mana of cultivators who practise different dao techniques to form the formation.

This Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation is the Great Zhou Dynasty's ace weapon of destruction. At the very least it is formed by 100 people, at the most it can link together the entire Shenwu Army's tens of thousands of cultivators as one.

In the battle of the elimination of buddhism in the past, it was the entire Shenwu Army's tens of thousands of cultivators who formed the most powerful Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation of all time, fighting hard for numerous days and nights and blasting open the Great Thunder Monastery's protective formation, the Vairocana Formation. (TL: The almighty wikipedia.)

If not so, the number of allied cultivators who would have died in front of the Vairocana Formation would at least need to be doubled.

Currently there naturally can't be tens of thousands of cultivators under Wicked's leadership forming the formation and providing mana to him, but the power of 3000 people is still sufficient to boost Wicked's strength to an unimaginable degree.

Even if they're all qi disciple stage, 3000 cultivators by themselves are a powerful force. Yet, now they are focusing everybody's mana together, amongst them there are even dozens of foundation establishment stage cultivators coordinating and commanding.

So upon seeing Wicked lay out the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation, Lin Feng didn't have any hesitation and dashed backwards without even turning his head.

No shit, with 3000 people, if they line up and take turns punching him he'll still be flat as a pancake after he's healed. Not to mention the power of 3000 people is focused in one attack, furthermore there is Wicked this aurous core stage cultivator leading the group. Only an idiot would fight with him.

"You lunatic, you can't deal with me 1v1 so you bring your bros to gang up on me." Lin Feng was extremely irritated: "If you want to gang up on me then whatever, but all of a sudden bringing 3000 people to gang up on me alone, could you be even more shameless?"

What made Lin Feng even more anxious is that the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation has actually sealed the surrounding space. He is unable to use the Black Cloud Flag's spatial shifting ability to leave this place. With this he can be considered to be trapped in a dead alley.

Seeing Lin Feng turn into a streak of black light and escape, Wicked was not in a hurry. The blade of his sword slowly pointed towards the lone desert mountain that the members of the Society of the Strong Gale occupied. He laughed saying: "Nobody can escape, you all have to die."

Where his sword pointed to, endless killing intent and hostility gathered. The miasma fog above the lone mountain was already scattered clean, revealing the dark and gloomy sky. Dark clouds covered the sky, weighing down on people making it difficult to breath.

The movement created by the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation naturally also startled the members of the Society of the Strong Gale on the lone mountain. Facing the threat of the Zhou army, everybody's hearts were heavy.

Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag, flying back to the lone mountain and silently hiding inside.

"Why did you return back?" Dao Zhiqiang asked in puzzlement.

In the battle with Wicked before, Lin Feng used the Black Cloud Flag to cut-off Dao Zhiqiang's and Wang Lin's perception of the outside world. So they don't know what just happened.

Hearing Dao Zhiqiang's question, Lin Feng naturally won't tell him that if it weren't for the fact that he ran fast, he would have been locked onto by the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation's energy flow. At that he wouldn't be able to run if he wanted to, he can only wait for death.

On the contrary, under these circumstances, Lin Feng is even more calm and composed: "Why didn't you report the intel here back to Wicked before? The reason I came back is the same as yours."

Dao Zhiqiang nodded his head and then said with worry: "The 3000 people of the entire forward brigade left camp are all here and have laid down the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation. It's also General Wicked who is controlling it, they can even fight a nascent soul stage cultivator."

Lin Feng fully agreed in his heart, but on the surface he just smiled indifferently and appeared enigmatic.

"Holy mother of Jesus, even if I fed all 24 sariras to the War God Golem it probably still wouldn't work. The enemy isn't using simple human wave tactics, it truly is a qualitative change induced from quantitative change.

While thinking, Lin Feng entered into the mountain. He evaded the Society of the Strong Gale cultivators coming and going in haste, passing straight through the village and headed towards where Kang Nanhua was underground.

He remembers that Kang Nanhua said before that he laid down some Eternal River Quicksand Formation here. Even though he doesn't know the exact power, hearing Kang Nanhua's tone of voice it is definitely a large scale high level formation.

Lin Feng entered into the hole, but saw that there were already a couple of people standing inside. Hearing movement they all turned their heads around.

The person at the front had a beautiful appearance. She wore a body of red clothes, her crimson hair like fire and two fine eyebrows like two killing swords. Glaring with a pair of large beautiful eyes it was precisely Yue Hongyan.

