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 Chapter 196: Counting Money is Hard Work

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As Lin Feng sat on the seat, hearing the discussion going on in the Void Cave, he looked happily at the system as he noticed that his prestige in the northern foot of Kunlun Mountains had gone up to 85 from 75.

According to the system's description, when one's prestige hit 80 he would be able to recruit exceptional individuals in the region with potential values above 24.

The main quest of the system was for Lin Feng to recruit a total of 30 disciples with potential values of 25 and above. Now that he had met the prestige requirement, there would be many people who were willing to become his disciples should he announce that he's accepting new recruits.

However, as to when should he disseminate the news and how should he disseminate the news and the procedures involved in doing so, he was not fully sure about that and would need time to mull it over.

"Recruiting disciples in Shazhou and then bringing them back to the mountain would be the easiest way, but Mount Kunlun is indeed treacherous and a bunch of kids who had yet to begin cultivating the Tao would find it hard to approach the Lingyun Peak."

"However, if I were to recruit directly from Shazhou, it would be more convenient for me. But it would be convenient for my opponents to disturb me too," Lin Feng thought. "Eh! I have a plan. However, for it to be successful, there are some conditions..."

The Golden Tiger Avatar was the last time on the auction table. Once the Gold Tiger Avatar was sold then the auction would be declared over. However, that did not mean that the Spiritual Conference of Hanhai was over.

Those who were willing to negotiate and trade could still remain in the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade. They could stay for three more days.

However, Lin Feng had already achieved his objective for coming here. Under the guidance of the manager, he met Song Fu.

Lin Feng asked, "Could Mr Song help me change 10 purple Talisman-Dollars into 1000 red Talisman-Dollars?"

Song Fu nodded his head, "No problem, this is the specialty of my shop. I have many different currencies here with me."

He clapped his hands, and someone came up to him with the record book.

"Master Lin's objects were sold for a total value of 150 purple Talisman-Dollars. Then, you used 6 purple Talisman-Dollars to purchase the scraps of the Book of Nations. Hence, you have 144 purple Talisman-Dollars."

"According to the rules of my place, I have to take 10% from you as commission. Hence, your finally tally is 130 purple Talisman-Dollars. According to your request, I would change 120 purple Talisman-Dollars for you into 1000 red Talisman-Dollars."

Miao Shihao was shocked as he covered his mouth and exclaimed, "Why is there so many?"

He flashed his gaze then before steeling himself, saying, "Wait, 150 purple Talisman-Dollars, are you saying that you are one who sold the Red-Jewelled Thunderflash Tower and the Seal of Closure?"

Lin Feng smiled and nodded his head.

The Red-Jewelled Thunderflash Tower and the Seal of Closure were items that Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian obtained from their shopping in Shazhou. Then, Lin Feng remarked how convenient it was for someone to possess a Fortune value of 8.

Once he obtained these items and heard about the auction, a plan began to form in Lin Feng's mind.

The Red-Jewelled Thunderflash Tower, the Seal of Closure and the Golden Tiger Avatar were all items Lin Feng requested that the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade helped him auction off.

His participation in this auction cost him nothing while allowing him to obtain, for free, a Forever-Bright Tathagata Mantra and the scraps of the Book of Nations. Furthermore, he made a profit of 130 purple Talisman-Dollars.

While the Red-Jewelled Thunderflash Tower did possess the Red-Jewelled Thunder Flame, it could not compare to Xiao Yan's Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire or Lin Feng's Grand Sun Primordial Flame and hence was useless to him.

As for the Seal of Closure, with the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, Lin Feng and his disciples never had to worry about mana ever again in future battles.

Using two items that were of little use to them to exchange for a large sum of money was indeed worth it.

As for the Golden Tiger Avatar, selling it was like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only could he make money from its sale while raising his prestige, he could also conceal a trap within it. As a result, his profits here were vast.

Lin Feng managed to buy what he wanted at the auction and his enemies had inadvertently helped to subsidize his purchases.

This time, Lin Feng would be counting money till his hands hurt.

Miao Shihao's mouth uttered some nonsensical words as he stared at Lin Feng unbelievably, "You...you are truly..."

Lin Feng shuddered in cold sweat as he thought, "I am scared of nothing but the amorous gaze you are shooting me right now."

Song Fu looked at Lin Feng while sighing, "Master Lin is truly capable."

Initially, when Lin Feng's Avatar of Ares followed Miao Shihao into the holy abode Song Fu did not investigate who was behind the Avatar of Ares out of respect for Miao Shihao. However, when he saw Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi following behind the Avatar of Ares he knew that it had something to do with Lin Feng.

The Pavilion of Heavenly Tree was the de facto leader of Shazhou and its intelligence gathering network was superior to other locals. Three days ago, when Lin Feng got into a conflict with Yu Wanfeng and Bai Zhen, Zhu Yi and Xiao Yan were not present on the scene. However, their rendezvous with Lin Feng after the conflict was noticed by the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade.

However, Song Fu did not expose him then as he, like Bai Zhen, thought that Lin Feng disguised himself as such as he was afraid of being recognized at the auction and then getting conned by his enemies.

In reality, that was indeed Lin Feng's intention to numb their senses from the moment he stepped in.

Lin Feng smiled, "I don't do this often. In my life, I need to do something to keep myself amused, no?"

He thought about for a while, before adding, "Mr Song, perhaps I would have another chance to cooperate with you in the future. Then, I would have to trouble you again."

Song Fu smiled, "I can only look forward to that day."

