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 Chapter 187: The Mirror, Flower, Water and the Moon

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"From today onwards, you'll remember my name and the grand name of the Celestial Sect of Wonders even better than that of the Mount Shu Sword Sect."

Lin Feng's tone was casual and light as if mentioning a very trivial matter.

But to the four Mount Shu Sword cultivators, it was incomparably grating to their ears.

The short and fat Elder sneered, "Aren't you bragging a little too shamelessly? Even the Great Void Sect wouldn't dare to boast in front of the Mount Shu Sect."

Lin Feng smiled, not saying anything else, and turned his gaze to the faraway skies.

Behind him, Miao Shihao also did the same. He looked as if he had cracked a smile even though he didn't.

In the distant skies, the clouds suddenly parted, blowing in a gust of cold wind that was chilling to the bone, almost freezing everyone solid.

An icy blue cloud carrying a small army of people descended from the skies and approached Lin Feng.

The convoy dressed in red was the group of cultivators from the Crimson Fog Sect that butted heads with Lin Feng and Yue Hongyan previously.

Standing in the centre of the convoy was a young man in red robes, glaring at Yue Hongyan with intense hatred.

But he didn't dare to move a muscle and waited deferentially behind another convoy dressed in white.

The cultivators in white that stood in front of the Crimson Fog Sect cultivators evidently looked far more superior, as their mastery levels indeed exceeded those of their counterparts in red.

Especially the Elder in white at the forefront, whose terrifying waves of mana mercilessly tore the surrounding space. He was clearly a grand cultivator who had formed a Nascent Soul.

The frigid air was emanating from his body. He barely moved but by just standing there, he had caused the air temperature of the entire Shazhou City to plummet drastically.

Since Shazhou City is located at the edge of a desert, the weather was still unbearably hot even though it was autumn.

But this Elder in white, with just a brief discharge of his mana, instantly plunged the entire city seemingly at the peak of summer into the depths of winter.

Lin Feng could tell without looking that this person was definitely the Nascent Soul Grandmaster of the Yu Family, and the spells he specializes in would be the Xuanming tactics passed down in the Yu Family.

The young man in red glared at Lin Feng and Yue Hongyan, then said to the Elder in white, "Sixth Uncle Grandmaster, it's these two who didn't stop attacking me even after I declared that I was part of the Yu Family, and even assaulted me further instead."

The Elder in white was Yu Wanfeng and has very high seniority in the Yu Family as the sixth uncle of the household's master. The young man in red hence addresses him as Sixth Uncle Grandmaster.

Yu Wanfeng glanced at Lin Feng and Yue Hongyan, then turned to the young man in red and said coldly, "Is this the incompetent gigolo that you spoke of, the one without a single sliver of mana mastery?"

The young man in red wanted to reply, but his eyes were wide open in shock, unable to utter a single word.

He gawked at the sight of Lin Feng, shrouded by purple clouds, striding on space, and even levitating Yue Hongyan, who was in the middle Foundation Establishment stages and previously couldn't walk on space.

How could this be someone with no mana mastery?

Being able to stand upright on space is a feat only achievable by cultivators minimally in the Aurous Core stage.

The young man in red was momentarily lost for words, and scowled at Lin Feng vengefully, "Look at you, your mana levels are far greater than that beauty over there, but you didn't do or say anything, and let a lady only in the middle Foundation Establishment stages singlehandedly fight against over ten of us. Can you still call yourself a man?"

Alright, she may be in the middle Foundation Establishment stages, but she stood her ground against her opponents, and even overpowered them and sent them running.

But the man in red was still extremely spiteful, "A tiger pretending to be a pussycat, and making me embarrass myself in front of Sixth Uncle Grandmaster. All the sacrifices I made to create a good impression have all gone to waste!"

Yu Wanfeng was indeed unhappy with the man in red, but it didn't bother him too much. He glared at Lin Feng and Yue Hongyan from the corner of his eye and said, "The Crimson Fog Sect is still a part of the Yu Family. Whoever dares to mess with the Yu Family must pay the price."

As he said this, Yu Wanfeng stretched out his hand and grabbed the air, gathering terrifying amounts of cold air which morphed into a giant hand and reached for Lin Feng and Yue Hongyan.

"So you've delivered yourself to me." Lin Feng snickered to himself. He could use this chance to test just how powerful a cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage truly was.

"Trying to hurt my friend right under my nose, do you think it'll be that simple?" Miao Shihao sneered. "I have not repaid you for giving me the One Heavenly Primordial Water. Let me handle this for you."

As he said this, his right hand held out an Orchid Finger and pointed it at the incoming giant hand of cold air.

Numerous shimmering rays of light intersected in mid-air to form a perfect rhombus.

The rhombus flickered with a faint glow, like a mirror without a frame, and faced the giant hand of cold air.

The surface of the mirror then swelled like ripples on water, and another giant hand of cold air suddenly erupted from the mirror. Its size, shape, mana level and temperature were all exactly the same as the one Yu Wanfeng conjured!

This wasn't just a virtual reflection in a mirror, but a tangible reproduction manifesting as a physical entity.

"A copy? No, a projection, or more of a reflection." Lin Feng stared in amazement.

Two identical giant hands of cold air collided and instantly exploded, bursting in a thick cloud of fog and hail.

"The Ray Reflecting Zone?!" Yu Wanfeng was stunned, then carefully sized up Miao Shihao before exclaiming, "The Mirror Master, Miao Shihao?"

Miao Shihao smirked. "Yes, that would be me."

Yu Wanfeng's face turned sour and glared icily at Miao Shihao, his words cold and piercing like icicle spears. "Miao Shihao, I know that your current mastery level did not come easily. If you turn around and leave now, I'll ignore whatever happened just now."

