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 Chapter 180: Ferocious Yue Hongyan!

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Yue Hongyan stared intently at the other end of the street; her expression was filled with suspicion and curiosity.

Lin Feng followed her gaze and saw two people standing there side-by-side. They were picking a gift from a storefront. Despite having only seen them for a short while, Lin Feng could tell that they were deeply in love.

The synergy between the two was perfect as their every action seemed to be coordinated. One could feel a deep sense of joy and happiness just by looking at the two of them engrossed in their own little world.

Facing Yue Hongyan's curious look, Lin Feng felt cold sweat dripping down his back.

Steadying himself, Lin Feng's expression was fixed as he asked, "What do you think they are?"

Yue Hongyan's face was filled with suspicion, "They appear to be lovers?"

Lin Feng coughed and said, "Have you never seen anything like this before?"

Yue Hongyan shook her head vigorously.

Lin Feng's mouth felt bitter as he agonized over how should he explain something like this to a virgin.

The lovey-dovey couple in front were indeed mushy. However, both of them were men!

"The tale of Long Yangjun and the King of Wei? The story of the broken sleeve? Sharing of the peaches? Apparently, this world did not have such tales," Lin Feng thought as a layer of sweat emerged from his forehead.

According to his calculation, in the Grand Celestial World, the situation before him was not an isolated example. There should be some homosexuals in this world too.

Looking at the people around them, he could find people who shot the gay couple looks too, but these gazes did not linger for long. Evidently, homosexuality was not very shocking in this world and the vast majority of people appeared to have been accustomed to it already.

Some pretty girls would shake their heads upon seeing two attractive males together. They thought it to be a waste of precious resource.

They couldn't be blamed for this. In the past 16 years of Yue Hongyan's life from the time she began her account, she had been fighting against the Great Zhou Empire. Today I would go and assassinate your general, tomorrow your army would encircle my encampment.

As there were predictably few gay members of the Covenant of Liefeng, Yue Hongyan's entire brain was dedicated to cultivation and battling.

While she may be familiar with many old social norms, boy love was evidently something she was unprepared to deal with.

However, this put Lin Feng in an awkward position. As he faced Yue Hongyan's curious expression, Lin Feng grimaced in his heart, "Am I going to responsible for creating a girl with an infatuation for gay men? My balls hurt from just thinking about it."

He tempered his phrasing as he said slowly, "In this world, there are some people... very few in fact, who like members of their own sex. Eh... this doesn't sound right too."

Lin Feng looked at the gay couple in front of them and said, "You can understand it as such. It's not that they like guys, but rather it just happens that the person they like is a guy."

Yue Hongyan's confused expression made Lin Feng's hair curled.

"However, isn't it the natural way for a girl and a guy to come together?" Yue Hongyan said suspiciously.

Lin Feng's lips moved, but he didn't say anything.

Letting a straight male explain to a pretty girl what was homosexuality was indeed a type of torture.

Yue Hongyan appeared to have understood only partially, and said, "Unless, there's a type of love that transcends everything. Could that be true love... Senpai what's wrong with you? Why are you sweating so much?"

Lin Feng's mouth trembled as he almost choked himself to death on his own saliva. He looked at Yue Hongyan and said, "This could only be said to be individual's choice. You do not need to look at them like this, but believe me when I say that heterosexual love comprises the majority of relationship in our world."

"I still don't understand," Yue Hongyan sighed, but she quickly cast this aside. "Nevertheless, this isn't important."

Lin Feng chuckled and thought, "It's for the best that you don't want to think about it. If not, I really don't know what to say."

"Miss, is this your first time attending the Spiritual Conference of Hanhai?"

At this moment, a gentle voice sounded next to their ears.

Lin Feng was stunned as he looked at the speaker, then at the pretty Yue Hongyan. He could not help but sigh to himself.

"Since when has it been my ambition to become a playboy with my own group of coneys who would help me bully decent girls?"

The newcomer wore red robes and his face was like a piece of jade. He appeared to be a fashionable young man. As he gently caressed his fan, one could tell that he was a cultivator in the middle phase of the Foundation Establishment age. He was evidently wealthy and handsome and probably could attract a whole bunch of pretty girls.

However, between his eyes emanated a rapey and devious feel, making people uncomfortable.

The red-robed youth was followed by a group of people. Lin Feng's eyes swept through the entourage and saw that his opponents were all in their Foundation Establishment stage, some of them were in the later phases of the Foundation Establishment stage.

Without even thinking, Lin Feng could guess their intention. He lazily waved his hand as he beckoned Xiao Yan and the rest over. For scums like these, Lin Feng had no intention of dispatching them personally.

Yue Hongyan looked at the red-robed youth approaching her as her fire-red brows arched slightly.

When she talked to Lin Feng, her brows were relaxed and she appeared warm and approachable. In that moment, however, her brows appeared to be swords.

