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 Chapter 200: Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun

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Lin Feng quietly probed the boundaries of the power of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame. Like nine suns blazing in the sky, it was immense, all-encompassing and infernal.

The brightest and strongest fire in all heavens and earth could not light a match next to the power he felt.

This was the antithesis of all things unholy. It did not even need to touch them; its mere presence was enough to evaporate all unholy things near it by simply concentrating the Yang energy in the atmosphere.

Lin Feng did not possess the Mantra of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, so even if he managed to cultivate a huge amount of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame he was unable to control them.

It would be easy to defeat ordinary foes, but when it comes to enemies who had cultivated the Grand Sun Primordial Flame too the tables would be turned against him quickly.

Hence, despite possessing the Xihe Grass, Lin Feng did not blindly raise the firepower of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame. Instead, he took the chance to understand it better.

"The Grand Sun Primordial Flame is indeed the pinnacle of positive Yang energy, as it could destroy all things Yin. However, like the sun, it has nurturing properties as it could accelerate the growth of plants," thought Lin Feng to himself. "In this type of flame, it possesses both destructive and creative powers. It's indeed marvellous."

Lin Feng's entire body was surrounded by the light of the flame. In the golden pyre, it appeared to possess many spells and incantations. Ceaselessly, they arranged themselves and finally, formed a book.

"Other than the Spell of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, this spell is another way to control the Grand Sun Primordial Flame." Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes. Golden rays of light danced in his pupils, like two tiny suns. "I could name this the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun!"

Lin Feng breathed in and the Grand Sun Primordial Flame that surrounded him entered his mouth.

In the next instant, Lin Feng coughed and a blast of fire, gold like the dawn, was spat out. It fell onto the clumps of Xihe Grass.

Now, Lin Feng did not restrict its power. Rather, he decided to push the power of the primordial flame to its limit.

"The limitations set by the Golden Crow has been broken by me!" As if he had reached a bottleneck and needed a breakthrough, Lin Feng connected his consciousness to the Grand Sun Primordial Flame. With the endless power of the Xihe Grass, the firepower rose exponentially.

Rise, rise, rise!

The external limitations that were imposed on it were finally broken completely. The Grand Sun Primordial Flame burned ceaselessly as the peak of Mount Yujing became clouded in an endless sea of golden fire. Half of the mountain appeared to dazzle bright like gold.

Lin Feng smiled. "Come back!" The powerful Grand Sun Primordial Flame instantly went back to Lin Feng and landed before Lin Feng. Now, it was shrunken to a small ball of golden fire and was no longer as eye-catching as before. Like the sun on a brand new day, it was bright but not hot, gentle but not weak.

"Success," Lin Feng breathed out before calling Xiao Yan over. Smiling, he said to him, "Xiao Yan, be prepared. Whether or not you could form your aurous core depends on this moment."

With that, Lin Feng flicked his finger and a portion of the flame before him floated before Xiao Yan. At the same time, he passed to Xiao Yan a copy of the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun.

Xiao Yan concentrated his focus as he tried to digest the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun. After a while, he appeared to have gotten it. He opened his mouth and swallowed the flame into his belly.

Away from Lin Feng's control, the Grand Sun Primordial Flame began to expand exponentially. Xiao Yan did not dare to be careless as he devoted all his energy to mastering the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun. Only then did he manage to cultivate the primordial flame, and allowed it to become part of his powers.

Under the guidance of Xiao Yan, the Grand Sun Primordial Flame entered his Aura Sea and into his spiritual crucible. Upon entering the crucible, it came into contact with the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire.

The two primordial flames, upon meeting one another, was less like two long-lost relatives and more like two predators engaged in a deadly struggle.

Xiao Yan's eyebrows contracted as sweat began forming on his forehead. Looking at that, Lin Feng said, "The objective is not to combine both fires but to use them for your benefits to help form your aurous core."

"The most important thing here is your crucible. That should be at the heart of your spells. You should be at the center and the fire only an aid for you. Do not let the fire overpower you, for that's the wrong path."

Upon hearing that, Xiao Yan reacted immediately. He no longer tried to combine both flames. Instead, he sought to guide them and force them to cooperate in cultivating and strengthening his crucible.

Noticing that he was on the right path, Lin Feng nodded his head.

With Xiao Yan's intelligence, Lin Feng did not need to teach him how to do it specifically. That was not the path of a Taoist master.

He only needed to set a general direction and tell Xiao Yan about the nature of the spell as well as the right path.

Just like how Buddhists did not teach their disciples any specific mantra but instead asked them to achieve Nirvana through their heats, the ancient wise men did not focus on the specifics but rather, taught their students how to develop the right attitude. This by itself was a principle.

Lin Feng taught his disciples the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams but he only touched on the principles of the space and void as well as the creation of elements. As for the specifics, he left that up to his disciples to understand those themselves.

