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 Chapter 195: With the Flow of Feng Shui

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"Everyone in the audience knows all about the goods, so I won't waste any more words." Song Fu smiled cheekily at the audience and said softly, "This Golden Tiger Avatar's starting price is ten purple Talisman-Dollars!"

The holy abode quietened down in an instant. Ten purple Talisman-Dollars were a record starting bid at the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade auction.

However, the silence was short-lived as someone quickly placed a bid, "Eleven purple Talisman-Dollars. I'll have it."

"Only eleven purple Talisman-Dollars and you want to boast?" The onlookers mocked his bid.

"Go big or go home! I raise the bid to fifteen purple Talisman-Dollars."

"Seventeen pieces!" "Eighteen pieces!" "Twenty Pieces!"

The price for the item skyrocketed and exploded to thirty purple Talisman-Dollars in no time.

Yu Wanfeng coveted the Golden Tiger Avatar. His forte was pure cultivation rather than physical strength. If he possessed such a powerful physical avatar as his substitute, his combat effectiveness would be greatly heightened.

In that instant, he began to regret giving everything up to take home the Seal of Closure.

Bai Zhen and company of the Mount Shu Sword Sect looked at each other. As they were not the final winners of the previous item bids, they still retained a large portion of their finances.

The last item up for bidding indeed did not disappoint. Bai Zhen and the others all wanted the item for himself but seemed a little embarrassed about it.

Bai Zhen coughed and said, "Let us purchase it first. We can decide after bringing it back to the Sect."

The tall Elder hesitated. "If we look at the pattern of the bidding, it is highly likely that the price will surpass our limits..."

"Do not deliberate. Buy it." Out of the blue, a voice sounded out from beside them.

A rustic-looking youth abruptly appeared behind them. He was clad in a hemp robe and had a longsword around his waist, but it was not a sword originating from Mount Shu Sword Sect.

He did not exhibit any form of energy or aura, which made people think he was just a normal person without any experience in cultivation or training.

However, upon laying eyes on him all four of them respectfully greeted him. "Mr Kong."

With this youth in a hemp robe in front of them, besides showing respect Bai Zhen and company were even faintly afraid.

This was because the simple-looking youth was Kong Chang, the First Disciple of the Leader of the Lixiong Sword, one of Mount Shu's six big branches.

Of the Mount Shu Six Passages of Sword, the Lixiong Swords were the most vicious, sinister and hostile. Every single one of their disciples was murderous and killed people like chopping butter. Kong Chang lived the stereotype and was the best of them, and was nicknamed the Man-slayer.

Kong Chang looked young, but he had been famous for almost a thousand years and was already a big sword cultivator of the Nascent Soul Stage. His accumulated notoriety and influence intimidated and scared even Bai Zhen and the other three of them.

Kong Chang calmly observed the Golden Tiger Avatar lying beside Song Fu. "This avatar's essence is ample with energy. It's highly suitable for us sword cultivators to train a substitution avatar. I need to have it."

Bai Zhen emphatically nodded and immediately turned around to raise the bid. "Forty purple Talisman-Dollars!"

Once again, the holy abode quietened down as the bid was declared.

Nobody expected the Mount Shu Sword Sect to raise the bid to such an astonishing number.

Raising the bid from thirty purple Talisman-Dollars to forty purple Talisman-Dollars displayed an air of dominance and coveting.

The participants of the auction were naturally rich individuals, but there were not many that could throw forty purple Talisman-Dollars just like that.

After all, nobody would consciously go bankrupt just to purchase an item.

Somebody tried to challenge the bid by raising it to forty-two purple Talisman-Dollars but could not surpass the air of dominance from Mount Shu Sword Sect.

Kong Chang waved his hand as if he was swatting flies. Bai Zhen immediately raised the bid to fifty purple Talisman-Dollars.

Once this bid was declared the entire place went completely silent. The Aurous Core stage cultivators have already entered the mindset of just watching the show as they could not afford to participate at such a high level.

A great many of the Nascent Soul Stage cultivators have also retracted their interest. A small number of them could afford the price of fifty purple Talisman-Dollars but chose to give it up as they witnessed the relentless willingness of Mount Shu Sword Sect to spend money.

Bai Zhen and company looked at each other and smiles broke out across their faces.

Kong Chang tapped the hilt of his sword lightly and said, "Go and collect the item."

He barely finished his sentence when a voice suddenly rang out from within the void. "Sixty pieces."

"Boom!" That triggered an uproar within the holy abode as everyone stared at the radiant rock. Everyone knew it was Lin Feng's seat as could be inferred from previous biddings.

Lin Feng's voice echoed throughout the holy abode. "I bid sixty purple Talisman-Dollars."

Kong Chang's expression instantly turned cold. He peered at Lin Feng's seat and asked, "That is the seat of the Celestial Sect of Wonders that you talked about?"

Bai Zhen and company nodded their heads as Kong Chang gripped the hilt of his sword.

"Do you really wish to fight here, Master Kong?" A voice appeared inside Kong Chang's head. He grunted while his hand finally left his sword hilt and coldly retorted, "I raise the bid to sixty-five purple Talisman-Dollars!"

Everyone got excited as they saw Mount Shu Sword Sect reply with a bid. It was clear the real battle was about to begin.

"Will the Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders finally take action?"