That action, however, showed off her heroism amidst her beauty that was absent in many ordinary girls.

The gaze of the red-robed youth became more intense, as he thought, "She appears to be no more than 20. Like me, she too is in her Foundation Establishment stage. She seems to uncommonly clever. If I bring her home tonight and she gives birth to a gifted child, then how happy would father be?"

He looked at Yue Hongyan and smiled, before saying, "Since this is your first time here, you probably aren't familiar with the people and land. There are many things that are inconvenient for you. Why not allow me to be your guide? My sect, the Crimson Fog Sect, is well respected in Shazhou. Bargaining at the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade will be easier if you say that you are with me."

"Crimson Fog Sect? I've never heard of it before," Lin Feng stared at the red-robed youth with a tinge of humor. His ears wiggled as he heard the people around him discussing in hushed tones.

"This b*stard want to take advantage of some girl again, why don't anyone do anything about him?"

"Be quiet! Don't be a busybody! While his Crimson Fog Sect is only a second-class or third-class sect, he has a powerful backer. His sect's master's younger sister is a concubine in one of the four major families of the Great Qin Empire - the Yu Family."

"A normal concubine is fine, but his aunt is a favored concubine in that family."

"Aish, the Yu Family, no wonder even the Pavilion of Heavenly Trade must show some deference."

"What a troublemaker..."

A crooked smile appeared on Lin Feng's face, as he thought, "The Yu Family... hee hee!"

Facing the red-robed youth, Yue Hongyan's expression was calm and she replied in a neutral tone, "Thanks, but I don't need it."

"A rose with thorns, eh?" The red-robed youth stared at Yue Hongyan's sexy and graceful body. His heart felt as if it had been scratched by a cat.

At that moment, he saw Lin Feng and his crooked smile. In that moment, his eyebrows furrowed together as he analyzed Lin Feng. "What can an ordinary person like you possibly be looking at? Piss off!"

Lin Feng almost broke into laughter as he shook his head. As the system hid his true ability, other people could not gauge his ability. However, no one had mocked him like this before.

Yue Hongyan's eyebrows shot up immediately as her body tensed up. She turned her head to look at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded his head.

He looked at the red-robed youth and thought, "You filth, even if you are a bully and playboy, at least grow some eyes and brains. If not, someone will come and kick your ass."

Looking at the gaze between the two of them, the horny look on the youth's face grew in intensity, "Miss, what I meant was that someone with absolutely no cultivation is not in the same league as you and I. He is in no way compatible with you..."

Before he could finish his sentence, something appeared to have choked him.

Looking at Yue Hongyan's back, which was turned towards him, he saw her raise her elbow and went straight for his heart.

After obtaining Lin Feng's permission, and knowing that it would not interfere with his matter, Yue Hongyan lost all reservations. She did not need to use her big black polearm. Instead, she used her arms. Her elbow was the tip of the polearm, her arm was its pole and her first was its tail.

Her limbs appeared to resembled a giant spear, as she went straight for his chest. With such a big force, she knocked the wind out of him and forced his words back down his throat.

Despite using her hands as a weapon, Yue Hongyan's technique of using one's body as a weapon was ferocious beyond belief. Anyone could see that her elbow was sharp and hard as a rock. To be struck by it would leave a hole in one's body.

The red-robed youth, while being a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator too, was too used to a life of luxury. How could he possibly possess Yue Hongyan's experience in combat?

Furthermore, as Yue Hongyan deliberately cultivated her body to be a weapon, coupled with the distance between her and him, not a single cultivator could be a match for her.

The red-robed youth was defenceless as he could not react on time. Fortunately, his robe was of decent quality. In a flash of red, it blocked Yue Hongyan's spear-like elbow.

"Break!" Yue Hongyan breathed. The most ferocious fire on top of her spiritual altar blazed as a strong blast of mana erupted from it. Her arms were like bamboo shoots as it messed with her opponent's defence. Her arms continued on its path as they landed squarely on his chest.

The red-robed youth felt as if his internal organs had shifted places. He spat out blood from his mouth and dropped like a dead fish to the ground.

Before he could hit the ground, he had already shut his eyes and died.

The originally noisy street immediately hushed as everyone stared blankly at Yue Hongyan. No one could have thought that this girl would be so fierce and kill her opponent without uttering a single word.

Lin Feng stared speechlessly at Yue Hongyan. While he knew that she was ferocious in battle, he could not join the dots between the female dragon before him and the previously-curious young girl.

In that moment, Xiao Yan and the rest had just arrived on scene. Looking at the scene before them, Xiao Budian said, "Big Senior, Second Senior, I had not offended Yue Hongyan before right?"

Zhu Yi moved his mouth, but he then turned his head to one side, saying nothing.

Xiao Yan replied brusquely, "Who cares about? I myself am trying to remember if I had ever offended her before."