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 Chapter 188: Let Us Be Fair

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"Do you think you can just leave after bullying my disciple?"

Lin Feng gazed at the Mount Shu Elders calmly.

The short and fat Elder sneered, "You still don't want to let us go in peace? Mount Shu has ten million sword cultivators, each with one sword. You'll be minced to scraps."

Lin Feng was not angered by that comment and smiled instead. He extended his right hand and spread his fingers wide.

Surging purple clouds jetted out abruptly from Lin Feng's right palm and blanketed the four Mount Shu cultivators.

"What insolence!" The Mount Shu cultivators bellowed and drew their swords to destroy Lin Feng's cloud formation.

But the purple clouds cordoned off an independent area of space, isolating them from the real world.

After a flurry of chaos, The Mount Shu cultivators watched, aghast, as the sky above them, the clouds, the ground beneath their feet, the flowing rivers, all turned purple. It was as if they had been transported into another world.

In the distant skies, a purple sun was steadily rising over the horizon, bathing everything in the violet sunlight that even gave a comforting warmth to the skin.

The Baizhen Elder was terrified, and searched his surroundings anxiously for his companions, only to realize that everyone that was beside him had vanished. It was as if he was the only soul left in the entire world.

It wasn't just for the Baizhen Elder. All four Mount Shu cultivators realized that they were alone, trapped in an alien purple world.

Back in the real world, both Yang Tonghui's convoy from the Heavenly Sword Sect and Yu Wanfeng's army of Yu Family disciples gawked at Lin Feng in complete astonishment.

Lin Feng stood calmly on space. On the ground below him was a perfect cube with walls of dense purple clouds trapping the Mount Shu cultivators inside.

The interior of the cube had been divided into small individual sections, with each section housing one Mount Shu cultivator.

Even though they were observing from the outside world, Yang Tonghui and everyone else present could tell that each individual section was a miniature world existing independently of the other sections. Each section had its own mountains, rivers, wind, sun and moon - everything an actual world consisted of.

"To be able to create nature and conjure life ... Just who is this man, to display such a level of Abhijina?" Yu Wanfeng was perplexed as Lin Feng's spell did not use shockingly exuberant levels of mana.

But his enigmatic abilities of space manipulation, as well as his powers of creation and his knowledge of summoning life-forms, were all unfathomable mysteries even for a senior Nascent Soul cultivator like Yu Wanfeng.

Yang Tonghui stared at Lin Feng and was similarly lost in thought. "Master of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, Lin Feng ... right? Seems like a formidable talent who was previously reserved and elusive, but is now preparing to establish his own sect to impart his skills to the next generation."

Lin Feng looked at the individual little worlds formed by his purple clouds and nodded to himself. "Just as I thought. This spell can only be executed completely after I advanced to the middle Aurous Core stages."

The Celestial Small Worlds, the fourth spell that Lin Feng mastered in the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams, uses one's mana to isolate space, craft worlds and create life.

In this miniature world, Lin Feng was absolute.

Enemies outside the cube are unaffected, but once one is trapped within the Celestial Small Worlds, even a Nascent Soul cultivator would have to submit himself to Lin Feng's every whim and fancy.

Only the Original Cow Deity and a few other Nascent Soul beings with all-powerful mana and Abhijina can evade capture from this spell, and can promptly escape from the isolated world if trapped.

But the Baizhen Elder and his comrades clearly did not possess those powers.

They soon dawned upon an even more frightening realization.

"Why has my mana mastery been suppressed to mere Foundation Establishment levels?" The short and fat Elder shrieked after he discovered the changes to his body.

Inside Lin Feng's Celestial Small Worlds, the Elder's Abhijina and mastery levels have all been restricted to the Foundation Establishment stages.

Just as the short and fat Elder was becoming increasingly hysterical, the world before him suddenly glowed and flickered, and another figure entered the world.

A small child around ten years old, wearing a purple sleeveless robe, was giggling at him. It was Xiao Budian.

Lin Feng's mighty omnipresent voice reverberated through the purple world.

"My mastery levels are about the same as yours, so this wouldn't be considered as picking on the weak. But since you assaulted my disciple, you must be punished."

"I do things fairly. All four of you were using your superior Aurous Core mastery to pick on a single opponent in the Foundation Establishment stages. Was battling my disciple four-against-one very enjoyable for you?"

"Now that both of your mastery levels are back at the Foundation Establishment stage, battle each other one more time. Let's see whether your Mount Shu swordplay is sharp enough to combat the profound spells of my Celestial Sect of Wonders."