While it's faster for a master to teach his disciples what he knew exactly and by the book, the disciple may fall into a trap whereby he could not innovate and create his own path in the future.

Many things can only be understood through an individual's own hard work. That would be more valuable and suitable for oneself.

What Lin Feng wanted to do was only to guide Xiao Yan on the right path instead of deviating from it.

"Eh? Wang Lin came out?" Lin Feng's heart sensed as he turned towards the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree. "This feeling, did he successfully enter the Foundation Establishment stage?"

From the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree, a shadow came down. Calm and serious, it was indeed Wang Lin.

At that moment, he was enveloped by a powerful aura. The very feel he gave off was different compared to that of a Qi Cultivation stage cultivator. It was the characteristic of a cultivator who had split apart the aura sea and entered the Foundation Establishment stage.

After successfully entering the Foundation Establishment stage, Wang Lin stood firm and steady like a mountain. However, in his firmness, he emanated a powerful killing aura, causing all who were near him to shiver.

Before Lin Feng, his demeanor changed. A smile broke on his face. It was as if the grey clouds had disappeared and the sun came back.

"I offer my greetings to you, master."

Lin Feng looked at him and thought, "Such a laggard. While others were in their Aurous Core stage, you had just entered Foundation Establishment."

"Furthermore, your period of exponential growth has yet to arrive. You need to wait till at least past your Foundation Establishment stage when you form your aurous core. Wang Lin, you still have a long way to go."

Thinking about it, Lin Feng sighed and thought, "With a low innate ability, the difference in the early stages of cultivation can really be wide."

However, he did not reveal that on his face as he did not want to upset Wang Lin's enthusiasm. Different people required different methods.

If they were to change the environment around them, then it may not matter. However, with Xiao Yan and two other prodigies as fellow disciples, anyone else would have collapsed under the pressure.

Lin Feng was grateful that other than his intelligence, Wang Lin's determination was a full ten. If not, he would have been completely demoralized by the other three.

Hence, for Wang Lin, Lin Feng needed to encourage him non-stop on top of imparting teachings to him.

As for the other three, Lin Feng had to dowse their self-confidence at times and plant challenges along their ways to prevent them from having it too easy. It was the opposite for Wang Lin.

Lin Feng smiled, "Wang Lin, I've always said that I'll celebrate for you after you reached your Foundation Establishment stage. Here's a present."

He flipped his palm a bolt of white thunder flew before him.

Wang Lin looked at it carefully. It was actually a circle pulsating with the power of lightning. "Zzz zzz zzz," it went.

"Master, this is..." Wang Lin raised his head to look at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled, "This is the Dual Polarity Circle. Opening it would create a divinely bright area between the two poles which could prevent enemies from coming in. This can be used for both offence and defence, truly a marvel!"

Wang Lin's eyes shone. He was not good at physical martial arts and cultivated mainly spells. He was a cultivator, true and true. Someone like him was most afraid of enemies coming near him.

Especially foes who were well-versed in physical martial arts who fought in close combat.

With this, Wang Lin could hide within the light generated by the two poles and slowly used his spells to bombard his opponents into defeat.

While the Dual Polarity Circle was an Aurous Core stage item, it was just right Wang Lin now. Facing Foundation Establishment stage and even Aurous Core stage cultivators, this would be the ultimate defence.

As for Nascent Soul stage cultivators, Wang Lin was not their match with or without the item, so that's out of the question too.

Lin Feng smiled, "How?"

Wang Lin nodded his head, "Thank you, master."

Lin Feng smiled. The Dual Polarity Circle was actually the first magic item he crafted by himself. The original materials were from the Polar Aurora Sword that he obtained when he first came to this world.

The Polar Aurora Sword was a Foundation Establishment stage item. If he could obtain the Antarctica Earthly Sword, its direct counterpart, then he would be able to form an Aurous Core stage called the Dual Polarity Tao Sword.

With this revelation, Lin Feng remade the Polar Aurora Sword after entering into the Aurous Core stage. While he did not have the Antarctica Earthly Sword at hand, he used the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds as a substitute.

He did not know whether it was a result of using a substitute, but the final product differed slightly. The sword became a circle.

However, its power increased. The Dual Polarity Circle before him was in no way weaker than the Dragon Slaying Sabre or the Black Wind Flag. It too was the pinnacle of all Aurous Core stage items.

When he gave these items to his disciples, Lin Feng had put some thoughts into it. He tried to give according to their present conditions. Upon receiving the item, Wang Lin was naturally happy.

With the Aeolus Formless Mantra and the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun, if I could recreate the Book of Nations, then I am left with only one more spell," Lin Feng's heart was already elsewhere by now.

"If I could obtain all these items, I may be able to gather disciples in Shazhou."

Thinking about that, Lin Feng arched his eyebrows and looked at Wang Lin, "Wait, there's something strange about his powers."