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 Chapter 198: The Right Spin

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After obtaining the mysterious box and obtaining the 'three-in-one' prize, Lin Feng had won two decent prizes from it. However, he still felt as if his heart was stuck in his throat.

His coveted Sect Establishment sect was still not to be found.

Lin Feng stared intently at the last ball of light, which finally faded away to reveal its true self.


Lin Feng rubbed his eyes as he could not believe what he had just seen. "What day is it today?"

"I don't recall helping any old grandmothers across the road recently," Lin Feng said, slightly panicky. Everyone said that one's personality was eternal. However, with his immensely good luck, today could it mean that he was headed for a reversal of luck soon?

Images of the Spin-A-Wheel with none of his coveted items flashed in his mind together with that of a dice system that set him up for loss. He also saw himself drawing the short white stick, forfeiting his collateral...

It's not that Lin Feng was a pessimist, but rather the scene before him was too unbelievable.

After the third ball of light faded, what was before him was another mysterious box!

Lin Feng stared at it with his mouth open, "Is that what it meant by 'another go'"?

He thought about it carefully for a while before discovering another odd fact. If a mysterious box had only one item in it, it would be coated completely in black with a question mark on top of it. There would be no other distinguishing features.

However, for three-in-one boxes, other than a black body there would be silver stripes on it too!

And in that moment, what appeared before Lin Feng was a black box adorned with silver stripes. It was exactly the same as the box that had just come out of the Spin-A-Wheel.

"Why is my luck so good today? Does that mean lightning will strike me tomorrow?" Lin Feng's heart panicked as he thought about it. "It couldn't be that I used my fortune later as collateral for this right?"

He was unsure if he could return this box.

If he did return it, what would be the point of doing so?

"Hm! What a joke," Lin Feng's temper rose as he pressed on the mysterious box. "Every person will be confronted with death some day, I might as well as live in the moment. Open!"

The box opened, and three balls of light flew out of it.

It was another three-in-one!

Two balls of light faded and with that, two deeds dropped into Lin Feng's hand.

Lin Feng looked at them carefully. One of the deeds was for the construction of a medicine room, and another was a deed for the construction of a library, one that he had barely missed earlier on.

"Well, what now? Would I get another box," Lin Feng was now totally relaxed as he stared intently at the last ball of light.

However, the system did not let him have his way. After the light from the third ball of light faded away, what landed before him was a small statue about the size of a palm.

The statue was weird. Its entire body was black but shining with an odd light.

The statue was a mythical beast. It had the head of a bird and the body of a beast. It possessed wings like a bat and paws like tigers and lions. Its two eyes glared with menace.

Lin Feng could almost hear the statue roar as if it had a life of its own.

"The Black Jade Statue of the Black Crow, its seal possessed a sliver of the soul of Tianluo, one of the ferocious birds. It possessed a huge amount of dark powers."

Tianluo, otherwise known as the Black Crow, was one of the most power Immemorial Demons. Born from a limitless cesspool of darkness, it was a demon with an unlimited amount of dark power.

Lin Feng fidgeted with the statue in his hand, as he thought, "Dark powers? Let's keep this first, eh."

While he was happy with the few items he obtained, he still lacked the two deeds he needed to establish his own sect.

"Collateral, collateral. Who could be certain about one's character?" Lin Feng exited the system and went to the herb plot in the valley. He summoned Xiao Yan, and asked smilingly, "The question I left you the last time, have you thought of an answer already?"

Before leaving for Shazhou and right after he set up this herb plot, Lin Feng felt that his plot of herbs lacked something. Now that had an answer, it was time for him to collect his 'homework' from Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled, "I thought of it, master."

He looked at the many curious types of herbs in the valley and said, "In the plot here, we have everything but water."

Lin Feng nodded his head satisfactorily as Xiao Yan's words encapsulated his sentiments perfectly.

While he did have the soil of the Blessed Spiritual Land, these magical herbs and plants could not survive solely on the earth. It would hardly be an ideal situation.

If he could water his herbs with water imbued with a large amount of spiritual energy, then the growth of his herbs would reach a new level.

Lin Feng pointed with his finger and some of the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds morphed into running water. They flowed through the plot, irrigating the plants.

"The water formed from the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds are filled with spiritual power, but I still think that something is lacking," thought Lin Feng. "Nevermind, this will do for now. We'll do it step by step and see if we could find better water sources."

He called Xiao Yan to feed Lucky with his Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire. After Lucky ate the primordial fire, he jumped into the valley and dissolved into a plot of blessed soil.

While the herb plot had already taken shape, it would still require Lucky's blessed soil to accelerate their growth.

The stumps of grass that had been the Xihe Grass before they lost their life force immediately regained their vitality after landing into the Blessed Spiritual Soil. From the previously dry stumps grew many seedlings, which soon turned into clumps of young grass.

The young grass grew swiftly and in the blink of an eye became almost an inch high. The green grass then turned to a golden yellow and began to shine with a blazing intensity, as if they were little suns

Lin Feng and Xiao Yan stood on the valley and stared. What appeared before them was a sea of gold.

"Now that's more like it," Lin Feng nodded his head as he began to harvest a large amount of golden Xihe Grass.

Holding a bunch of Xihe Grass in his hands, he felt the heat from their mana as he thought, "Next, I'll see if I could cultivate the Grand Sun Primordial Flame from the Xihe Grass.


