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 Controlling the Black Cloud Flag to fly in the air, Lin Feng thought about the matter of the Great Thunder Revival Pill while entering into the system with slight jitters.

It appears that this bullshit system has issued a new quest again.

Gathering up four disciples, Lin Feng had completely the first main quest. The new quest issued this time shouldn't be a side quest but the new main quest.

Main Quest 1.1 - Create the fundamental dao technique of the sect.

Quest Description: A sect assimilating and mastering the dao techniques and skills of other legacies is no doubt good, but you must build upon past achievement and scale new heights on the existing foundation. Only by having your own unique dao techniques and skills can you lead the world and pass down your legacy for time eternal, establishing your position as the number one sect.

Quest Time Limit: One year, if not completed before time limit, directly eliminate host

Looking at the quest description, Lin Feng also nodded his head in approval.

He is going to create his own sect, of course he has to have a fundamental dao technique unique to his sect. If he's always using other people's dao techniques and skills and he gets recognized, awkwardness is only the least of it.

No matter how amazing another person's dao technique it is, it is the legacy of a different person, how can it be the foundation of his own sect?

To create his own sect, he needs to create his own, original dao technique. Moreover, his original, self-realized dao technique and skills have to be superior to all that already exist in this world. Only like this can it be considered the legacy orthodoxy of the number one sect.

But despite the rhetoric, after seeing the quest time limit, Lin Feng's face instantly turned black.

Once again there's only one year's time, but creating one's own dao technique and skill isn't an easy thing to do at all.

Lin Feng laughed helplessly and sighed. His beautiful dream of him entering closed door training first for 100 years and then directly coming out to kick ass was once again shattered.

"At the very least let me reach foundation establishment first." Lin Feng is already at the great circle of perfection of qi disciple. The next step is to establish his qi ocean and form his dao root. From qi disciple stage to foundation establishment stage is a great leap forward than can greatly boost Lin Feng's strength.

Even though he just swept away three aurous core stage cultivators, Lin Feng is self-aware that that is just the War God Golem's strength, it is not his own.

The War God Golem's combat strength is completely proportional to the strength of the power source supplied to it.

In the short term it's very difficult to have the strength today again when sacrificing Sikong Nan. A lucky event like Sikong Non this big shot old demon just happening to be in trouble and then landing in his hands is pure chance.

Currently, Lin Feng doesn't even have the resources to prompt the War God Golem to move, let alone have today's combat strength.

Unless he provides the sariras as a power source for the War God Golem.

But the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation is currently Lin Feng's strongest weapon besides the War God Golem. With one missing sarira he is unable to set up the formation. Unless absolutely necessary, Lin Feng does not want to take that step.

Which is why Lin Feng wants to advance to foundation establishment stage first. After reaching foundation establishment, Lin Feng can refine the sariras again. At that time he can reduce the number of sariras to set up the formation and change the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation into the 18 Arhat, 16 Arhat or something.

The arhat formation's power may drop a bit, but it can create a surplus of power sources to provide to the War God Golem. Clearly it is a good deal.

But after just having this thought, a notification prompt popped out from the system closely afterward.

After getting a clear look of it, Lin Feng nearly fainted over.

"Forming your dao root, the first step in thousands of years of cultivation and longevity, and also the most important foundation. Host must reach foundation establishment using the sect's original fundamental dao technique."

Lin Feng felt his chest tighten. At this moment, besides swearing he honestly didn't have anything else he wanted to say.

He should have already known that with this unlucky system, there isn't the most bullshit, only more bullshit.

"Initiating Fundamental Dao Technique Creation System, enter now?"

Lin Feng grunted and then clicked in. System notifications continued to ring beside his ears: "Meditate on an image and the system will automatically create a dao technique based on the image."

"Would it be that simple?"At this moment Lin Feng calmed down and pondered in his heart. It sounds easy, all he has to do is think of an image in his mind.

But what should he use? Should he screw around a bit or be more serious?

After carefully thinking for a moment, Lin Feng restrained his impulse to screw around.

