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 Chapter 182: My Sassy Brother Shihao

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Lin Feng squeezed the perfume sachet and could feel bits of energy from the Great Solar Brilliance through the sewn fabric of the perfume sachet.

Lin Feng flooded the sachet with his mana and slowly began to understand the mechanism of the sachet.

In the depths of the endless darkness within the sachet, a brilliant glow suddenly appeared. Within the glow, a Buddha sat afloat in mid-air, with its hands placed in a certain symbol position, radiating brilliantly.

By now, Lin Feng had understood that the fabric for the perfume sachet was actually from the kasaya of Daneng the Eminent Monk from the Great Thunderclap Temple.

Most of the kasayas of the eminent monks from the Great Thunderclap Temple were usually top-tier magic items.

However, the fabric right in front of him was merely a fragment of the kasaya, where most of its magic essence had scattered, leaving only remnants of its previous glory.

Nevertheless, the remnants of the magic essence was still quite a substantial amount, which meant that the kasaya must have been a very high level magic item.

Lin Feng had a vague impression of the dharma used to cultivate this kasaya.

Endless Brilliance Tathāgata Mantra was a highly revered ancient text of the Great Thunderclap Temple. It was one of the five Tathāgata Mantras and was the top text which illustrated the path towards enlightenment and brilliance in the Grand Celestial World.

"Seeing the fragment of the kasaya, I can almost feel the remnants of the essence of the Endless Brilliance Tathāgata Mantra. I guess it's really true when the saying goes that a camel which had starved to death would still be larger than a horse."

Lin Feng shook his head and retrieved a few red grass seeds, which were giving off a faint golden glow, from the perfume sachet. "Even though it might have came from a very powerful kasaya, but nevertheless it was still only a fragment and had limited uses. But these seeds are really remarkable."

Initially, Lin Feng's focus was placed on the fabric used to stitch the perfume sachet together. It was only after a while when he realised that the contents within the perfume sachet were the seeds of a precious spiritual grass called the Xihe Grass.

The actual value of the Xihe Grass by itself was not really anything impressive. Regardless of whether it was used as an ingredient for an elixir or to cultivate magic items, it did not possess any exceptional uses. In fact, its actual availability was very low and was nearly extinct.

Fortunately, the Grand Celestial World did not have a large demand for the Xihe Grass and hence, even though its numbers were small, no one was really concerned about it.

But Lin Feng was different. He was very concerned about the Xihe Grass because it was the only spiritual herb which could be used as a fuel for the Grand Sun Primordial Fire!

With a large quantity of the Xihe Grass, Lin Feng could then finally nurture the spark of the Grand Sun Primordial Fire into the real and actual Grand Sun Primordial Fire.

Lin Feng's spark might be able to activate the Grand Sun Primordial Fire but was never really the true Grand Sun Primordial Fire. It could at best be considered a "castrated" fire.

The Seven Great Primordial Fires had almost limitless potential when it came to the power of their flames.

Lin Feng's spark, however, was actually adulterated by the Golden Crow Grand Sage before passing onto its own bloodline. In order to make it easy for them to control, the Golden Crow Grand Sage had reduced the power of the adulterated Grand Sun Primordial Fire.

Because of this, Lin Feng had always felt disappointed. Now that he had finally gotten a glimpse of hope of obtaining a large quantity of the Xihe Grass, he was excited about the prospect of nurturing the complete Grand Sun Primordial Fire.

"The seeds have already lost the vitality and their lives. But because of Lucky, it shouldn't be a problem to revive the seeds. I shall give it a try after returning to the mountain." After drafting out his plan, Lin Feng kept the perfume sachet properly.

It was just right at this time when Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian began returning one after another, with their own rewards and findings.

"No wonder he scored an Eight for the Fortune Score. Look at the things that they had found." As Lin Feng checked through their loot, he thought, "However, they are not items that they can use immediately. They should just put them aside first."

Lin Feng led his three disciples as well as Yue Hongyan who was getting closer to his Sect along the path in Shazhou. Till now, there was still no clue or trace of the Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus, which was the main objective of the trip.

Following the intelligence provided by Kang Nanhua, Lin Feng and the rest entered a huge shop in the south of Shazhou.

In the previous two Spiritual Conference of Hanhai, rumour had it that the Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus was being sold around here.

As Lin Feng entered the shop, he realised that there were not many people inside but all the rippling from their pool of mana demonstrated the high calibre of the people inside. The weakest among them was a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator. Most of them were at the Aurous Core stage but Lin Feng could barely sense that there were ripplings which indicated the presence of the Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

The hall which faced the door was filled with floating paintings.

Of course, the shop did not sell paintings but they were rather the pictures of how the different treasures which the shop sold looked like.

There were descriptions of the origins, the uses and the price of the treasures next to the paintings.

Sometimes, the picture on the painting scroll would suddenly disappear and the painting scroll would become a white piece of paper. This meant that the item had been sold to someone else and the shop had ran out of stock.

Lin Feng glanced across the hundred or so paintings and very soon, he found his target in a rather conspicuous position.

A green lotus with nine lotus seeds which gave off a colorful radiance was nicely drawn on a painting scroll.

At the bottom righthand corner of the painting, the words, "The Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus" were written in a beautiful font.

