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 On the wide dirt road, a black-clothed youth was difficulty walking while covered in sweat. The youth's every step was like a heavy object falling on the ground, heavily smashing the ground and kicking up a wave of dust.

Looking close-up, one can see that on the back of the black-clothed youth he is actually carrying an incredibly massive black greatsword. The greatsword doesn't have a blade nor a tip and its length has virtually surpassed the youth's height.

This strange combination made the many passerbyers in the city square all unable to help but cast gazes of curiosity at him.

Beside the black-clothed youth, a green-robed youthful scholar walked side-by-side with him. A child only four or five years old walked energetically in front, occasionally turning his head and looking at the black-clothed youth.

The expression on the faces of the green-robed scholar and the child were both strange, wanting to smile but not daring to do so.

The black-clothed youth glared at them grumpily, dragging his leaden feet and walking under a tree beside the road.

Walking to under the tree, the black-clothed youth directly fell to his back and lay on the cooling grass, letting the sweat on his forehead flow down like a small stream.

His two companions stood beside him, lowering their heads and looking at him. The smile on their faces was nearly about to burst.

The black-clothed youth is naturally Xiao Yan. Looking at that smiling appearance of theirs, he let out a snort: "If you want to laugh then laugh, careful that you suffocate to death!"

Xiao Budian exploded with a crisp laughter, Zhu Yi's face also revealed a grin: "Eldest Apprentice-Brother, of all the things you could have been fated with you just had to be fated with such a bulky thing, now you're suffering big, huh?"

Xiao Yan scratched his head in distress: "I didn't think before either that not mentioning that this thing itself is crazy heavy, it can also suppress the circulation of my mana. This thing really wants to tire me to death. Just thinking about carrying this thing back to Mount Heng is terrifying."

Xiao Budian took pleasure in his misfortune: "Eldest Apprentice-Brother, exactly what sins did you commit last life?"

Xiao Yan glared at him: "On the road back to Mount Heng, you and me take turns carrying it. Your cultivation pills were also used in buying this thing. If you don't carry it and we can't bring this thing back then I won't give back the pills that I owe you."

Xiao Budian was instantly heated: "You're shameless Apprentice-Brother! Xiao Yan smiled saying: "I'm sticking to you, what can you do?"

"You..." Xiao Budian just wanted to speak when his expression slightly changed and he twisted his head looking behind him.

Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi were also alarmed, raising their eyes and looking behind Xiao Budian. They saw a grey-clothed person wearing a big straw hat on his head, silently standing not far away from them.

The grey-clothed person took off the straw hat, revealing a shiny bald head. Six precept scars were neatly aligned on his head.

"Why is Hui Ku's Buddhist Thunder Staff with you guys? Where is Hui Ku and where are the sariras?" The grey-clothed person slowly asked. His voice was not loud but it was as if it sounded from the depths of their hearts.

The expressions of Xiao Yan and his apprentice-brothers all slightly changed. The grey-clothed person only calmly stood there and he already gave them a lot of pressure. They didn't even dare to recklessly move a pinky finger.

The three people all exchanged gazes, thoughts rapidly turning in their minds.

"This monk's cultivation level is unfathomable. Master is not with us, if we fight recklessly it's easy for us to be in an unfavorable situation." Xiao Budian's big black eyes turned and he opened his mouth first saying: "It was a monk who gave it to our master and then master passed it on to us."

The grey-clothed monk glanced at Xiao Budian, a hint of amazement revealed in his eyes. Clearly he's perceived that Xiao Budian is not even five years old yet and already has a cultivation level of qi disciple level 10.

"Which expert is your master?" Subconsciously, the grey-clothed monk's tone of voice became a bit more courteous. Being able to train such an outrageous disciple like Xiao Budian, his master is definitely not a regular person.

Xiao Budian shook his head: "Master doesn't let us say."

Xiao Yan looked at the grey-clothed monk and asked modestly: "How may we help you?"

