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 Looking at the brazier that landed on the ground and the exposed Kṣitigarbha Sutra, a feeling of despair rose up in Zhu Yi's heart: "Could it be that this is my fate? Why give me hope and then immediately put me into despair?"

"I can't, a gentleman always strives to improve himself, I must not lose heart."

Fatty Zhu picked up the golden paper recording the Kṣitigarbha Sutra, looking a Zhu Yi with a playful expression: "Young Master Yi, what is this?"

Zhu Yi pressed his lips together, his expression already calmed down: "To think that there was something like this in the brazier? I did not discover it before."

Fatty Zhu and co. looked at each other, all of them laughing out loud: "If that's so then we'll take and then turn it in to the Marquis for him to deal with it."

"But Young Master Yi, since you discovered it together with us you'll also have to take a trip with us. Like that we'll be able to verify it in front of the Marquis." Fatty Zhu squinted his tiny eyes, his face filled with a complacent expression.

Zhu Yi calmly nodded his head. No doubt losing the Kṣitigarbha Sutra makes him depressed, but the most urgent matter at the moment is to get past his old pops the Marquis of Xuanji Zhu Hongwu.

Zhu Hongwu is very strict with rules. Don't mention Zhu Yi this kind of neglected bastard, even the eldest son who has the rights to inherit his title will lose a layer of skin from Zhu Hongwu's family punishments if he makes a small mistake.

If he lets Zhu Hongwu know that he was secretly practising dao techniques, he might even lose half his life.

Outside of the door Lin Feng smiled faintly. It's time for him to enter the stage. If he waits until Zhu Yi is brought back to the house of the Marquis, he might be grounded by the Marquis of Xuanji and unable to leave the house again. The difficulty then of him taking in Zhu Yi as his disciple under the eyelids of the Marquis of Xuanji is too great.

"Hm? Something's wrong! This is..."

Lin Feng was in the middle of planning things when he suddenly sensed a group of people rushing out from the forest, heading straight towards the old temple.

Lin Feng felt a chill in his heart: "What do they want to do, could their target also be Zhu Yi?"

These people are far superior to Fatty Zhu and co., moving rapidly and swiftly within the forest, orderly and disciplined like men of the army.

Even worse is that there's a foundation establishment stage cultivator among them!

While thinking Lin Feng first hid himself beforehand, and then he saw this group of people barge straight into the side hall that Zhu Yi is in.

In the side hall, Zhu Yi and co. were all blankly staring at the group of people that barged in. Upon entering the room all of their gazes instantly fell upon Zhu Yi's body.

The leader is a black-clothed man with a scar on his cheek, The man turned around and looked towards two of his comrades behind him. The two people nodded their heads together: "It's this scholar."

Outside of the hall Lin Feng had a major headache, roaring in his heart: "That's why I said what I hate the most is unexpected incidents!"

Even though the other party came abruptly, Zhu Yi could still maintain his composure: "You guys are looking for me? I don't know you guys, who are you people?"

At this time Fatty Zhu also reacted over, saying with a sneer: "Young Master Yi, what trouble have you caused, could it be that you owe them gambling money? Haha..."

The black-clothed man frowned: "Silence."

Fatty Zhu's smile froze on his face, the color of his face turning completely red: "You bastard, do you know..."

Not waiting for him to finish the black-clothed man waved his hand, as if shooing a fly: "Besides this scholar kill all of the Zhou dogs."

The man's voice was incredibly calm, only carrying a taste of disgust, as if he really was giving the command to kill a couple of flies.

Fatty Zhu's expression immediately changed greatly, shouting furiously: "You dare to touch us? We are of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, if you dare to touch even one of my fingers I'll exterminate your entire family!"

The black-clothed man laughed desolately: "Exterminate my entire family? The old and young of my entire clan died by the hand's of you Zhou dogs a long time ago."

He extended his hand stroking the scar on his face, his expression becoming extremely cold in an instant: "The Marquis of Xuanji... Hehe, the Marquis of Xuanji, it's precisely because we know this kid is the son of Zhu Hongwu that we came. That old dog's hands are stained with the blood of my countrymen, today we'll have him pay some interest first!"

The black-clothed man lifted up the hem of his shirt, revealing the design of a six-cornered snowflake.

"Snowflake... You guys are survivors of Snowgale, you guys from the "Society of the Strong Gale!" Fatty Zhu swallowed his saliva, revealing a very forced smile.

Lin Feng furrowed his brows, he doesn't know what kind of organization the Society of the Strong Gale is and he's never heard of it, but he has heard of Snowgale.

Snowgale is a small country in the snowy plains to the north and touches borders with the northern region of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Around ten years ago during the Zhou Dynasty's time of dominating expansion it was conquered and annexed by the Zhou Dynasty. At the time the one who led the army in the conquest was precisely the Marquis of Xuanji.

The people of the north are agile and brave. Even though their country has fallen, the citizens of Snowgale have not been willing to submit, with all kinds of uprisings rising up one after another. It is one of the few regions that has not been able to return to a stable-state after the subjugation of the Zhou Dynasty.

Looking at it now, this so-called Society of the Strong Gale is also an insurgent group formed by the adherents of the already fallen Snowgale, expressly opposing the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Although who'd've thought that they'd have the balls to infiltrate deep into the heart of the Zhou Dynasty and move about in the environs of the capital, even placing their sights on the Marquis of Xuanji.

Zhu Yi has clearly already understood the relations within, opening his mouth and saying: "I'm just a neglected bastard, if you want to use me as a hostage to threaten my father then there's really no need. Because it won't have any effect, my father will not make any concessions."

"Kill me and my father won't even feel that sad. You guys have found the completely wrong target coming to find me."

The black-clothed man grinned: "Of course I know that you're unpopular with the old dog, or else you wouldn't have landed in our hands today."

He stared at Zhu Yi with a shadow of a smile: "Don't belittle yourself, for us you still have some use. For example, you grew up in the old dog's house, you're presumably very knowledgeable about the layout of the house, the habits of everyone, the schedule of the guards and these kinds of things.

Zhu Yi pressed his lips together, not saying anything. Suddenly the sound of wind rose up beside his ears, shocked he found that the black-clothed middle-aged man had already arrived before him at some unknown time, the two people were inches away.

The black-clothed man's face revealed an ice-cold smile, his long scar twitching and twisting. He said one word at a time: "You will tell me." Finishing speaking he turned around and looked at Fatty Zhu and co., his gaze like looking at a group of dead people. He waved his hands: "Do it."

With his command the cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale all attacked. Piercing cold mana fluctuations instantly swept over the entire temple.

These cultivators are all wanted felons within the Great Zhou Dynasty, each of them are knife licking desperados. They are all seasoned combatants and have strong teamwork. Their efficiency at releasing spells is very high, not wasting the slightest bit of mana, using the most efficient method to kill the enemy.

Fatty Zhu and co. have never seen this kind of battle, the group of people were completely powerless, being brought down in batches like wheat being cut down.

Only Fatty Zhu who had the highest level of qi disciple level 8 reacted the quickest, his fat body releasing a completely mismatched speed, escaping out of the temple like he was flying.

The black-clothed man frowned: "Don't leave any survivors, our whereabouts cannot be exposed." Two cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale nodded their heads, pursuing out of the side hall without saying anything.

Outside of the hall Lin Feng was secretly groaning, the development of things has already strayed far away from his initial plans.

Luckily they don't have plans of immediately killing Zhu Yi. This thus gives him to time to plan.

His thoughts rapidly turning Lin Feng had a general plan, hurriedly chasing over to Fatty Zhu.

This fatty still has a purpose, he can't die.