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 Chapter 181: What Zhu Yi Buys Must Be Something Extraordinary

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Destroying the red-robed youth with one elbow was no mean feat but to Yue Hongyan it appeared as if it was nothing. After killing him, Yue Hongyan's killing intent died down significantly and her razor-sharp eyebrows relaxed. She appeared to be at peace once more.

It was only at that moment did the entire bunch of cultivators from the Crimson Fog Sect regain their wits. They surged forward, cursing.

Yue Hongyan's eyes shone again. With a wave of her right hand, a giant pitch-black pole-ax appeared in her hands.

Facing the squad led by two late Foundation Establishment stage cultivators that numbered more than 10, Yue Hongyan did not pay much heed to them. The pole-ax shone and began to envelop itself in a hot black aura.

She did not retreat, but instead rose her Black Ember Pole-Ax and charged straight towards the cultivators from the Crimson Fog Sect.

"Such guts!" One of the late Foundation Establishment stage cultivators from the Crimson Fog Sect cried out. He raised a fire-red bamboo whip, which had 9 segments and shone with red light, into the air.

In the next moment, nine blazing projectiles emerged from the bamboo whip and rushed straight towards Yue Hongyan's face. These were Holy Lihuo Bullets.

The other late Foundation Establishment stage cultivator slammed his palms together and a thick crimson fog rose from the ground. It enveloped every on-scene.

Lin Feng stood quietly as he allowed the crimson fog to be stuck onto his body. He did not resist, as the opponent's techniques to him were but harmless raindrops.

The crimson fog was corrosive to a certain extent. It could corrode away the opponent's mana and weapons. As it was sticky too, stepping into it was as if one had stepped into quicksand.

Looking at Yue Hongyan, Lin Feng wondered how would the little girl handle the situation.

Objectively speaking, Yue Hongyan's battling abilities exceeded his expectations. But after thinking about it carefully, it kind of made sense.

Yue Hongyan, who had fought in countless of battles before and experienced death and danger on a regular basis, possessed more battling experiences than Lin Feng and his four disciples combined.

While Lin Feng was much stronger than her and could perfectly suppress her with his powers. Under these circumstances, her battling experiences counted for nought.

With my finger or even a single breath, I could kill you. Under these circumstances, your experiences meant nothing.

However, as for people of similar mastery level as Yue Hongyan, like the group she was battling with now, they were severely disadvantaged.

With a similar level of mastery, a nerd would die in an instant when going up against a war-hardened veteran. There was no doubt about that.

Yue Hongyan could even beat cultivators above her mastery level, provided the gap in abilities was not too big.

It was like the old saying, "Regardless of whether I am your opponent or not, I will find a way to kill you."

Yue Hongyan in that moment was like that. Facing two Foundation Establishment stage cultivators whose mastery exceeded hers, her expression was fixed. The Nine-Tiered Spiritual Altar in her Aura Sea burned intensely and her Mantra of the Apocalyptic True Flame had been pushed to its extreme.

The girl in the red dress was surrounded by flying black embers as she sliced through the crimson fog. Her body, like an arrow released from a bow, flew forwards.

It was still the same old her. For that ferocious gal, the word 'retreat' had never been in her dictionary.

The Black Ember Pole-Ax in her hands spun as she pulled off the Apocalyptic Spear Technique and sliced open the many layers of thick red fog and advanced forward.

In that moment, the nine Holy Lihuo Bullets flew in different directions and bombarded Yue Hongyan from all directions.

Under the control of the Crimson Fog Sect cultivators, the Holy Lihuo Bullets controlled their speed as they covered all angles. Their attacks became increasingly unpredictable; one could predict the first wave and not the second.

The Holy Lihuo Bullets were a result of his dedicated cultivation and were immensely powerful. Every single one of them was equivalent to a single Aurous Core stage talisman.

Normally, these bullets would be stored as magic items and could be said to be an expendable item; using one would expend one and required re-cultivation. However, after seeing his young master injured, the cultivator became anxious and decided to release all in one go.

Yue Hongyan once again demonstrated her bravery. Facing the nine Holy Lihuo Bullets, she was fearless as she continued her advance.

In rising to the challenge, Yue Hongyan demonstrated that within her aggressive battling techniques, she possessed a tinge of meticulousness.

The Black Ember Pole-Ax looked as if it was about to be abandoned, but instead, it scribbled a few indecipherable lines in the air and landed a perfect hit on one of the bullets.

Yue Hongyan's meticulous control was pushed to her limits as she managed to send three bullets out without detonating them.

In that moment, the cultivator of the Crimson Fog Sect turned green. With his remaining bullets, he took careful aim and planned to detonate them upon contact with Yue Hongyan's Black Ember Pole-Ax.

Who knew that Yue Hongyan saw through his strategy as she slowed down her wielding of the Black Ember Pole-Ax by half a second.

In the end, the cultivator detonated his Holy Lihuo Bullets without Yue Hongyan even approaching them. As they blew up pointlessly in the air, they did not injure Yue Hongyan at all.

In one corner, Lin Feng looked amusedly at the cultivator's sorry expression. He smiled, shook his head and thought, "They are on completely different levels."

While her opponent could not grasp her rhythm, Yue Hongyan had a perfect understanding of his manipulation of the Holy Lihuo Bullets. With a wave of the Black Ember Pole-Ax, she managed to expel all of the remaining Holy Lihuo Bullets.

Not only did she simply expel them, she also carefully planned the landing area of the bullets and used them to blow up the surrounding crimson fog.

