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 Chapter 221: The Opening Ceremony

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In the distant horizon, the colorful clouds opened up to reveal the slender and composed figure of a young lady dressed in green.

She radiated a dignified aura as her elegant facial features revealed her identity. She was none other than the next-in-line of the Great Void Sect, Yan Mingyue.

Yan Mingyue, who was seemingly at the limits of the horizon, was right in front of everyone right after a single step. She gently tucked the loose strands of her hair behind her ear as she smiled at Lin Feng, "How's life, Master Lin?"

For those who recognized Yan Mingyue, there was only one thought that raced through their heads, "Isn't that the previous All-Under-Heavens Strider? Hasn't she been missing for many years? Why would she suddenly appear now?"

A lot of people had their eyes focused on the Two Elements of Creation Formation that was in the sky. Despite their line of sight being obstructed, everyone knew that Pang Jie, the successor to Yan Mingyue's All-Under-Heavens Strider title, was imprisoned within the formation.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Mingyue before his eyes swept across the masses before him. Amongst them, only Mei Wulang did not exhibit any tinge of surprise at the appearance of Yan Mingyue.

Because of this. It was apparent to Lin Feng that Yan Mingyue had came along with Mei Wulang.

After the circulation of some thoughts in his head, Lin Feng smiled, "Congratulations to my dear Cultivator Yan for not only regaining a second life but also attaining a higher level of cultivation."

Yan Mingyue smiled gently and replied, "That was all thanks to your benevolence. I am deeply grateful for the assistance which you had rendered back then."

She flipped her palm to reveal a ruby red pearl which had been hidden between her hands.

The pearl itself was a transparent crystal which had a brilliant flame at its very core. From afar, the flame resembled the burning passion within the eyes of a living person.

This object outshone all the rest of the gifts which Mei Wulang had brought immediately right after its appearance. The only gift which could at best be on par with it was the Golden Crown of Angels and Demons.

But as Lin Feng released his powers to gain a better sensing of how powerful the pearl was, he immediately realized that its value was definitely above that of the Golden Crown of Angels and Demons.

He shifted his gaze upwards and asked Yan Mingyue, "Is this a Magic Treasure embryo?"

Upon hearing his words, a complete silence engulfed the entire area.

The words, magic treasure, were just simply too precious.

One must not mistake the embarrassing performance of the Six Appearances Sword as the lack of power of a magic treasure. The only reason why it could not break free from the Two Elements of Creation Formation was because of the sheer strength of the formation. If it were any other formation, it would have stood no chance against the powerful Six Appearances Sword.

If one were to cast his vision across the entire world, other than the Two Elements of Creation Formation, the remaining formations which were able to contain the Six Appearances Sword could be counted with one's fingers.

Yan Mingyue nodded her head gently, "This treasure is called the Zhuyan Demon Eye. It is formed from the eyes of the Immemorial Celestial Dragon who had attained the level of the indestructible demon soul. It contains the fire-type abhijna and the mana of the Immemorial Celestial Dragon. I can be used as a magic treasure embryo to cultivate magic treasure."

Lin Feng smiled and accepted the Zhuyan Demon Eye with pleasure. Following which, he extended his hand before waving it, reducing the Two Elements of Creation Formation to a spot of light which returned to his hand.

Pang Jie and the Six Appearances Sword finally broke free from the formation. Seeing that Yan Mingyue was here, Pang Jie immediately understood what had just happened.

He went to Yan Mingyue with much solemnity before speaking faintly, "Congrats Senior Yan."

"Yan Mingyue, you..." The Six Appearances Sword's spirit was going to talk before it stopped itself after discovering something.

Yan Mingyue nodded her head, "Junior Pang, Revered Elder Six Appearances, it has been a long time since I last saw both of you."

Pang Jie asked, "Senior Yan, when do you plan to go back to Mount Baiyun?"

Yan Mingyue smiled, "After congratulating Master Lin, I do intend to return to take a look at how things are back at Mount Baiyun."

Pang Jie replied harmlessly, "That would be excellent. The lord and the elders all missed you dearly."

Lin Feng watched how they caught up over a little chat and was very much amused by it. Both of them wanted each other dead so badly yet they were trying so hard to keep up with the facade of peace and harmony.

If not for Chen Gang, Lin Feng would have been duped by their superb performance and not be aware of the internal strifes within the various factions of the Great Void Sect.

Pang Jie suddenly turned around to look at Lin Feng with a peculiar look on his face. It looked as though he was trying to comprehend something as he stared dead straight at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng returned the stare in a composed manner. After a good long moment, Pang Jie removed his gaze and without saying anything, he retreated to the back of Yan Mingyue, seemingly placing the ball in her court.

It seemed that his pride and ego did not allow him to bow down to Lin Feng, but in the current circumstances, he had no choice but to pass it on for now.

Seeing thi, Lin Feng retracted his gaze as well and spoke plainly after a moment of silence, "You are always welcome to be my guest at Mount Yujing."

Pang Jie was shocked by his words but remained silent.

Yan Mingyue's eyes also revealed signs of being surprised by Lin Feng's words. She examined Pang Jie before a smile of enlightenment stretched across her face as she no longer spoke a single word.

It was only now when Lin Feng turned around and spoke to the rest, "Despite the minor hiccups, the opening ceremony has gone on as planned and I sincerely thank everyone for gracing my ceremony. Now, I urge you all to follow me to tour my humble abode."

As he spoke, the sea of purple clouds rumbled and dissolved into Mount Yujing, revealing the true appearance of Mount Yujing.

