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 Chapter 190: Take Up Positions!

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"You are such a terrible person!" Tun Tun shouted angrily.

Lin Feng quietly nibbled at the side of his mouth as he thought, "At least it's better than being someone who's unreliable like you, who is hell-bent on beating up your crush and then raping him."

However, he was unwilling to spend too much time on this issue with Tun Tun. Smiling, he turned to her and said, "So do you want the Grand Sun Primordial Flame or not?"

Tun Tun swallowed, and said wistfully, "You're willing to give it to me?"

"Of course," Lin Feng smiled like a fox that's about to steal a chicken. "I don't only plan on giving you the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, I also plan on giving you a corporeal body again and bringing you back to full strength."

Tun Tun was stunned as she looked at Lin Feng warily, "What do you want?"

Lin Feng smiled, "Nothing! I never said I will not give you the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, right"

While he didn't exactly say that he would not give her the flame, he remembered the last time he remained mum about this. She turned and ran off without looking back!

Tun Tun appeared to be mulling the issue over as she stared at Lin Feng suspiciously. Lin Feng, however, was smiling when he said, "The kindling of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame that I possessed had undergone some alterations. There is an upper limit. Even if I give it to you it won't be much use to you."

"As of now, I've found a way to increase its firepower. After I cultivated the real Grand Sun Primordial Flame, I will naturally give a portion to you."

Tun Tun asked, "You have Xihe Grass? That item is apparently extinct in the Barren Lands."

Lin Feng's smile was radiant and warm like the sun in springtime as he said, "I've always been good to you. If you feel that there's something wrong, then it's your problem."

Lin Feng waved his robes as a black mass landed outside the Light Prison.

That was half of the corpse of the Gengjin Tiger King. While it had already been severely decayed, it still shone with an eye-dazzling vibrancy as it emanated an unimaginable power.

In reality, it was thanks to Lin Feng's Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm that created the illusion that Lin Feng had torn the corpse apart. If he were to use his bare hands, it would be unimaginably difficult.

Tun Tun's eyes fell straightaway on the Gengjin Tiger King's corpse as she became unable to avert her gaze. She drooled, "The remains of a Gengjin Tiger Demon? It's actually a Demonic Lord level member of the tribe."

Despite the fact that it's only half a corpse, but Tun Tun was still able to swallow it and re-create her corporeal body. Despite not being able to regain her former glory, she would still be able to attain the level of a Demonic Commander, or the equivalent of human Aurous Core stage cultivator.

With the powers of the Taotie tribe, she would not need to be afraid of any demons below a Demonic Lord or a human cultivator who had yet to reach the Nascent Soul stage once she hit the level of a Demonic Commander.

While she can't do much to her foe, her foe can't kill her too.

Lin Feng smiled and asked, "Do you like it?"

Tun Tun's eyes were straight as she nodded, "I like, I like, I...wait!"

It took her some effort to peel her eyes away from the remains of the Gengjin Tiger King. She deliberated for a while before saying, "You are willing to give it to me? Aren't you scared that I'll take revenge on you?"

Lin Feng smiled as he looked at her, "You think you can do that? I think your father is more of a match for me thank you."

Tun Tun unhappily hit the bars of her Light Prison, "What? He's already so old and can be said to a Demonic Lord with his Demon Soul. He's much better than that stupid old tiger in his glory days."

"Right, right," Lin Feng nodded his head carelessly. "Let's be clearer here, do you want it or not?"

Tun Tun said immediately, "Of course!"

Lin Feng smiled as he collected the Gengjin Tiger King's corpse. Tun Tun became anxious instantly, "Are you fooling around with me?"

"I'll give you the thing when the time comes, but not now," Lin Feng said quietly. "After the Xihe Grass matures and I've cultivated a huge amount of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, I'll give you this tiger corpse and the flame."

"Be patient, it won't be long."

Saying that Lin Feng's consciousness exited the ring, leaving an anxious Tun Tun.

"This move was right, but to see when would it be useful depends on my opponent," thought Lin Feng as he pushed opened the door and entered the room.

Helping Xiao Budian create his spiritual tower and form a crucible took quite some time. As of now, the auction was starting.

"It's starting, take up your positions everyone," Lin Feng tapped with his ring and the Avatar of Ares appeared next to him. Then, it disappeared.

Lin Feng raised his head to look at the horizon. A sword radiance flashed past and stopped before Lin Feng. From it emerged three humanoid shapes, with one of them being Yang Tonghui. Behind him stood Aurous Core stage cultivators from the Heavenly Master Sword Sect.

Yang Tonghui looked at Lin Feng and asked while smiling, "Are you ready Master Lin?"

Lin Feng nodded, "Thank you, my friend."

With that, he summoned Xiao Budian and Yue Hongyan, who headed to the auction with Yang Tonghui.