With one move, Yue Hongyan completely overcame the two Foundation Establishment stage cultivators' attacks.

In the next instant, she was before them.

A cultivator in the later phase of the Foundation Establishment stage was equivalent to a cultivator in the middle phase of the Foundation Establishment stage in terms of mana. The two of them specialized in spells. Once Yue Hongyan, who specialized in martial arts, got close to them, their fates were sealed.

With a feint, she already made them panic and then, with two blows from her pole-ax, she killed them.

The other cultivators of the Crimson Fog Sect still hoped to encircle her, but upon seeing the bloodstained pole-ax and her burning red eyes, they lost all of their courage. They carried the motionless red-robed youth from the ground and fled.

The people around Yue Hongyan looked at her with complex emotions. While she was not fierce, her killing intent was heavy. In the blink of an eye, she killed two cultivators superior to her in terms of mastery without thinking.

Lin Feng watched from the side. He was silent for a while before he turned his head to Xiao Yan and the rest and said smiling, "I hope you all have learnt something today."

Seeing as there was nothing else at the moment, Yue Hongyan kept her pole-ax. Xiao Yan and three disciples nodded their heads like baby chicks as they echoed in unison, "Yes, we have."

Lin Feng looked at the Crimson Fog Sect disciples in the distant and thought, "This is still the territory of the Great Qin Empire. I wonder if any member of the Yu Family will be participating ni the Spiritual Conference of Hanhai. If there are, hee hee..."

Yue HongYan came before Lin Feng and smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry for causing you trouble, senior."

"It's alright, I don't care for such small matters," Lin Feng smiling and shaking his head.

With the end of this hiccup, Lin Feng and the rest turned their attention onto the many shops within Shazhou City.

With a single command from Lin Feng, Xiao Yan and the rest began to explore the streets on their own.

"The reason I brought you guys out is so that you can help me scout for treasures," thought Lin Feng happily. Shopping had become an enjoyable experience for him as he did not have worry about selecting goods. Sending his disciples out sufficed as they would bring back a bunch of goodies.

Looking at Zhu Yi's disappearing figure, he smiled slyly and thought, "Especially Zhu Yi, with a Fortune of 10 he would pick up treasures as he walks. As I was busy recently, I did not make use of your skills."

Lin Feng even thought about deploying Zhu Yi out permanently after he had set up the sect.

Yue Hongyan did not go. Instead, she chose to stay next to Lin Feng and stared at him weirdly.

Lin Feng coughed softly as he said, "Let us go shop too, do you have anything in mind?"

Yue Hongyan shook her head as she stared at the merchandise available in the stores. Her gaze contained only curiosity instead of a desire to purchase anything in particular.

Lin Feng came before a store. Upon stepping in, a middle-aged man stepped up to receive him.

This person's skin was yellow and he had a unique appearance about him. His skin appeared severely dehydrated and similar to an old tree bark with numerous creases.

However, in the creases, there were many lights shimmering about. He looked extraordinary.

His two eyes were evidently different from normal people as they possessed a golden halo each.

"One of the tribes of the desert?" Lin Feng thought. The person looked at Yue Hongyan and warmly took out an azure-blue pearl.

The pearl contained a strong amount of water essence. Through the description provided by the shopowner, it appeared as if the pearl could help women maintain perpetual youthfulness.

Lin Feng was silent. Did he really appear to be a looks-conscious person who would spend money on this?

However, it was still funny. Lin Feng turned his head to Yue Hongyan. After all, all women loved to look pretty. Perhaps Yue Hongyan liked it too.

Who knew that upon seeing this, Yue Hongyan twitched her mouth as her face turned to one side. She muttered something softly.

"What?" The shopowner did not hear clearly and was slightly thrown off-balance.

Lin Feng heard it clearly. Yue Hongyan actually said, "What a useless object!"

"It appears that only battle-worthy items are worth something in your eyes." Lin Feng smiled and shook his head.

The shopowner wanted to keep them, but the two of them had already left the shop.

Upon exiting the shop, he saw Zhu Yi approaching them holding a perfume bag.

"Master, I found something strange about this item. Looking at it, I feel both extremely affectionate and extremely repulsed by it. It's unbelievably strange." Zhu Yi passed the perfume bag to Lin Feng and said, "Hence, I bought it for you. It's quite pricey though...."

"Nope, it's not pricey at all!" Lin Feng said repeatedly. "Buy what you like, I'll foot the bill."

Holding the perfume bag, Lin Feng suddenly understood what Zhu Yi meant when he said it was both affectionate and repulsive.

The problem was not with the perfume bag itself, but its material. For some reason, the cloth that was used to make this bag contained stands of the Great Solar Brilliance within it.

Zhu Yi's crucible combined dark powers within it and hence, needed light energy to perfect it. He needed the perfume bag desperately, hence he felt affectionate towards it.

However, as Light and Darkness opposed each other. Zhu Yi would feel repulsion in the midst of his affection.

"However..." Lin Feng carefully squeezed the perfume bag and rubbed it with his index finger. Breaking open the bag, he unveiled the items within.

It contained small, bright red seeds that emitted a golden light.

Lin Feng slightly arched his eyebrows as he investigated it for a while. After a while, his eyes flew wide open and he turned his head to look at Zhu Yi.

Zhu Yi stared at his master, perplexed.

Lin Feng retracted his gaze as he sighed.

"You have to believe in fate. What Zhu Yi buys must be something extraordinary."