Lin Feng led the way as he flew up to the top of Mount Yujing. Following him closely were his disciples, Xiao Yan, Xiao Budian and the rest.

Yan Mingyue smiled gently as she took a great leap into the air with Mei Wulang and his servants following closely behind.

Pang Jie remained still as he watched the rest ascended the mountain.

The others exchanged glances before buddying up to ascend the mountain. Some of them stole a glance at the lonely figure of Pang Jie first before leaving very quickly, afraid to reveal any sign of sympathy or contempt.

Even though Pang Jie had been humiliated by Lin Feng and outshone by Yan Mingyue, he was not someone that any of them could afford to offend.

Yang Tonghui kept the sword nascent soul of Kong Chang and spoke to both the Azure Clouds Grandmaster and the Flying FLames Grandmaster, "Let's go."

Following which, he leapt onto his flying sword and led the disciples of the Heavenly Master Sword Sect up the mountain.

Both the Grandmasters let out a sigh after looking at each other before following Yang Tonghui.

They were both conflicted along with Yang Tonghui as they muttered to themselves, "Master Lin, Master Lin, you have really stumped us by handing Kong Chang to us."

Immediately after ascending Mount Yujing, everyone was shocked as they sensed the sheer amount of spiritual energy on the spiritual mountain. The presence of a mystical aura had caught all of them in a trance as they felt as though they had all been enlightened by the slightest bit just from breathing the air on Mount Yujing. All of them had already felt that the trip to Mount Yujing was not a wasted one.

Yan Mingyue's eyes glistened as she thought, "What a place... The only places which can be compared with Mount Yujing would be Mount Baiyun, the old Nirvana Land of the Great Thunderclap Temple and Mount Shu.

She smiled as a thought came into her head, "Longye, If only you knew how precious and valuable Mount Yujing was, I wonder how regretful you will be..."

Wu Yunliang and Meng Chaoran also revealed an expression of disbelief after landing on Mount Yujing. They looked at each other in disbelief and envy soon overcame the look of shock.

"Pang Jie and Kong Chang are both still alive. It seems like the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect would not be going for a fight to the death with the Celestial Sect of Wonders," Wu Yunliang spoke gently.

Meng Chaoran nodded his head as he agreed with his senior, "Pang Jie and Kong Chang might be important members of their sects but at the end of the day, they are merely the second generation disciples anyway."

"The powers of the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect are unquestionable but the Master of the Celestial Sect is not someone to belittle. With this spiritual mountain acting as his fortress, it would cost a lot to destroy him. Even the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect would have to deliberate their decisions before making their move."

Wu Yunliang nodded and sighed, "If the opponent was any weaker, they could have erased him with much ease. But when the opponent carries some weight, even if victory were guaranteed, they would still have to consider the cost of a war. Any undue haste in making a move might result in a bargain for any third party."

"The Great Thunderclap Temple should serve as a reminder for all of them. If not for that incident, how would a spiritual land of Buddhism be destroyed so easily?"

Even though the Great Thunderclap Temple was destroyed, the only one who benefited from its disappearance was the Great Zhou Empre. The Great Void Sect and the Nine Heavenly Sword Alliance did not gain much out of it and instead lost quite a few powerful cultivators. No one wanted a repeat of such incidents.

Meng Chaoran continued, "There is no such thing as a never-ending vengeance when there is no interest involved. The Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect might be displeased but they would not send their entire sect to fight. At most, they would only send an Immortal Soul stage cultivator to find trouble at the Celestial Sect."

Wu Yunliang smiled disappointingly, "It seems that we are going to return empty-handed."

Meng Chaoran simply spoke softly, "We can only accept our fate. We have already done our best."

As the masses gathered at the peak of Mount Yujing, they could see twenty children who were around seven to eight years old standing in two neat rows, waiting for them earnestly.

The children were all dressed in a purple costume and were all fair-skinned and unbelievable adorable.

One would be able to sense the pure spiritual energy that they were radiating as they showed flair and talent which were unadulterated.

Seeing that Lin Feng and the rest had returned, the group of children moved forward in unison to welcome their master back with a bow before greeting in unison, "Welcome back, my lord."

Following which, they bowed in the direction of Yan Mingyue and the rest, "Welcome, dear guests of Mount Yujing. If we show any form of disrespect, do forgive us."

After roughly half a year of living on Mount Yujing, these children who were almost cultivated into pills had recovered and even digested some of the medicinal energy within their bodies.

Under the close supervision and tutelage of Zhu Yi and Kang Nanhua, all of them had a considerable grasp over their spiritual energy.

After sending their greetings to the guests, the children went on to greet Xiao Yan, Kang Nanhua, Miao Shihao and the rest.

"Welcome back, masters."

"Welcome back, Mr Kang and Mr Miao."

Upon seeing this, Yang Tonghui could not help but praise, "Lord Lin is indeed a good master. All his disciples are so outstanding."

"That is an overstatement," Lin Feng smiled in return.

The Flying Flames Grandmaster glanced around the peak of Mount Yujing and a smile played around his mouth but he remained quiet.

The only thing he feared now was to aggravate the already stale relationship with Lin Feng. Hence, he would not make any unnecessary comments.

Lin Feng saw his expression and of course he knew what the Flying Flames Grandmaster was thinking about. He was mocking at how empty the mountain was.

Time to witness a miracle.

Lin Feng controlled himself and made sure he did not splurt out the previous line which was in his head.

He smiled and spoke professionally, "I am deeply sorry if any of you were offended with the run-down state of my humble abode."

As he spoke, he raised his arm and a bright flash flew up into the sky.