"The price must be decided over a discussion?" Lin Feng frowned as he realised Kang Nanhua seemed to have mentioned before about how the owner of the Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus wanted to settle the deal by trading one treasure for another.

He had tried to trade for two years but to no success. It can be learnt that the owner had very high expectations of the treasure he should be getting in return.

Lin Feng thought for a while before summoning the manager of the shop. He pointed at the Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus before saying, "I need you to help me contact the seller and tell him that I want this treasure of his."

The manager might not know how strong or weak Lin Feng was but because he had managed and seen many powerful clients, he was not willing to risk it by being impolite in any way. He replied politely, "I will gladly pass your message to the owner. However, the location of the Mirror Master is very uncertain and when it comes to when he will be able to come, I cannot make any promises. Therefore, I seek for your forgiveness in advance."

"Mirror Master?" Lin Feng squinted his eyes after hearing the name.

The Grand Celestial World had the implicit rule that all cultivators of the Nascent Soul stage could be addressed as Masters or Grandmasters.

Since the person was labeled as the Mirror Master, he must then be a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

The manager nodded his head, "That is right. The Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus was left by the Mirror Master, Miao Shihao in th shop for sale."

Mirror Master, Miao Shihao?

How come it sounded so weird?

Yes, Miao Shihao sounded like a pretty tough guy's name. But for some warped reason, he had a weird title of Mirror Master. It sounded like a big and tough guy staring in the mirror, which was pretty oxymoronic.

As Lin Feng continued to ponder on this, he suddenly felt a powerful ripple of mana entering the shop. The person who just entered did not give any attention nor concern to the other Nascent Soul stage cultivators and simply demonstrated his own mana haughtily.

The implicit demonstration of the ability to move between voids and spaces demonstrated clearly that the person was at the Nascent Soul stage.

Lin Feng turned his head around and was shocked.

The man whom he saw was a tall and lean young man which had the most exquisite of facial features. Lin Feng could not help but admit that the man was the most handsome man he had ever seen thus far.

However, the handsome man was dressed in a long purple robe decorated with golden edges. He was as fair as a virgin and it was clear that his brows were trimmed. The sweet aroma which he carried around with him when he entered the shop nearly caused Lin Feng to faint.

As he walked towards Lin Feng, it was a weird sight to see how his knee caps were knocking into one another and how his hips shook about crazily.

What struck Lin Feng the most was how he formed a feminine hand gesture with his right hand!

"I could sense that someone was using his mana to understand more form the painting of the Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus. Hence, I rushed here immediately to see who was interested in my treasure?"

The young man laughed in a sissy manner as he walked to Lin Feng's side before 'examining' Lin Feng with his penetrative eyes.

"What the... Where did this sissy come from?" Lin Feng shivered as he felt goosebumps rise on his entire body.

It was now when he could hear how the manager paid his respects to the handsome young man, "Master Miao, you are finally here. That man over there is interested in your Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus . I was just about to inform you."

Lin Feng shivered as he screamed in his own head, "What the...? So this is the Mirror Master guy?"

Xiao Yan and the rest also donned a very strange expression as they continued staring at the sassy Master Miao.

No matter how confused they felt, the man in front of them who was sexier than Yue Hongyan demonstrated the mana rippling of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Miao Shihao stopped scanning Lin Feng after a few sweeping glances as he lifted his lender and long finger to his lips before speaking in the most seductive of voices, "You look decent enough. Come, let's discuss."

Naturally, the shop had rooms specially arranged for top clients and the rooms had an impossibly nice atmosphere. Its seats were made from exquisite soft purple jade which could helped condition the mana of the cultivators without them having to circulate the mana themselves.

At the corner of the meeting room, smoke rose slowly from the incense burner. The incense was made from combination of many different types of spiritual herbs, which was very beneficial for both the body and soul of all cultivators.

However, Lin Feng and his group felt deeply uncomfortable after entering the meeting room.

Apparently, this meeting room belonged to Miao Shihao only. He must be a big client of the shop and hence could own his own meeting room. In fact, he was given the liberty to decorate the entire meeting room.

The problem was that the Master Mirror had actually designed it to be like the room of a lady.

"I must take my leave the moment when I have acquired the Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus," Lin Feng thought. He really did not want to stay here any longer than he needed to as Master Mirror could no longer be sufficiently described with the word 'sassy'.

Zhu Yi, who was shrewder than the rest, could conceal his own thought just like Lin Feng. However, when it came to Xiao Yan and Yue Hongyan, they could not conceal the discomfort which was clearly written on their faces.

Xiao Budian, being the ever curious one, was too absorbed in observing the room.

After entering the meeting room, Miao Shihao did not bother welcoming Lin Feng and the rest but simply laid on his own mattress as his head rested on his right hand. He did nothing but stared at Lin Feng with a lazy look.

Lin Feng found the corner of his mouth twitching uncontrollably after seeing what Miao Shihao did.

Hey, that was supposed to be an exclusive move of a sexy lady?

Don't think I had not realise that you actually have an Adam's apple!

Lin Feng felt like he had offended all the Gods in the world to land up in a situation like this.

Miao Shihao appeared to be unaware of these as he began to talk while maintaining his lazy look, "I can give you the Blessed Nine-Petalled Lotus. But only if you can offer what I specify. If not, there is no room for discussion."

He gave off a very sissy laugh, "But then you might find it quite hard to find. Hehehe!"