The short and fat Elder was hopping mad. "How dare you ridicule the Mount Shu Sect ..."

Without waiting for him to finish his sentence, with a strong gust of wind, Xiao Budian was already beside him chortling, "Hey shorty, are you paying attention?"

After fumblingly dodging Xiao Budian's fist, the short and fat Elder was so enraged that his face flushed red. "This brat has the soul essence of a Demon Tiger at the peak of the Aurous Core stage. How can I possibly take it down?"

Xiao Budian chuckled, "So that's what you're afraid of. Relax. Since your powers are also at the Foundation Establishment stage, I won't be using that Demon Tiger."

He gleefully sized up the short and fat Elder and said, "If you're still afraid, I'll let you have the first move."

The Shaoshang Sword is indeed formidable, being razor-sharp beyond compare. But now with only the power of 'One Foot of Winter', using it against Xiao Budian's Infinite Thunderstorm was like yielding a sharpened sword that was only two fingers wide and a few centimetres thick against a massive ten-ton metal hammer!

The sword, in this case, is a peerless treasure sword, and can even slash off the sides of the metal hammer.

But this doesn't change the huge gap in power between the two. In the end, the sword would obviously be smashed to pieces by the massive hammer!

Outside the purple world, Yang Tonghui and Yu Wanfeng were observing in awe and shock.

They then glanced at Lin Feng, their gaze clearly marked with trepidation and sombreness.

Lin Feng was using his powers of world-creation and his mana mastery to suppress opponents in small constructed worlds, and he did not completely quell their powers but rather accurately adjusted them to the peak of the advanced Foundation Establishment stages, just one step short of the Aurous Core stage.

Such intricate manipulation meant that Lin Feng had nearly absolute control over his little, isolated worlds.

Unless opponents have higher mastery levels than Lin Feng, they wouldn't have a chance to fight back once they were trapped inside the isolated world.

The problem was that they couldn't pinpoint Lin Feng's exact mastery level.

The less they knew, the more frightening it was.

Yu Wanfeng watched the short and fat Elder very closely. Mount Shu is one of the three Holy Grounds, and their mantras are definitely among the best in the Divine Lands.

The Shaoshang Sword is also one of Mount Shu's signature Six Passages of Swords and is known for its raw attacking power.

Theoretically speaking, being a sword cultivator specializing in war and slaughter, the short and fat Elder's combat abilities should usually go unmatched even among cultivators in the same stage.

At the very least, Yu Wanfeng pondered to himself, if he fought against a Mount Shu Elder also in the initial Nascent Soul stage, he would probably be on the losing end. This was already considering that he yielded the Xuanming Primordial Water and that his abilities exceeded those of his peers.

But in spite of all that, the short and fat Elder was being helplessly pulverized by Xiao Budian.

Even though his mastery levels were suppressed, he was still at the final stage of the Foundation Establishment, while Xiao Budian was only at the middle stages!

Such a gap in mastery made Yu Wanfeng break into cold sweat.

He looked at Lin Feng again and felt even more miserable. He then turned and glared furiously at the young man in red robes, who had complained about Lin Feng previously.

The man in red robes stared blankly at Lin Feng, with his mind in a complete mess. When he noticed Yu Wanfeng glaring at him, he felt as if he was drenched by a bucket of ice water, his legs numb and wobbly.

Yu Wanfeng gazed at Lin Feng, looking conflicted. He had the mind to yell a couple of insults, but his words morphed when they left his mouth. "Excuse us for the misunderstanding."

With a wave of his hand, icy-blue clouds shrouded the Yu Family disciples and the Crimson Fog Sect cultivators, instantly transporting them far away.

Lin Feng smiled to himself, "Very well. I'll have one more actor at the auction. This one even delivered himself to my doorstep pleading to join my show."

He calculated to himself expressionlessly. "He'll probably speak up soon."

Just as he had expected, Yang Tonghui pondered momentarily after witnessing the Mount Shu cultivators trapped in the Celestial Small Worlds and then gestured to Lin Feng, "Sect Master ... Lin, they have indeed committed a grave mistake and should be punished for it, but ... I believe they've learnt their lesson. Please spare them."

He paused, took out a porcelain vial and said, "This is the Seven-piece Celestial Elixir. Please allow your disciple to accept this, and please show some mercy and spare them."

Lin Feng thought to himself, "I knew you'd play the Samaritan here. I was waiting for this. If you hadn't spoken up, I'd still be reluctant to let such brilliant actors go."