Lin Feng collected his profits, and thought, "What a lad! With so much talisman I could truly traverse through the world worry-free. If I see anyone I don't like, I could just chuck a thousand of these at them to squish them."

Thinking about it, his heart grew cold. With the wealth of the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade, if they were to meet with any adversary they could truly use their vast wealth to expel the undesirables. Even the Original Cow Deity would be knocked silly with that money.

In the world of cultivation where talismans were used as money, money could truly be used to kill.

No wonder the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade could be the hegemon in the western region of the Great Qin Empire.

Lin Feng then bade goodbye to Yang Tonghui of the Heavenly Master Sword Sect before leaving Shazhou and returning to the Kunlun Mountains.

However, it appeared that someone had managed to join his entourage.

Lin Feng stared speechlessly at Miao Shihao and asked, "Taoist Miao, I wish to bring my disciples back home. What do you want?"

Miao Shihao replied almost instinctively, "To go with you of course."

Lin Feng's head spun in confusion as he said, "Taoist Miao if you heard correctly my intention was to bring my disciple's back to my sect's abode."

"If you want to be a guest, then I would naturally welcome you. However, as I am quite busy these few days, I could only entertain you after I had completed my work, which would take at least a few days."

Miao Shihao tried to suppress a laugh as he said, "Of course I understand your words. It was you who misunderstand me. What I mean is that I want to return to the mountains with you."

Lin Feng was stunned as he stared at the androgynous-looking and flamboyant Miao Shihao before him. A sense of foreboding rose in his heart as he said, "Do you mean..."

"Finally you understand me! It appears that you are not that stupid after all," Miao Shihao said while smiling vibrantly. "I want to join your Celestial Sect of Wonders. Do you perhaps need a sect guardian or something like that?"

Lin Feng stared with his mouth wide open in shock, as the system sounded beside his ears.

"Congratulations on initiating the sect guardian task."

"Would you accept Miao Shihao as a sect guardian?"

Lin Feng choked on his saliva as he asked with difficulty, "Why do you have this idea all of a sudden?"

Miao Shihao smiled, "Because following you would be interesting. Also, you don't seem to get along well with those thugs from the Great Void Sect, do you?"

"During the auction, I already find you rather appealing, but I had no intention of joining you then. However, after the auction, you surprised me even more. I thought that if I were to follow you it would indeed be interesting, no?"

Lin Feng laughed drily, steadied himself, and made quick mental calculations.

Accepting Miao Shihao as his sect guardian had many pros.

First of all, while he may not appear very reliable, he was rather powerful.

During the battle against Yu Wanfeng, while Yu Wanfeng had to almost rely on his Xuanming Primordial Water for assistance and used up to 90% of his power, Miao Shihao did not exhibit more than just a tiny bit of his power.

His Ray Reflecting Mirror and Superior Cacti Flower were the peaks of mythical spells, but they were not his true powers.

According to his theories, Miao Shihao's powers may be a combination of four items: the Mirror, Flower, Water and Moon. Together, they were a full spell set.

His search for the One Heavenly Primordial Water and the Grand Moon Primordial Water was an attempt to increase the power of the 'Water' dimension of his spell sets.

While Xiao Yan and the rest were highly extraordinary and prodigious, it would still take some time before their talent could be fully realized.

Soon, they would approach a phase of rapid growth. But it was still some time before they could become independent.

Having Miao Shihao and Kang Nanhua around would make many things easier. Sending his disciples out for practice would be easier and safer with the two of them watching over them.

Of course, there were downsides to it too. For example, Lin Feng could be sure that with Miao Shihao's personality it would be too much to expect him to serve the sect as wholeheartedly as Kang Nanhua.

This Miao Shihao, if he were to take a liking to you then he would be willing to aid you even if it meant death in a heartbeat.

However, if he were to lose interest in you, then all the best to you.

However, Lin Feng did not care much for that. Interacting with different people would require different tactics.

Actually, it may be good to have someone with Miao Shihao's feminine personality.

Lin Feng could not help but to part his lips as he looked at Miao Shihao. Using his mana, he announced in a powerful voice, "There are three rules."

"First, do not behave in a feminine way in our sect."


"Second, even if we were to go out, please don't behave like that."

"You can't control me!"

"Third, if for whatever reason you become unhappy and wish to leave, pre-empt me first."

Upon hearing the third rule, Miao Shihao appeared stunned. He looked at Lin Feng carefully and realized that Lin Feng was looking at him calmly back.

After a long while, Miao Shihao smiled, not in a seductress way nor in a perverted way, but like a gust of spring wind.

"I agree."

Lin Feng smiled too, "Nice."

However, in the moments that followed, Miao Shihao returned to his original demeanor. He covered his lips and smiled slyly, "However, the first two rules are difficult. Can you please set other rules?"

Lin Feng's smile froze on his face. He exhaled, looked at the sky, shook his head and waved his hand. His intention was clear. He wanted Miao Shihao to either shut up and accept it, or walk off.

"The independent cultivator Miao Shihao has officially become a sect guardian. You have completed the sect guardian quest and earned a chance at the lottery system"

Lin Feng sighed, "How come I feel that I have made a terrible mistake?"

As his entourage disappeared into the sky above Shazhou, a dimensional tear appeared in the void as a flash of sword radiance emerged. The Nascent Soul stage sword cultivator, Kong Chang, could be seen.

"I'm too slow," Kong Chang's two eyes were blood-red. He stared at the direction of the Kunlun Mountains. "We aren't finished!"