The grey-clothed monk looked at him: "The Buddhist Thunder Staff is on your body, right? That is the magic item of our Buddhist sect."

After being silent for a moment, Xiao Yan said: "The magic item was bestowed by my master. Without my master's approval I do not dare to easily gift it to another."

The grey-clothed monk's drooping eyelids instantly opened, a strong light surged and he stared straight at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan's mind was shaken and he nearly fainted over. Under the gaze of the grey-clothed monk's eyes, Xiao Yan even had a feeling of guilt as if he'd committed great evil.

But his will is incredibly strong and he managed to stabilize his mind, staring back at the grey-clothed monk unyielding.

Zhu Yi was silent the whole time. At this moment he quietly took a step forward, standing side-by-side with Xiao Yan and facing the pressure brought by the grey-clothed monk.

Xiao Budian's little face also scowled. He stood together with his two apprentice-brothers and the three apprentice-brothers all faced the powerful enemy together, side-by-side.

The grey-clothed monk's eyes flashed and his eyelids drooped back down. The pressure instantly vanished and Xiao Yan and co. unanimously exhaled a sigh of relief. Only at this time did they discover that their backs were already covered in sweat.

"The monk who gave the Buddhist Thunder Staff to you guys, do you guys know where he is right now?" The grey-clothed thought for a moment and then opened his mouth asking.

Xiao Budian said first: "We don't know, it's already been almost half-a-year since we saw him."

"Half-a-year ago?" The grey-clothed monk pressed on: "Where did you guys meet him?"

Xiao Budian answered without hesitation: "Near the Great Zhou Dynasty's capital city, Tianjing. If you want to find him, there's no harm in taking a trip to Tianjing."

The grey-clothed monk stared at the three people for a long while and then nodded his head, putting his palms together and saying: "Namo Amitabha, thank you children." Before his voice had died away, he had already vanished on the spot.

Xiao Yan was slightly dazed: "This monk is more bark than bite, he just left like that?"

Xiao Budian said snappily: "What, do you really want him to attack and cook us all in one pot?"

Zhu Yi pondered and said: "This monk could very likely come back, let's go back and meet with Master as soon as possible."

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian nodded their heads together and the three apprentice-brothers hurriedly walked towards outside of the city.

The air slightly fluctuated and the grey-clothed monk revealed himself, staring at their distancing figures.

"I've let out the line, hopefully I can catch a big fish." The grey-clothed monk let out a low sigh and followed behind the three people.

When Xiao Yan and co. were passing through the city gate, they coincided with a group of people entering the city who brushed past the three people.

An old man amongst the group sudden wrinkled his forehead and drew near to the leading youth: "Young Master Tian, this old servant just saw a small child..."

Young Master Tian asked: "What about the small child?"

The old man responded saying: "In the past this old servant once met that Shi Ziling, the child just now looks very much like Shi Ziling."

Yu Tian's eyes flashed: "Did you see wrong?"

Shi Ziling is precisely Shi Tian Hao, aka Xiao Budian's father.

The old man nodded his head: "Young Master Tian, you know that this old servant's pair of eyes is the most accurate in remembering people. That child looks at least 70% like Shi Ziling, if that child was still alive he should also be around this big."

Yu Tian lowered his head and thought for a moment. He gave the order saying: "Go, find two people to follow and observe them. Report back after they find where they're staying."


In a small valley 50 kilometers east of Mount Heng.

In the Netherworld Bead, Lin Feng was controlling the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation and using immeasurable buddhist light to forcefully refine Sikong Nan.

The old geezer roared again and again, constantly resisting. He may not have been able to take control of the Netherworld Bead, but after staying within it for a long period of time, he can also borrow a bit of the Netherworld Bead's power. For the moment, Lin Feng really can't do much with him.

While controlling the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation, Lin Feng was also searching through the system.

"Ghost King Cannon... Hundred Demon Night Parade technique... Found it, it's here!"