A thousand story building rises from the ground. If he covets a moment of pleasure, causing his foundation to be unstable and influencing the completion of the quest later, this system presumably won't mind giving him a quick one.

Dao technique foundation.... Dao technique foundation... Lin Feng thought for a moment, a black and white blending image surfaced in his mind.

Taiji. (TL: Or Tai chi. I'm gonna use taiji. You can learn more on wikipedia.)

This world doesn't seem to have the taiji diagram. The mark of the daoist holy land, the Void Temple is also just a white prosperous cloud.

"Confirmed host's thought, starting to create..."

Hearing the completely emotionless mechanical voice beside his ears, Lin Feng sighed. Heavens take pity, he actually wanted to try transformers or pikachu.

"《Heavenly Scripture of the Dao》successfully created..."

A scene of nothingness appeared in Lin Feng's mind. The nothingness gave birth to a taiji diagram of a yin and yang fish.

The taiji diagram started to spin, turning into the two colours white and black and filling the entire void.

Closely afterwards, from the black and white polar opposites was born the four phenomena, earth, water, fire and air.

The chaotic earth, water, fire and air stabilized in the void, further developing into the eight scenes of Heaven, Earth, wind, thunder, water, fire, mountain and lake.

Seeing this scene Lin Feng understood in his heart: "This is taiji produces the two modes, the two modes produce the four phenomena, the four phenomena produce the eight trigrams..."

The eight images split into eight directions. After settling in the void and turning into eight black hole-like objects, they stopped changing. The system notification rose up once more: "Please choose basic reference dao techniques to create the first chapter of the《Heavenly Scripture of the Dao》, the《Eight Trigrams Chapter》.

A thought surfaced in Lin Feng's mind. Looking closely at the eight images that represent the eight trigrams and linking them with the system notification, he had a guess in his mind: "It wants me to get eight types of dao techniques that already exist in this world and then merge them together to obtain a completely new dao technique as my original dao technique?"

Thinking here, Lin Feng decided to give it a test: "The eight images that represent the eight trigrams shouldn't be for show either. There must be a certain requirement, maybe it is the original attribute of the dao technique."

Lin Feng thought of the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique in his mind, and then he saw the black hole in the void representing "Thunder" of the eight trigram images suddenly light up and become a mass of white light.

Afterwards Lin Feng thought of the Netherworld Nirvana Manual. Sure enough, the black hole representing "Water" also turned into a mass of white light.

To continue verifying his guess, Lin Feng thought of his other water class dao technique, the Blue Oceanic River Technique. This time the remaining six black holes did not react at all.

"Looks like that's how it is." Lin Feng exhaled a long breath. Next up is the Art of Acala and the Kṣitigarbha Sutra. Sure enough, the black holes representing "Fire" and "Earth" also lit up in succession with white light.

Looking at the four remaining black holes, Lin Feng slightly frowned: "Heaven, wind, mountain and lake? Heaven, wind, mountain, lake... Hold on!"

With a thought, a small black mountain the size of a human fist shakingly landed on his palm. It was precisely the soulbound magic of Old Geezer Yue from before. After getting smashed away by the War God Golem, Lin Feng secretly used the Black Cloud Flag to take it.

This mini black mountain that can change sizes was repeatedly damaged by the War God Golem. Right now it has already lost the majority of its spirituality and must be repaired and refined again.

Lin Feng doesn't care about the magic item itself, but instead about the writing faintly carved on the small mountain.

"Supreme Mountain Script... Haha, just as I suspected, God is truly on my side!"

Lin Feng laughed happily. Maybe to increase its power, this magic item of Elder Yue's actually had a portion of the dao technique of his sect, the Supreme Mountain Script carved onto it.

Thinking of the dao technique of the Supreme Mountain Script, the black hole in the void representing "Mountain" also lit up with white light.

More than half of his original dao technique has already been completed, Lin Feng was instantly in high spirits: "There still remains Heaven, wind and lake. Hm, I've already saved up a lot of trading points and I was also rewarded a lottery chance from taking in Wang Lin as my disciple."

Thinking here, Lin Feng immediately entered into the trading system.