In Shazhou, while the Spiritual Conference of Hanhai was over, the city was still as busy and bustling as ever thanks to its position as the westernmost trading city of the Great Qin Empire.

Suddenly, two powerful auras sped through the sky and caused the markets of Shazhou to become momentarily quiet. Quickly, however, everyone's attention went back to trading.

In the clouds above the city's moat stood a group of people. An air of wildness and malice surrounded them as if they were swords that had just been unsheathed from the scabbards.

One of them wore a robe made out of hemp. His demeanor was cold. It was the Nascent Soul stage Elder Sword Cultivator of Mount Shu, Kong Chang.

Bai Zhen and the rest stood behind him.

Kong Chang squinted at the void and said slowly, "Why are the Sword of Radiance Sect and Intense Flaming Sword Sect here?"

A tear began to appear in the sky and a great bunch of azure clouds began pouring out from it. On top of the clouds stood an elegant old man. Seeing Kong Chang, he smiled and said, "How's Master Lixiong?"

As Kong Chang was the Big Disciple of the Lixiong branch of Mount Shu, his title was naturally Master Lixiong. His successor would, of course, adopt this title too.

Looking at the old man, Kong Chang arched his eyebrow as his expression softened, "Oh, so it's you, the Azure Clouds Grandmaster. Does your Sword of Radiance Sect afford so much importance to this matter too?"

The Azure Clouds Grandmaster smiled and said, "Master Lixiong, you are being too serious."

Kong Chang turned his gaze to the other side, as his face hardened and he said, "Flying Fire, is that you?"

In the other tear, an inferno blazed from within. In the inferno, one could see a human silhouette. It belonged to a middle-aged person clad in red.

Only Nascent Soul stage cultivators possessed a power terrible enough to tear open space itself. Indeed, that was one of the Nascent Soul stage grandmasters of the Intense Flaming Sword Sect, the Flying Fire Grandmaster.

His appearance was coarse but majestic, like a male tiger.

However, those who were familiar with the Flying Fire Grandmaster would know that amongst the many bad-tempered members of the Intense Flaming Sword Sect, he was an exception. His razor-sharp tiger teeth were coated with venom.

Underneath his coarse appearance was a calculative and sly mind.

Bai Zhen and the rest faced the Flying Fire Grandmaster, but they did not dare to take advantage of their numerical supremacy. Rather, they appeared all the more careful.

After the Flying Fire Grandmaster showed himself, he looked at the Sword of Radiance Sect's Azure Clouds Grandmaster and laughed, "Azure Clouds, did you come for one of your grand-disciples?"

The Azure Clouds Grandmaster said, "This is but a small matter. What I am concerned about is the sudden appearance of a new master. I wonder where he came from."

As he said that, the Azure Clouds Grandmaster thought, "That stupid girl had already made a bet. If she were to lose then she'll be their slave. My Sword of Radiance Sect could not lose this person."

A pact of three years was coming to its deadline soon. While his opponent had grown exponentially, he decided to make a trip himself to better understand what he was up against.

The Flying Fire Grandmaster shook his head," Regardless, for someone to be able to summon you, he must be really good." He was clear that while the Azure Clouds Grandmaster seemed serene, one should not underestimate his powers.

The Azure Clouds Grandmaster smiled slightly and said, "What brought you out? Could it be the incident in Wuzhou City that year?

The Flying Fire Grandmaster did not mind this slight taunt, as he grunted, "Li was so unfortunate back then. For our Intense Flaming Sword Sect, we'll get our due when one of our disciples get bullied."

"For the past two years, I searched persistently for my opponent. Who knew that the Taoist Lin would be so good at covering his tracks? No one could find him. This was his first concrete sighting and hence, I rushed here as fast as I could to see what he's made up of."

Upon hearing these words, Kong Chang turned up his nose slightly as the Azure Clouds Grandmaster smiled as if he did not care.

Only a fool would take the words of the Flying Fire Grandmaster to heart.

Kong Chang lightly tapped his scabbard, as he said, "Let's not talk too much. I shall seek the location of Lin Feng from the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade. I will avenge my Mount Shu Sword Sect."

In another corner of the space, an old ragged voice sounded, "Master Kong, please don't blame me for being naggy but I advised you to make peace with him."

"Why would blame you? However, while the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade speaks of peace and wealth, I could not do that as a member of Mount Shu," said Kong Chang quietly. "During the auction, you advised me against buying the Golden Tiger Avatar, but I did not listen. In the end, I fell for Lin Feng's trap."

At that moment, Kong Chang was calm and rational. He appeared to have moved on from his tribulation at the auction.

"Lin Feng is not some ordinary person. He could be an independent cultivator who wanted to set up his own sect and hence, his ambitions are not small," said Kong Chang quietly, "Currently, the situation of cultivators in the Divine Lands is very delicate. A sudden entry by an outsider would change and complicate the game, and perhaps not for the better."

At the auction, Kong Chang did away with his haughty attitude and paid attention to every possible news about Lin Feng. The more he heard, the more seriously he treated Lin Feng.

"My trip here is simply a reconnaissance. I wish to know more about Lin Feng. If necessary, seniors from Mount Shu would come down personally and settle it with the Celestial Sect of Wonders."