"Will they battle Mount Shu Sword Sect to the end? I can't even tell who the likely victor will be."

"There will be a good show to watch now."

Discussions abounded within the holy abode. On Lin Feng's side, whether it was beside his own body or beside his Avatar of Ares, Xiao Yan and his two other disciples along with Yue Hongyan wore weird looks on their faces, as if they wanted to laugh but did not dare to.

Xiao Yan glanced towards the seat of the Mount Shu Sword Sect and muttered under his breath, "Retard, you're done. That Golden Tiger Avatar was consigned by my master to the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade to be auctioned!"

The Golden Tiger Avatar was created by Lin Feng after he defeated and killed the Gengjin Tiger King. He used half of the physical remains and infused it with a third of the essence of the demon's soul to create the current avatar.

"Seventy purple Talisman-Dollars." Lin Feng grinned as he raised the bid once more. He was already in a state of comfort.

"Did you guys not happily raise my bid in the previous round? I will have you know, this is called the turn of the Feng Shui."

Tycoon Miao whispered from the side, "Even if you have no use for such an excellent avatar, you can leave it for your disciples. Why sell it?"

He paused for a moment and continued, "Furthermore, it's quite likely that Mount Shu Sword Sect will acquire your avatar. Will you not be aiding your enemy then?"

Lin Feng laughed. "It's just an avatar. It's not a big deal. If it ends up in the hands of irrelevant individuals then there is nothing more to be said, but if someone wants to use this avatar to cause me trouble then that person will be in for some bad luck."

Lin Feng was acutely aware that the Golden Tiger Avatar had a huge defect, although the defect did not typically display itself. However, Lin Feng had the solution to remedy the defect.

"Surely this is considered selling a fake product? Tsk Tsk. The person who buys the fake is rather pathetic, and the person who goes bankrupt for a fake even more. Take heed, take heed."

At this instance, Mount Shu Sword Sect raised the bid to seventy-two purple Talisman-Dollars and Lin Feng countered with a bid of seventy-five purple Talisman-Dollars without a hint of hesitation.

The seat that belonged to the Mount Shu Sword Sect fell silent for a moment. A cold voice suddenly rang out, "Song Fu, I request that his auctioning credentials be checked. I suspect he is playing a prank with his bidding as he definitely does not have so much money!"

The audience in the holy abode teemed with opinions again. "Is Mount Shu Sword Sect trying to use their influence to push others over because they cannot out-bid them?"

"I don't think so. I have never heard of the leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, nobody knows where he's from. Who knows whether or not he has the financial backing?"

"We'll see how the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade handles the situation."

Kong Chang's attitude was rude and indignant. Song Fu frowned as he contemplated his options. It seemed as if he received orders from someone as he slowly responded, "Lord Lin has enough funding to participate in this round of bidding. The Pavilion of Heavenly Trade vouches for this fact."

Kong Chang was stunned. He glared at Lin Feng for a long time and finally declared, "Eighty!"

"Eighty-five." Lin Feng smiled faintly as he coolly responded to Kong Chang's bid.

Kong Chang was infuriated. He gripped the hilt of his sword as he contemplated, several times, drawing his sword and murdering Lin Feng on the spot.

However, he could feel a majestic will watching him from the shadows, forcing him to give up his intentions to fight here.

"Master Kong, listen to my advice. This avatar is not necessary, just give it up." The voice appeared once again beside his ear.

"No, I am bound to get it." Kong Chang took a deep breath as he returned to his original state of tranquillity and calmness.

The voice faintly sighed but said no more.

Kong Chang wore an expressionless face as he raised the bid once more, word by word. "One! Hundred! Purple! Talisman-Dollars!"

Everybody in the holy abode fell silent.

Lin Feng smiled as he estimated Kong Chang's mental limits. He decided to stop raising the bid as he did not want to buy back his own item.

Upon witnessing Lin Feng's inaction, the people of Mount Shu Sword Sect below Kong Chang heaved a sigh of relief.

With the financial background of the Mount Shu Sword Sect family, one hundred purple Talisman-Dollars were not a big deal. However, if the hundred purple Talisman-Dollars were used to purchase but one item, even they would feel bad about it as if their hearts were bleeding.

Even now, it seemed as if their hearts were no longer just dripping with blood but pouring like a fountain!

Kong Chang turned to look at the Golden Tiger Avatar. His bad mood lifted instantly as his eyes glinted with a warm radiance. "If I train and put in an effort to meditate, I can definitely raise the level of this avatar to the Nascent Soul stage."

Just as he was thinking, the discussions within the holy abode got louder.

"Is it just me or does this Golden Tiger Avatar look just like it is from the Gengjin Tiger Tribe?"

"I heard the tiger demons of the Gengjin Tiger Tribe took a huge blow atop the Changchun Peak of the Hengduan Mountains. Even the Gengjin Tiger King perished in battle."

"Changchun Peak? People of the Baicao Sect certainly do not have that kind of ability. Was it the work of the Great Barren Sword Sect?" "No. I heard it was a person called Lin Feng who executed the Gengjin Tiger King. Is the name of the Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, not Lin Feng?"

"Are you saying that this Golden Tiger Avatar was taken out by the Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders to auction?"

"Then Mount Shu Sword Sect..."

Kong Chang listened up to this point. His face turned from red to green as he could feel himself puking blood and he could not do anything to stop it.

"Lin Feng!!!"