"Or, do you actually think that you can handle the wrath of the Yu Family with your mastery at most at the initial Nascent Soul stages? Don't let yourself suffer such a pitiful death!"

Miao Shihao retaliated sarcastically. "I'm so scared, you're really frightening me."

He placed his hands behind his back and looked to the sky. His gaze was not fixed at a particular point and his eyes were in a dream-like trance. "Life is but a mirage. You may attain longevity through mastery, but you'll still pass on one day. Can you escape the jaws of death or the Destruction of Heaven and Earth?"

"Well then, what's so scary or significant about the cycle of life and death?"

Yu Wanfeng nodded slowly and said with a solemn face. "Alright then. Since that's the case, I'll send you back to Samsara now!"

He clasped his hands together and summoned a spell. An icy blue ball of water abruptly appeared before him

Dense cold air spouted out from the ball of water, instantly causing another drastic plunge in the surrounding air temperature.

Snow was falling from the sky!

Lin Feng examined the ball of water, and the pupils of his eyes contracted slightly. Calling that an ice ball would be apter since it was not in liquid form, but a solid sphere of ice.

The freezing Xuanming Primordial Water, one of the Six Legendary Primordial Waters!

Yu Wanfeng then separated his hands, and the Xuanming Primordial Water before him abruptly surged upwards then torpedoed towards Miao Shihao.

In that instant, everything around them was dyed icy blue. The Xuanming Primordial Water even froze the surrounding space, hence trapping Miao Shihao who could no longer escape by tearing a hole in space.

"This is why I hate the cold." Miao Shihao sighed and pointed the Orchid Finger in his right hand at the incoming Xuanming Primordial Water.

A pure white flower appeared in front of the Xuanming Primordial Water. It had four petals forming the shape of a cross, and its pure white petals shimmered with a light pink glow.

When this seemingly delicate and fragile flower landed on the Xuanming Primordial Water, its petals suddenly severed, radiating a brilliant burst of light in front of everyone.

An instant of beauty, a moment of eternity.

The lifespan of a flower from blossoming to withering is ephemeral, like a meteor shooting across the sky, but it flaunts the most spectacular and eye-catching resplendence.

In that moment, the icy blue of the Xuanming Primordial Water disappeared, and the whole of Shazhou City was bathed in a pinkish white glow of light.

The glow appeared and vanished in a flash. The pink light had faded, the flower had disappeared, but Yu Wanfeng's roaring tempestuous Xuanming Primordial Water also disappeared along with everything else.

"The Superior Orchid Cacti!" Yu Wanfeng exclaimed in rage as he glared at Miao Shihao.

Miao Shihao beamed, but did not reply. His gaze shifted towards the faraway skies, "There sure is a lot of people today."

Lin Feng too looked into the distance. There, a sword radiance of the highest level ripped through space and raced towards them.

In the blink of an eye, the sword radiance had already landed in front of everyone. The sword radiance was only three feet long, but its lustrous Sword Prowess level was over a thousand times higher than the meagre sword formation that the Baizhen Elder and his fellow comrades made.

This Sword Prowess was like a straight path to heaven, able to overcome all obstacles and ascend all the way up to the Nine Heavens.

Once it arrived in front of Lin Feng, the sword radiance abruptly protracted, instantly transforming into a Pristine Light Avenue rolled out in mid-air.

A convoy of people stood on the Pristine Light Avenue, and at the forefront was a middle-aged man in flowy green robes. The blue ribbon fastened around his waist wafted with the wind with inexplicable charm.

The four Elders below were astounded when they recognised that man. "The Skywalker Master, Yang Tonghui!"

Yang Tonghui didn't say a word and immediately reached out and grabbed Fu Shuo, who was still sprawled on the ground.

When he saw Yang Tonghui, Fu Shuo's body trembled like a sieve sifting wheat bran. "Mas ... Master, I ..."

"Where's the 'Nine Steps to Heaven' Herb?" Yang Tonghui went straight to the point without beating around the bush. Fu Shuo was shivering and bawling, and pointed at Xiao Budian, who was hiding behind Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled, "Fu Shuo stole the herb and was preparing to hand it to the Mount Shu Sword Sect. My disciple knew about this by chance and retrieved the herb from him. Now's the time to return it to its rightful owner."

He turned to Xiao Budian. Xiao Budian was not willing to give it up, but he didn't dare to throw a tantrum at his master in front of others, and meekly ceded the herb to Yang Tonghui.

Xiao Budian felt as if his heart was bleeding. "Had I known this would happen, I would have taken a bite first."

Yang Tonghui accepted the herb and heaved a sigh of relief. "I thank you. How may I address you, my friend?"

Lin Feng smiled, "I'm Lin Feng, Master of the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

Yang Tonghui nodded. "I'll pay you my respects at a later time."

He turned to the Mount Shu Elders and frowned instantly.

The Baizhen Elder pleaded, "Skywalker Master, please be fair. We too knew about this just a short while ago. Both our families are members of the Nine Heavenly Sword Alliance. Why would the Mount Shu Sect take in our ally's traitor?"

Yang Tonghui nodded and replied in a neutral tone. "Very well then."

The Mount Shu Elders could only swallow their pride. They already possess the highest mastery levels among all the Mount Shu Sect members in Shazhou City. Even if they wanted to exact revenge, they still need to contact their sect's Nascent Soul Grandmaster.

"Let's go." The Baizhen Elder exchanged fleeting glances with his comrades and was preparing to leave. As for Fu Shuo, he was already captured by his master, and could only submit himself to fate.

As they turned to leave, Lin Feng's voice bellowed from behind.

"Do you think you can just leave after bullying my disciple?"