Yang Tonghui looked at Xiao Budian as his gaze flashed, "After not seeing you for a few days, you actually entered the later phase of Foundation Establishment? Could it be that you had been in the bottleneck for too long and you managed a breakthrough earlier?"

Before Lin Feng, he would never have dared to assess Xiao Budian's powers with his skills. He could only see that Xiao Budian was concentrating his crucible and in the later stages of Foundation Establishment already.

If he knew that Xiao Budian had nine spiritual altars and nine crucibles, it was likely that his eyeballs would have hit the ground.

The group of them reached the center of Shazhou. Under the leadership of Yang Tonghui, they flew up in the sky.

Lin Feng looked at the space above, "So the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade's auction site is actually hidden in the void above. Not bad."

"Master Lin is indeed sharp," Yang Tonghui nodded his head in agreement. "The auction by the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade is actually located in a blessed spot owned by them. Normally, it's hidden. However, during the annual Spiritual Conference of Hanhai, it would open once."

As they continued flying, the space in the sky began to ripple as if someone flung a rock into a pond. Five streaks of color appeared.

In the entrance of the space, there were a few cultivators. The leader wore his robes loosely as if he had merged with the space around him into one. He was a cultivator in his Nascent Soul stage.

This person knew Yang Tonghui before. Upon meeting him, he greeted him, "Master Yang, long time no see. I hope you're fine."

Yang Tonghui smiled, "Mr Song, it's been a while."

He introduced Lin Feng, "Master Lin, this is one of the executives of the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade, Mr Song Fu."

Song Fu's gaze flashed as he looked at Lin Feng, "Are you Celestial Sect's leader Master Lin?"

Lin Feng's heart rejoiced. He checked the system and realized that his prestige in the northern foot of Mount Kunlun had already hit 75. He could accept disciples with potential value above 75 here.

Initially, Lin Feng's prestige in the Hengduan Mountains was 70 as he killed the Gengjin Tiger King.

While he did not kill a Nascent Soul stage cultivator earlier on, he did humiliate Mount Shu Sword Sect. The impact of that act was greater than slaying the Gengjin Tiger King.

Song Fu probably guessed Lin Feng's identity upon hearing Yang Tonghui's address and from Lin Feng's appearance.

Lin Feng smiled, "Mr Song, sorry to trouble you."

"Not at all," Song Fu shook his head.

Yang Tonghui said from the side, "This is the first time Master Lin is attending the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade's auction. I am his referee."

Song Fu smiled, "I hope you are not too troubled by our rules. Please, come in."

Lin Feng brought Xiao Budian, Yue Hongyan and Yang Tonghui into the little blessed spot inside.

Inside the blessed spot, it appeared to be the galaxy. Countless dots shined from inside and if Lin Feng were to concentrate, he realized he could not see through them.

"Are they concealed by mana? Is this to ensure anonymity?" Lin Feng pondered as he arched his eyebrows. Then, he saw a representative from the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade approaching. The representative respectfully greeted Yang Tonghui, "Good day to you, Master Skywalker. Your seat is prepared."

Yang Tonghui pointed to Lin Feng and said, "This is Master Lin, he's my guest."

"Hello Master Lin," said the representative. News spread fast, and he probably knew of the events in Shazhou already. In dealing with new arrivals in the city, they had to be extra careful so to not offend anyone accidentally.

The representative bowed, "Since this is your first Master Lin, do you have any special request? Would you like to be next to Master Skywalker?"

"While I couldn't tell from outside, it appears that frequent visitors have their own seats," Lin Feng smiled as he looked at Yang Tonghui. "Could I trouble you to seat me next to my friend?"

Yang Tonghui smiled, "Of course, no problem."

The two of them laughed. Under the guidance of the executive, they flew towards two dots of light.

As they approached, the dots became balls. The representative took out a pass and the light faded to reveal what's inside.

Lin Feng could only see two granite rock, resembling the stars in the galaxy.

Yang Tonghui brought his two sword cultivators to one of the giant granite. Lin Feng, Xiao Budian and Yue Hongyan then sat on another.

The giant granite appeared to be a table with a tablecloth, but it was bare save for the cloth.

The representative smiled apologetically, "It's not very nice, I hope you won't mind."

Lin Feng noticed that Yang Tonghui's environment looked the same before realizing that every was standardized. Of course, he would not mind. Smiling, he said, "No problem, my coming today is to understand the prosperity of the Spiritual Conference of Hanhai. This is but a small issue."

After settling down, Lin Feng looked out and realized that he was sitting in a ball of light that formed a giant ring of light around a black hole.

Yang Tonghui telepathically told Lin Feng, "The auction would start in two hours. Before that, it's a time for everyone to mingle and exchange knowledge."

"Some items would be exchanged here."

Lin Feng nodded as he calmed himself. Immediately, he could sense countless psychic consciousness interacting with one another in this little galaxy.