Lin Feng's eyes flashed. Beside Yue Hongyan, a black-clothed man with a long scar on his face was also an old acquaintance. It was precisely that foundation establishment stage cultivator of the Society of the Strong Gale who kidnapped Zhu Yi that day in Tianjing City.

Seeing Lin Feng, the black-clothed man instantly furrowed his brow, even the scar on his face pulsated: "What the hell are the people outside doing?"

Yue Hongyan released a low humph: "Cut the crap, take him down first!" While speaking, the six foot black light halberd was already raised in her hand.

At this moment Kang Nanhua said: "Hongyan, Little Hei, stop."

Yue Hongyan didn't turn her head, she still stared straight at Lin Feng and opened her mouth calling: "Mister Kang!"

Kang Nanhua said: "This daoist means no ill will, it's also all thanks to him that my injury was able to be fully healed."

Hearing this, Yuen Hongyan and the Society of the Strong Gale cultivators present were all stunned. Their gazes looked back and forth between Lin Feng and Kang Nanhua in surprise.

That black-clothed man couldn't hold back saying: "But the Shenwu Army outside?"

"A wooden sword might have fallen in the hands of the Zhou army." Kang Nanhua released a low sigh. Afterwards he looked towards Lin Feng: 'If he wanted to do you guys harm, why would he help me heal my injury? Not to mention, his strength is only higher than mine, you guys are no match for him."

"You guys all already know about the situation outside?" Lin Feng coughed dryly. If he doesn't use the War God Golem, he doesn't have the confidence to defeat Kang Nanhua.

Kang Nanhua nodded his head, his expression solemn: "An aurous core stage cultivator leading a whole 3000 people. They've already formed the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation."

He turned his head looking towards Yue Hongyan and co: "The Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation has sealed the surrounding boundary space. We can't go out, we can only fight and make plans of retreating from here after repelling the enemy."

Yue Hongyan and the cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale all nodded their heads with grim faces. Yue Hongyan turned around and gave some instructions to the couple of Society of the Strong Gale leading figures behind her. These people all nodded their heads in compliance and withdrew from the tunnel together.

They are going to arrange for shelter for the mortal relatives in the village and to direct the members with fighting ability to make preparations for the final resistance.

Yue Hongyan looked towards Lin Feng, she raised her crimson red eyebrows: "Why did you leave and then return? Could it be that you also can't deal with the Shenwu Army outside and need to take shelter in Mister Kang's Eternal River Quicksand Formation?"

In his heart Lin Feng said, "You're right doll.", but on the surface he naturally won't admit to it.

He didn't speak either and only chuckled. He then turned his face away, looking like he couldn't be bothered to answer Yue Hongyan's question.

Yue Hongyan slightly furrowed her brow, the remaining few Society of the Strong Gale cultivators also revealed expressions of discontent.

That black-clothed man blocked in front of them and whispered: "Mister Kang will handle everything." Yue Hongyan turned her head glancing at Kang Nanhua and nodded her head not saying anything.

Right at this moment, Wicked's voice travelled over from outside the mountain. His voice was calm and cold: "It's practically like a nest of ants hiding in an ant nest. Just looking at it makes me sick, go die all of you."

A wave of bloody and wild mana fluctuations started vibrating. It was precisely the conception of power of the ancient God Slaying School's characteristical path of murder, but the power is countless times greater than when he was fighting Lin Feng before.

Outside of the lone mountain, the Shenwu Army of 3000 had formed the battle formation and stood menacingly on the desert land in front of the lone mountain. Near endless mana was poured into Wicked who stood at the front of the battle formation and their killing intent dashed to the skies.

This Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation was like a peerless sword of evil, slowly coming out of the scabbard wanting to slaughter all of mankind and dye the world in blood.

And Wicked, is the sharpest point of this evil sword.

His sword pointed at the sky and a change instantly occurred to the overcast sky.

The dark clouds covering the sky started spinning, slowly forming a massive vortex. At the eye of the vortex, ominous light flashed in all directions. The massive tip of a sword as pitch-black as ink slowly extended out from the eye of the dark cloud vortex.

That sword tip was virtually half the size of the peak of the lone mountain. It harbored the brutal conception of powers of great terror and great slaughter. A regular mortal would instantly die upon coming in contact with just the terrifying bloody aura.

The tip of the sword pointed straight at the one mountain, poised to strike!