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 Chapter 201: My First Solo Piece

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I'm really quite nervous. How do I write a solo piece? Is it like the first one?

However, in my deliberation, I raised my head and realized that I'd already been exposed by the title

If that's the case, then I shall discuss this openly. Yes, this shall be my humble solo piece.

Thinking about it, as the new month approaches I seek everyone's monthly votes!

This book was released on 13 June. Then, it was already near to the middle of the month and hence I wasn't so particular about the monthly rankings. July, however, is different. I hope to get my book's first VIP month.

Hence, I humbly implore everyone to cast their monthly votes for me.

My original plan was to simply release a whole bunch of chapters. Doing so, everyone would be happy right? They would then give me their votes right?

Then, my friend told me that I couldn't do that. As readers, they just read the books. They feel no sense of involvement. There's no joy in casting their monthly votes. Instead, perhaps I could promise to update/refresh the novel upon hitting a particular amount of votes.

At this point, I panicked. Using updates in return for monthly votes, isn't that the exclusive rights of the more godly, talented writers?

As a newbie, if I try that and yet, my votes did increase and stagnate instead, wouldn't that be a joke?

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to do it anyway!

I don't trust myself, but I do trust everyone else, right?

Hence, I decided to do it!

While those godly writers, who promise an update with 50, or even 100 votes, I don't dare to do so. I may be ambitious, but I must have self-awareness too.

Hence, 30 monthly votes and I would update once.

That's right! You did not misread. 30 votes, 30 votes, I only need 30 votes and a free update will be yours.

You won't lose out with just 30 votes. There's no trick here...

Cough cough, sorry, I digressed. Let us get back to the topic at hand.

Hence, from July, I promise that on top of the 2 basic monthly updates, I'd update once after I hit 30 monthly votes.

So, I hope that everyone will support me. Please let a newbie like me dream for once.

If a man has no dream, how is he different from a salted fish?

Hence, from today, the 1st of July, onwards, I will promise to release 3 chapters at once. That can be counted as a form of warm-up.

While I do my warm-up, I hope everyone warms-up as well.

Comrades, the please cast your monthly votes for me!

Let us charge forwards together! Charge! Charge!